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Nebraska Indian Community College Weekly Newsletter Santee Macy South Sioux City

NICC ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT LEARNING Submitted by Dr. Ardis Bad Moccasin NICC has been undergoing intensive efforts in the area of assessment of student learning in response to needs noted through our site visit for accreditation. What does this mean? How does this impact students? It means that NICC is evaluating how well we are accomplishing our goals for student learning. This will impact students in that directs us to constantly improve what we offer, how we offer it, and what we do to offer it. In order to evaluate how well we are accomplishing our goals for student learning, we first had to develop what our goals for student learning are. These are called our student learning outcomes, and they are presented below. Please take some time to look them over. Do they reflect what you would like to accomplish as a student through your journey with NICC? Are they apparent in your classes? What are your thoughts? Email questions, comments, ideas to THANKS! NICC’s Student Learning Outcomes

Monday, March 30, 2009

and growth, NICC has established the following educational outcomes:


1. Students will grow in Native culture. 2.Students will effectively communicate.

March 30 - Registration for Summer Classes begins.

Through listening, as well as written and oral speaking skills In English and Native Language Reflecting appropriate Native values 3. Students will apply critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills. In both academic and community environments 4. Students will practice research and investigative skills, exploring diverse topics. Through cooperative and individual endeavors Utilizing technology appropriately Respectfully utilizing community and global resources.

April 10-13 - SPRING RECESS. NICC Offices are closed.

Student Profiles Throughout the semester we will periodically highlight current NICC students. Keep watch for them! Ruth White Santee Campus Major: AA Gen. Liberal Arts Favorite Movie: Silent Hill because I like horror and I like playing the video game. haha Favorite Food: Cake, because I’m fat and getting old; so I like my sweets! Pet Peeve: playing on the computer Favorite Pasttime: going to pow-wows and camping at them One thing you’d like us to know: I’m really not that hard to get along with. Anything else?: I lke to bead and make outfits. I want to dance again some day!

5. Through learned time management skills, students will develop and practice balance. In careers and academics Within our circle of life

In our goal to help students and All the above outcomes work to help community grow in individual and our students make their own choices, native sovereignty and provide an determining their path in life. environment which nurtures learning

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