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Volume 1, Issue 1 August 2013

The Modern Classroom Are Filipinos ready for it? By Julienne Tingzon

Inside this issue: The Lost Art of True Beauty


Book Review: Captivating


Fashion Inspired by Pride and Prejudice


The Lost Art of True Beauty


The Lost Art of True Beauty


While I was on the bus the other day, I couldn’t help but notice a persistent grade-schooler sitting across from me. “Papa! Can I please have the iPhone now?” he insisted. Finally, his father finally consented and handed the smartphone over. For the rest of the ride, the child contented himself with a variety of games on the device. A comparison presented itself. Decades ago, the child was satisfied with colorful views from the window. Now, road trips cannot commence without the presence of a handheld gaming device. I couldn’t deny it. We couldn’t deny it. Advances in technology are taking hold of the lives of today’s youth. Words like

About the Editor Julienne Tingzon is a twentysomething student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. She graduated with a degree in nursing, but has decided to pursue education. Her friends consider her introverted, gentle, and creative. She likes to read, write, surf the net, play with her dog, and play video games. Julie wants to be remembered as a dedicated follower of Jesus. Someday, she wants to become an effective educator. ♥

“Facebook” and “Candy Crush” have become an integral part of contemporary vocabulary. It is no wonder that educators around the globe have decided to harness technological advances to optimize learning. Nowadays, the classroom is no longer synonymous to desks, chairs, and bookshelves enclosed in four

Integrating Media Technology The great thing about media technology is that it can be incorporated into all parts of the learning process. For example, in selecting subject matter, teachers can go beyond the textbook and seek different, more interesting ways to present the lesson. Preparatory activities and evaluative activities (such as testing) could be done through the use of computers, the internet, and other devices. Teachers can use a computer to project a game on the screen and

walls. The modern classroom includes computers in various forms (e.g. tablets, laptops, etc.), interactive whiteboards, cameras, ebooks, eLearning software, and cloud computing among others. Classes are no longer confined inside buildings, but can extend into online forums and blogs. (continued on page 2) By Julienne Tingzon the class could play "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" together. Students could be asked to take an online test or design a blog where they can post their assignments. Applications like Rubistar could be used to create rubrics. There are many ways in which one can integrate media technology in the future classroom. With the advancements in technology, it is doubtless that in the future, the options would increase tenfold. ♥

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The Modern Classroom (continued) (continued from page one) Technology has allowed for the continuous development of the modern classroom. It is already being done in countries all over the world. However, it is still very unlikely that the modern classroom would become a norm in the Philippines. It is not that I doubt the capability of the Filipinos to face such changes. On the contrary, I believe that Filipino educators and students, if trained and guided properly, are very much able to handle 21st century technology. Filipinos are fast learners and can easily adapt. What we lack is a cohesive and concrete plan, thorough implementation, consistent evaluation, resources, and dedication from all stakeholders.

Leaders in the fields of education and technology should materialize an achievable, measurable, and appropriate plan in integrating technology into lessons. Teachers should be trained in the proper use of these new approaches and methods. To prevent it from becoming a temporary trend, there should be constant monitoring and assessment. Are the objectives being achieved? Is educational technology

Filipino educators and students, if trained and guided properly, are very much able to handle 21st century technology

The Lost Art of True Beauty

being used in such a way that it contributes positively to learning? As a result, improvements can be made and weaknesses can be eliminated. The government and other agencies should provide sufficient funding and support for this to take place. It is not an easy task, but the results are more than worth it. Will educational technology in the Philippines be maximized into its full potential? When the government, school administrators, educators, and even the family decide to exert collaborative effort into bringing the best of technology into the Filipino classroom, this will be entirely possible. ♥

By Leslie Ludy

It had been easy enough to feel like a princess when I was eight, watching Walt Disney princess movies and then twirling around the backyard in a frilly dress. But the older I became, and the more of the real world I experienced, the more I began to feel like an ugly stepsister instead of Cinderella.

Leslie Ludy talks about the true meaning of beauty.

It didn’t matter that my parents had repeatedly told me, “You are beautiful just the way you are!” My youth leader’s lesson on “accepting your own inner beauty and getting comfortable in your own skin” had not helped. And my school counselor’s lectures on the importance of self-esteem hadn’t made even the slightest difference in my life. The bottom line was that I wanted to be beautiful – not with some vague “inner beauty” that had no value in the real world, but with the (continued on page 3)

Volume 1, Issue 1

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The Lost Art of True Beauty (continued) (continued from page 2) kind of sexy, alluring, culturepleasing appeal that I saw on billboards and TV. Eventually, all of my efforts did achieve a measure of outward beauty, and I finally began to gain guys’ attention. But the ironic thing was that I still felt hopelessly ugly. For all the time I spent chasing after the culture’s beauty standard, I never seemed to actually “get there.”

For all the time I spent chasing after the culture’s beauty standard, I never seemed to actually “get there.” It was right around that time that I encountered a young woman in her twenties. She was a missionary. She was the most radiant girl I’d ever met. Her face literally glowed. She was beautiful – but it was not a contrived beauty, propped up by outward things like clothes and makeup. Rather, it seemed to emanate from somewhere within her. Her eyes sparkled with

passion. Her smile lit up an entire room. She was entirely others-focused and seemed to completely lose sight of herself. Most men groomed by modern culture wouldn’t have given her a second look. She didn’t carry herself with the seductive, flirtatious air that guys always seemed to respond to. She didn’t dress to show off her figure. In fact, she didn’t pursue guys at all. She was far too busy living out a passionate romance with Jesus Christ to be pining after an earthly prince. She did not possess worldly allure, but she had something far better – a radiant loveliness that reminded me of the princesses in my childhood fairy tales. It was obvious that her beauty was the real thing, and it far surpassed the hollow counterfeit I’d been chasing after for so many years. I was awed and inspired by what I saw.

It was obvious that her beauty was the real thing. Though I had distanced myself from God for two years, that night I felt His

presence like never before. I knew He had heard my prayer. And I felt a gentle assurance in my heart that He had a tremendous plan for my life; something far more fulfilling than the path I’d been pursuing. But first He needed my life.

He gave me a breathtaking vision for true feminine beauty – His vision. During the next season of my life, my femininity was completely transformed. My understanding of beauty was radically altered. God didn’t merely restore my childhood innocence and return me to the days of dressing up like a princess. Rather, He gave me a breathtaking vision for true feminine beauty – His vision. He taught me the ultimate secret to lasting, spectacular beauty. And it was far beyond the most amazing fairy tale I’d ever imagined, even as a little girl twirling around my backyard. ♥

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Fashion Inspired by Pride and Prejudice

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