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JG MOBILE BAR SERVICES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Service related businesses currently contribute more than 60% of the global GDP. Service is clearly becoming a key growth industry. Convenience is also becoming a major feature of the world we live in, JG mobile bar services combines both of these factors in pursuit of a new approach to entertainment and leisure. Hosting parties and functions is a challenge for most people, it requires specialist knowledge and understanding of how to order, control and manage. Liquor is an area when it comes to entertaining guests where most people get the quantities and configuration wrong, and as such usually overspend; as such there exists a gap in the market for a company such as JG mobile Bar Services. Our company    

Has over 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry Understands quantities and combinations of beverages to purchase for specific events Has a professional approach and understanding of how to host a successful function. Has dynamic hard working staff.

COMPANY PROFILE Located in the Dwars Rivier valley we are ideally situated to offer this much needed service to the surrounding communities. Additionally given our geographic location we are also able to tap into the markets of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. The Dwars Rivier area is also well known as a an area for wedding and at presents hosts in the region of 250+ weddings a year. The directors of the company are well known in the area and have extensive exposure in the hospitality catering field in the area and as such are able to source potential business.

SWOT Strengths 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The area is well known for functions such as weddings The area is centrally located for easy access to other areas with similar appeal The area has a high number of wedding and function venues There are no other businesses like our in the region The company owners are well known to the community and as such able to network.

Weaknesses 1. People are spending less on functions and parties, and there are less of them 2. Economic conditions are suppressing the resilience o new and small businesses to develop 3. This is a new concept and as such may take time to “catch on” Opportunities 1. Growth of the target market is a given, and the prestige that comes with hosting a function with a professional bar service has appeal 2. Strict liqueurs laws would welcome tighter controls over the service of alcohol at parties, particularly for younger people, like 21st birthdays 3. Hard pressed consumers will realize that hiring a professional bar service will actually save them money given the tighter controls. Threats 1. Ever increasing controls over the issuing of liquor licenses 2. Increasing economic pressure on consumers

OPERATIONAL PLAN Upon receipt of a booking the following operational procedure will be implemented 1. Booking provisionally confirmed in writing, via e mail. 2. Customer will be visited and the drinks and other services selected and finalized. 3. Upon calculation of the requirements for the function a contract will be forward to the client for consideration.  This will contain all the specifications as agreed to in the initial meeting as well as a financial break of the costs of supplying the requested  It will detail the precise details of timing, location and all other services required on the day  It will highlight the duration of the service we offer  It will summarize the full cost of the service. 4. Once the client accepts the details of this contract a 50% deposit is required to secure and confirm the booking. Our staff are on duty from 1 hour prior to the commencement of the function and will remain on standby for 45 minutes after the agreed termination time. We will require full and final settlement of the outstanding balance on the evening of the function

MARKETING PLAN Our marketing plan is based on an understanding of market diffusions and the breakdown of the key market segments. This is the strategy used by highly successful companies like Apple.

Based on this theory we will be targeting the innovators and early adopters, (13%) of ur target market. Target Market This has been identified as    

Couples/families aged between 32- 50 years of age With an income of over R35 000/month. These families we believe have the disposable income to make use of our services, Additionally they socialize and mix with others of similar financial means Demographically they are of the age where they will be hosting either 21st birthday parties or weddings or special birthday celebrations, 40th & 50th or all three

Marketing Strategy Word of mouth is a key aspect the marketing strategy. Appreciating the small nature of the industry and that our company is an early entrant in the area we are located we are confident that through the process of word of mouth we will make significant inroads into the market. Additionally we have the following strategies. 1. Distribution of fliers at all local bottle stores, 24 bottle stores have been identified. 2. Distribution of fliers at all cafes, and convenience stores, 50 have been identified. 3. The establishment of a face book page for people to review our service as well as posting cocktail recipes and other bar specialties. 4. Distribution of fliers at local business, we have identified 25 such operations who we believe to be in the target market 5. Mail drop of 500 fliers into targeted households that fit our customer profile. 6. Development of a data base of customers to whom we will forward a monthly newsletter. 7. Targeted adverts in local newspapers 8. Regular mail drops and updates to all wedding venues and caterers in the area. 9. Mails drops onto the windscreen of cars driven by our identified target market. Financial plan


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