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Welcome Back Students

April, 20 2010

A letter from Michael Oltrogge

Office of the President Macy Campus P.O. Box 428 • Macy, Nebraska 68039 (402) 494-2311 ext 2568 •

Welcome to the Spring and Summer of 2010!!! The start of the semester is new and exciting. The beginning of the spring semester also means that spring is on the way. Graduation is always a special event. I wanted to share some insights with you. The first aspect is the construction at the college. It is anticipated that the college will be starting this semester in the new Macy Campus. While a portion of the facility will still be under construction over the course of the next year, it is anticipated by the holiday season in 2010 the construction will be complete. Equally as exciting is the funding for a free standing campus in Santee. Currently the college is searching for land and intends on opening the complex by the end of 2011. The next item to be mentioned is the programmatic side of the college. The college will again be hosting four year degree programs on campus to include Business and Early Childhood Education. Due to the weather and construction delays at the Macy Campus, the start of the Spring 2010 semester has been eased back to a start date of February 1, 2010. The Financial Aid process at the institution is still a struggle. The college has formally contracted with a Financial Aid service along with the Department of Education’s Special Initiative Services Office in conjunction with the college’s AAR Staff to eliminate the delays in the process. Further the college changed its billing structure, in part, to eliminate delays in the funding process. The change in the billing structure, to a flat rate fee schedule, simplifies the billing and textbook process. It is my deepest hope and intention to receive all financial aid funding so that refunds may be delivered the week following midterm. Thank you for your support of the college in all of its endeavors. Without the support of the students, faculty, staff and community members, the college would not be successful. The future is bright and a new era is beginning at the Nebraska Indian Community College.

2009 Fall Dean’s List Lincoln Baxter Shona Campbell Carly Debilzan Yvette Doty

Frank Saunsoci and Jeramie Key were awarded scholarships by the Iowa NASA Space Consortium this summer. The purpose of the scholarships is to pass on NASA technology to local communities and to integrate the technology into NICC classes. As part of the scholarship fulfillment, they attended a week training at Northern Iowa University. They learned about Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and how to use them to make maps. Frank and Jeramie each have to complete a research project using the technology they learned and give a presentation to NASA sometime in mid October. Frank is mapping sacred sites and points of interest on the Omaha Indian Reservation. Jeramie is developing plant identification maps to be used in the Natural Resources lab classes on all three campuses.

Antonia Earth Richelle Grant Isreal Harlan Rudolph Hastings Troy Munhofen Michael T. Parker

Revised Academic Calendar Spring Semester 2010 Spring Semester 2010 Registration for Spring Semester continues

Joshua Saul Joel Tyndall Jeramie Key Michael O’Connor

February 8

Spring Semester Begins

February 8

Late Registration begins ($20.00 late registration)

February 15 Last day to withdraw from all courses and receive a 100% refund (tuition refund only) February 25 Last day to withdraw from all courses and receive a 75% refund (tuition refund only) March 8 Last day to withdraw from all courses and receive a 50% refund (tuition refund only) March 25

“Incomplete” Grade change due from Fall Term

March 22-26

Mid-term Week

March 29

Mid-Term Grades and Attendance

March 31

Final day to apply for Graduation ($50.00 application fee)

April 5 Last day to withdraw from courses for the term April 2-5

April Recess – NICC offices closed

April 12

Summer 2010 registration begins

May 17-21

Finals Week

May 24

Final Grades and Attendance sheets due to Academic Dean

June 1

Summer Classes Begin

June 5

Commencement Ceremonies

Note: These revisions apply only to the 2010 Spring Semester and replace prior spring schedules.

If you would like to suggest any topics or ideas Please feel free to contact me @2584 Macy Campus Thank you,

Thanks, NICC!! April 25, 2009, Joel Tyndall and his sister Susan, students from the Native American Literature class and the instructor, Wynema Morris from the Macy Campus attended the 28ty Annual Spring Conference held at the Neihardt Center in Blair, Nebraska. It was an all day conference titled: “Neihardt and 21st Century Native Realities”. It began at 8:30 with registration and continued on until the last speaker at 4:45pm in the afternoon. The Conference was exciting as a number of well known American Indian speakers from various disciplines presented their views on 21st century Native realities. The list of speakers was impressive as they discussed American Indian art and contributions to the art world. An extremely interesting presentation on American Indian spirituality was presented by the Rev. George “Tink” Tinker, an enrolled member of the Osage Nation in his talk titled “Spiritual Lives”; to Walter R. Echo-Hawk on legal issues facing American Indians. Echo-Hawk is also an enrolled Pawnee and staff attorney from the Native American Rights Fund. The moderator was Charles Trimble of the Oglala Lakota Nation and former executive director for the National Congress of American Indians. Judi MorganGaiashkibos the Northern Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and Executive Director on the Nebraska Indian Commission, spoke on political Shirley Snaeve, also an enrolled member from the Rosebud Sioux Nation presented American Indians in film and television media. She is associated with the Native American Broadcasting and Television Network out of Lincoln, Nebraska. All speakers were very knowledgeable and made their presentations lively and kept the audience’s interest high. An excellent lunch was served by community members from Blair who support the Neihard Center and there was plenty for all. Registration and the meals were paid for by the Nebraska Indian Community College for all participants. Without that assistance, the class would not have been able to attend. Thank you, NICC and all College supporters for making it possible for us to attend. We really enjoyed our day and met many interesting people! Giving up our Saturday was easy as we got to spend it with very interesting and knowledgeable American Indian scholars and other interesting people. left to right is myself, Wynema Morris, Instructor, Dr. “Tink” Tinker, Susan Tyndall and Joel Tyndall. All from the NA Literature class. relationships-building between tribal nations, the State (of Nebraska), and communities.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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