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Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program Table of Contents Introduction ............................................................................................................................ 1 Tuition and Fees .......................................................................................................... 1 Responsibilities of Participants Northeast Iowa Community College ........................................................................... John Deere Company .................................................................................................. John Deere Dealership ................................................................................................ Student ........................................................................................................................

2 2 3 3

Admissions Requirements ...................................................................................................... 4 John Deere Instructors ............................................................................................................ 5 Curriculum Sequence of Classes .................................................................................................... 6 General Education Requirements................................................................................ 7 Course Descriptions .................................................................................................... 8 Finding A Sponsor .................................................................................................................. 12 Required Tool List .................................................................................................................. 13 Calmar Campus Map .............................................................................................................. 14 Program Forms Authority For Release Of Information From John Deere TECH Records Release of Information Supervised Occupational Experience Training Agreement Daily Service Log Sheet Supervisors Evaluation Sheet Class Attendance Policy Supervised Occupational Experience Final Report Dealer Approval Form

P.O. Box 400 Calmar, IA 52132 (563) 562-3263 or 1-800-728-2256

Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program The John Deere TECH program is an educational program designed to upgrade the technical competence and professional level of the incoming farm equipment dealership technician. The program is supported by John Deere Company and operated by Northeast Iowa Community College, Calmar Campus. Students will be provided with classroom lecture and laboratory experiences on John Deere products at the Calmar Campus and a unique opportunity to work at a John Deere dealership. The total program is completed in four semesters and one summer term or approximately 21 months. Each specialized subject is studied in the classroom and laboratory on campus and then followed by related work experience in a dealership. For example, the first semester involves a number of courses, followed by 12 weeks at the dealership experience. The work experience at the dealership should relate as much as possible to the course work just completed in school. Classroom instruction will cover the basics, as well as the latest developments in all of John Deere agricultural and consumer products. Since considerable time is spent at the dealership, the program requires the student to have a sponsoring John Deere dealer. If necessary, the student can request assistance in locating a sponsoring dealer. The main responsibility of the dealership is to provide training-related employment for the student during the work experience periods. Tuition and Fees All tuition, fees, supplies, tools, uniforms and textbook costs are the responsibility of the student. Approximate program costs per year are as follows: (Note: Tuition and fees are $158 per credit.)

Tuition *This does include an estimated tool cost.

First Year

Second Year

$12,847* (Three Terms)

$6,172 (Two Terms)

Accepted students will be notified as to the date of a Tool Day at Calmar where they may order tools at a substantial discount.


Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program Responsibilities of Participants Northeast Iowa Community College            

Maintain a current curriculum approved by John Deere. Provide a dedicated classroom and laboratory. Provide a John Deere trained instructor. (Instructor will act as liaison between the school and John Deere Company and will serve on John Deere TECH Advisory Committee.) Provide equipment and tools. Promote, advertise, and recruit qualified student candidates. Test applicants and assist dealers with student selection for the program. Maintain all student records. Provide customary student services such as academic advisement, financial aid, counseling, etc. Conduct student visitations during occupational experience semesters. Work with the dealership training coordinator to assure attainment of work experience competencies. Furnish program information to the public when requested. Provide dealer orientation during first term of program.

John Deere Company       

Encourage dealer cooperation and support. Provide special training for John Deere TECH instructor/coordinator. Furnish school with John Deere training equipment (manuals, components, essential tools, complete machines). Provide school with essential training materials (including technical publications and training aids). Oversee and participate in student selection procedure. Oversee and participate in instructor/coordinator selection procedure (individual subject to Deere approval). Monitor all phases of John Deere TECH to assure success.


John Deere Dealership      

Indicate interest in being a sponsoring dealer, so dealership name can be made available to interested students. Interview and select student that dealership will sponsor. Appoint an in-dealership coordinator to assist the school’s John Deere TECH instructor/coordinator in planning and monitoring the cooperative work experience. Provide appropriate work experience which reinforces the trainee’s most recent classroom instruction. Provide the new student/employee with five technician uniforms, short sleeve shirt Protexall Lot #29752 and pants Lot #15906 regular cut or Lot #15901 western cut. The student’s name should be included on the shirts. A winter jacket should also be provided, Lot #35907 jacket and Lot #41650 liner, in a manner consistent with other dealership employees. Uniforms remain property of the dealership. Provide the Pathfinder series for the student’s use during the occupational experience.

Student         

Meet specified admission and academic requirement established by John Deere. Obtain and maintain sponsorship with John Deere dealership. Maintain academic standards and adhere to academic policies (minimum 2.0 GPA). Maintain attendance standards according to college policy. Wear uniforms and safety glasses while on campus and during cooperative work experiences at the dealership. Participate in all learning activities at the scheduled times. Provide sponsoring dealer with responsible and productive employment. Be responsible for program costs: tuition, fees, books, and tools. Complete Pathfinder program series.


Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program Admission Requirements Students are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis upon completion of the following requirements: 1. Submit a completed Application for Admission. 2. Submit High School Transcripts or GED. 3. Complete a pre-admission placement test (ACCUPLACER). 4. Secure Approved John Deere Dealer Sponsorship. Upon completion of these requirements, applicants will be notified of their admission status. When the program reaches capacity, students will be placed on standby status pending an opening. Application for Admission: Submit a completed Application for Admission which can be located in the back of the book or apply online by visiting NICC’s website at There is no application fee. High School Transcripts: Submit a high school transcript. The transcript/GED is not required for acceptance. However, to provide successful academic advising, submission of your high school transcript is strongly encouraged. Pre-admission Placement Test (ACCUPLACER): ACCUPLACER is a computer adaptive, administered over the internet, and evaluates reading comprehension, essay writing and mathematics and is offered through the campus Assessment Centers and throughout the district at the NICC Centers Dealer Sponsorship: Applicants must complete an interview with an authorized John Deere Dealer Representative to secure sponsorship. It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure this sponsor. Applicants should take the Dealer Approval Form located in the back of the book to the interview and if it is determined that sponsorship will be provided, the authorized representative will return the completed form to the Admissions Office at Northeast Iowa Community College. If sponsorship is not granted by the first dealership, applicants should seek an interview with another John Deere dealership. We encourage applicants to secure dealer sponsorship as early as possible in the admissions process. Additional information may be obtained from Northeast Iowa Community College, PO Box 400, Calmar, IA 52132 from Admissions at 1-800-728-2256 or 563-562-3263, ext. 307 or ext. 234. Admission Office Extension 234

Lenny Graves Dean of Career & Technical Education Extension 240 4

Marilyn Campbell Advisor Extension 427

John Deere TECH Program Instructors

Duane Bouska - Graduated from Northeast Iowa Technical Institute Farm Implement Mechanics Program. Eighteen years as a service technician at John Deere dealerships. Attended numerous John Deere service schools in the agriculture equipment area. Certified as an instructor for John Deere Service Advisor, John Deere Electrical and John Deere Hydraulic Certifications classes. Continued coursework from Northeast Iowa Community College, the University of Northern Iowa, and the University of Iowa. [Extension 385;] Rodney Necker - Graduated from Northeast Iowa Technical Institute Farm Implement Mechanics Program. Continued coursework from NICC. Twelve years experience as a service technician and 13 years as service manager at a John Deere dealership. Numerous training sessions with John Deere. [Extension 386; ]. Neil Grube - Graduated from Area One Technical Institute Farm Implement Mechanics Program. Eleven years experience as service technician and twelve years as service manager at John Deere dealerships. Numerous training sessions with John Deere. [Extension 392;]


Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program Sequence of Classes


Course Number

1 1 1 1 1 1 1

AGM:500 AGM:501 AGM:510 AGM:513 BCA:212 COM:723 ENG:105

Course Name John Deere Implement John Deere Fundamentals and Safety John Deere Hydraulics I John Deere Electrical/Electronics I Intro. to Computer Business Applications Workplace Communications OR Composition I Term Total

2 2

AGM:801 John Deere Internship I AGM:508 John Deere Combines Term Total

3 3 3 3 3 3

AGM:512 AGM:516 AGM:518 HSC:133 PSY:111 PSY:112

John Deere Hydraulics II John Deere Heating and Air Conditioning John Deere Power Trains First Aid/CPR Introduction to Psychology OR Psychology of Human Relations Term Total

Credits 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 18.0 11.0 4.0 15.0 3.0 2.0 5.0 0.5 3.0


4 4

AGM:802 John Deere Internship II AGM:530 John Deere Information Technology Term Total

4.0 11.0 15.0

5 5 5 5 5 5 5

AGM:504 AGM:514 AGM:520 AGM:522 AGM:524 SPC:112 *

1.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 19.0 80.5

John Deere Welding John Deere Electrical/Electronics II John Deere Consumer Products/Engines John Deere Engines John Deere Diesel & Fuel Systems/Tractor Public Speaking Math/Science Elective Term Total Program Total 6

Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar, Iowa John Deere TECH Program General Education Requirements

Communications Elective (6 Credits) (Based on ASSET Score) Composition I OR Workplace Communications AND Public Speaking Computer Science Elective (3 Credits) Intro. to Computer Business Application Math/Science Elective (3 Credits) MAT:102, MAT:744, transfer-level MAT, or transfer-level Science Elective Suggested Science courses include: ENV:115, ENV:140 or other transfer level science electives Social Science/Humanities Elective (3 Credits) Introduction to Psychology OR Psychology of Human Relations


Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar, Iowa John Deere TECH Program Course Descriptions AGM:500 John Deere Implements 3 Credits Designed to give a better understanding of basic operating principles of select John Deere implements. Theoretical operation of planters and balers is studied, as well as, basic information on belts, chains, bearings, and seals. Opportunity for hands-on testing of monitors and adjustments of planters and round balers and field preparation of planters and round balers. AGM:501 John Deere Fundamentals and Safety 3 Credits Entry level course covering basic aspects of the shop, shop safety, equipment, and tools. Introduces Technical Manuals, Service Advisor, PM Pro and acronyms. Work is done with new machine predelivery, wheel moves, forklift, and machine operation and machine assemble. AGM:504 John Deere Welding 1 Credit Theory and practice of oxyacetylene welding and cutting, including proper operation of equipment. Includes the principles, safety, procedures, and application of arc and gas metal arc welding. AGM:508 John Deere Combine 4 Credits Gives a better understanding of the basic operating principles of the John Deere combine. Various combine drives are covered in a classroom setting with hands-on-training of these drives done in a lab setting. Combine adjustment is practiced on a computer simulator program. AGM:510 John Deere Hydraulics I 3 Credits Covers principles and applications of theory and fluid power as it applies to John Deere combines and other implements. Testing and diagnostic work is applied to the combine. AGM:512 John Deere Hydraulics II 3 Credits Covers principles and application of fluid power as it applies to John Deere equipment. Students gain an understanding of the circuits used and how to test and diagnose them on John Deere equipment. Service Advisor, gauges, and flow-rators will be used.


AGM:513 John Deere Electrical/Electronics I 3 Credits Study of the basic electrical principles and applications of Ohm’s Law, magnetism, electromagnetism, the safe utilization of electrical test meters, the design, construction, and safe testing of lead acid storage batteries, the principles of lighting systems, and combine monitoring systems. AGM:514 John Deere Electrical/Electronics II 3 Credits Covers the principles of operation, testing, and repair of ignition systems, cranking systems, charging systems, procedures, and use of digital multimeters, techniques of circuit diagnosis, and reading of electrical schematics. Students will test tractor circuits including lighting accessory, safety instrumentation, and gauges. Includes electronic monitoring systems for equipment. Prerequisite: AGM:513. AGM:516 John Deere Heating and Air Conditioning 2 Credits Theory of operation and repair of late model John Deere air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. Equipment for refrigerant recovery/recycling of R12 and R134A is used. Upon course completion students will be able to be certified for A/C service. AGM:518 John Deere Power Train 5 Credits Theory of power transmission from engine to traction wheels. Includes the function and operation of gears, chains, clutches, planetary gears, drive lines, and differentials. Reassembly of John Deere clutches, two-speed planetaries differentials, final drives, mechanical front-wheel drive, and power takeoffs will occur. Covers the diagnostic repair and adjustment of John Deere syncro-range, quad-range, and power-shift transmissions. AGM:520 John Deere Consumer Products/Engines 3 Credits Covers John Deere lawn, lawn and garden tractors, equipment, and attachments. Operation, diagnosis, repair, and adjustments of complete equipment are explained and practices. Setup and adjustment of tractors equipment, and attachments are made on actual units. AGM:522 John Deere Diesel Engines 3 Credits Studies repair of the John Deere diesel engine. Discusses operation and service of the primary parts. Opportunity is given to disassemble, measure, and inpsect an actual John Deere diesel engine. After the inspection, the engine is reassembled and then started to assure student competence. AGM:524 John Deere Diesel Fuel Systems/Tractor Performance 3 Credits Familiarization with the fuel injection pumps used on John Deere engines. Time is spent on awareness of maintenance procedures for proper removal, installation, and timing of fuel injection pumps, and also testing and repair of nozzle components and filtering systems. Includes dynamometer operation related to engine performance.


AGM:530 John Deere Information Technology 4 Credits Information resources to assist technicians during their daily job operations. Service Advisor is a computer-based software providing technical information for current and noncurrent John Deere equipment models. PmPro is the John Deere parts system software technicians are required to use daily. Pathways is a Website for additional information resources and continuation of dealership employee education. Course prepares students for the John Deere Service Advisor Certification test. AGM:801 John Deere Internship I 11 Credits On-the-job experience in a John Deere dealership allows students to practice and utilize skills and knowledge learned in previous semesters. The NICC John Deere TECH instructor will supervise the work experience. AGM:802 John Deere Internship II 11 Credits On-the-job experience in a John Deere dealership allows the student to practice and utilize the skills and knowledge learned. This work experience will be supervised by the Northeast Iowa Community College John Deere TECH instructor. BCA:212 Introduction to Computer Business Applications 3 Credits Presents an overview of application software concepts through hands-on exercises. Experience is gained by working through progressively challenging exercises using business application software. Practical use of spreadsheet, word processing, database, graphic programs, and integration is stressed. COM:723 Workplace Communications 3 Credits This course provides the opportunity for students to develop as competent employees through instruction and practical application of communication skills expected in the work environment. Emphasis is placed on listening, speaking, and writing skills as they relate to the career needs of the students. This course is geared primarily to students in Associate of Applied Science programs. Pre-requisite: Previous or current enrollment in SDV:200 or computer literacy is recommended. ENG:105 Composition I 3 Credits A writing course that prepares the student for the types of communication and thought essential to academic and working world success. The course focuses on writing as a process intended to help students identify and refine their own personal writing process. ENG:106 Public Speaking 3 Credits This is an introductory course which emphasizes actual speaking experiences with practice choosing subjects, analyzing audiences, and preparing and delivering a variety of informative and persuasive extemporaneous speeches. Opportunity will be given to develop skills in listening and group discussion techniques. ENV:115 Environmental Science 3 Credits This is study of the biological basis of environmental science and human influence on biosphere dynamics. Emphasis on scientific principles, inter-relationships among resources, pollution and environmental degradation, soil and water conservation, and the impact that 10

politics, economics, ethics and the world view have on the future direction for life on the planet. ENV:140 Natural Resource Conservation 4 Credits The general principles of natural resource conservation with an emphasis on local conservation organizations, indigenous resources, and typical management activities. Special consideration is given to environmental preservation, recreational functions, conflicting utilization policies, and employment opportunities in natural resource conservation and management. MAT:102 Intermediate Algebra Reveals real numbers and polynomials. Studies first-degree equations in two variables, rational expressions, exponents and radicals, quadratic equations, graphing functions and relations, conic sections, systems of equations, inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions, and sequences and series. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C- in MAT:063 or qualifying placement scores. MAT:744 Technical Math Introduces selected topics from algebra and trigonometry with everyday applications to the technical areas. Some topics presented include the solution of linear and quadratic equations, trigonometric functions, vectors, graphing, and equations. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C- in MAT:063 or qualifying placements score. PSY:111 Introduction to Psychology

3 Credits

A survey of psychology including theoretical and experimental findings and applications from areas such as physiological, learning, memory, personality, social, abnormal, and therapy.

PSY:112 Psychology of Human Relations 3 Credits Covers all types of interactions among people--their conflicts, cooperative efforts, and group relationships. It is the story of those beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that cause interpersonal conflict in our personal lives and in work-related situations.


Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program Finding a Sponsor Note: You may speak to any dealership at any time about the John Deere TECH Program. You are accepted into the program only after official acceptance occurs, after all assessments, applications and dealer sponsorship forms have been approved by Northeast Iowa Community College and John Deere. Key points to remember:        

  

John Deere dealerships are independent businesses. They are not employees of John Deere. When looking for a sponsor, you are looking for a job. Northeast Iowa Community College and the John Deere Training Center will provide limited assistance in giving guidance and identifying interested dealerships. We do not assign you a sponsor. As a John Deere TECH student you will be an employee and a student, although the two should never conflict. Some dealers may choose not to participate. The interview - Call ahead for an appointment. Be prepared:  Be neat and clean in appearance  Be confident of your goals and skills  Complete your part of the John Deere TECH application as neatly as possible before the interview. Your first priority should be convincing the dealer that you will make a good employee. You may speak to the Dealer (owner), General Manager, or Service Manager. If you aren’t sure who to see, ask for the Dealer first, then the Service Manager.

If you are sure you want to be in the John Deere TECH program, be confident and get busy right now. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t land you a sponsor.


Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program Required Tool List One of Each of the Following: Adapters: 3/8" to 1/2" Adapter 1/2" to 3/8" Adapter 1/2" to 3/4" Adapter Chisels: 3/8" Cold Chisel 1/2" Cold Chisel 3/4" Cold Chisel Files: 8" x 5/16" Round File with handle 10" Single Cut Mill File with handle File Card Gauges: .0015" - .030 Feeler Gauge Set 2 - Tire Pressure Gauges (100 & 20 psi capacity in 2 psi & ½ psi increments) Hammers: 1 lb. Ball Peen Hammer 2 lb. Ball Peen Hammer or 3 lb. Machine Hammer Soft face "Dead Blow" Hammer Punches: 1/8" Pin Punch 5/32" Pin Punch 3/16" Pin Punch 1/4" Pin Punch 1/8" Starting Punch 1/4" Starting Punch 3/8� or larger Starting punch Brass Drift Punch (3/4" diameter) Center Punch Pliers: 10" Vise Grip Pliers with Cutter 6" Needle Nose Pliers 7" Diagonal cutter Combination Pliers Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers Individual Regular snap ring pliers Water Pump or Channel Lock Pliers Screwdrivers:(Note: Flat Tip Screwdriver Dimension refers to Blade Length) 1-1/2" Flat Tip Screwdriver 3" Flat Tip Screwdriver 4" Flat Tip Screwdriver 6" Flat Tip Screwdriver 8" Flat Tip Screwdriver No. 1 Phillips Screwdriver No. 2 Phillips Screwdriver No. 3 Phillips Screwdriver Revised Tool List 5/11

Socket Sets: 12 point sockets recommended 1/2" Drive Metric Socket Set (10 mm to 32 mm) 1/2" Drive Socket Set (3/8" to 1 1/4") including Ratchet, 3" & 6" Extensions, & Flex Handle 3/8" Drive Metric Socket Set (8 mm to 19 mm) 3/8" Drive Socket Set (3/8" to 7/8") including Ratchet, 4" & 6" Extensions, Flex handle & speed handle 1/4" Drive Socket Set (1/4" to 1/2") including Ratchet, Short Extension, Flex Handle & Drive handle Wrenches: 1/2" Drive 250 click type torque wrench 3/8" Drive click type torque wrench 3/8" Drive bending beam torque wrench 6 Point Flare Nut Wrench 1/2" - 9/16" 6 Point Flare Nut Wrench 1/4" - 5/8" 6 Point Flare Nut Wrench 3/8" - 7/16" 6 Point Flare Nut Wrench 5/8" - 3/4" Allen Wrench Set with index Metric Allen Wrench Set with index Combination Wrenches (3/8" to 1 1/4") Metric Combination Wrench Set (8 mm to 19 mm)

Ignition Wrench Set (7/32 - 3/8" range) Miscellaneous: Drawer Tool Chest and Roll-A-Way Cabinet (Maximum tool box width for school use 40") 6" Steel Rule standard and metric 0 to 4" Micrometer (no digitals for school use) Dial indicator with on off magnetic base Air Conditioning Duct Thermometer 16" Rolling Head Bar 36" Pry Bar Gasket Scraper Hacksaw with Blades 'O' Ring Tool set Safety Glasses (Must meet Z87 specs) Seal hook (removal tool) Fluke digital multimeter (Fluke 23 II minimum requirement) Blow Gun - rubber tip " Vacula brand name" Air chuck for tires Hydrometer - for battery testing Hydrometer - for antifreeze testing Wire type hose clamp pliers Magnetic pickup tool Small telescoping mirror Tin snips for band cutting Pen light type flashlight (Stylus)

Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program

Authority For Release of Information John Deere TECH Records

I, the undersigned, do hereby authorize release of test results, transcript information, grade information, information from advising sessions, lab performance or any other pertinent information from Northeast Iowa Community College to the following sponsor dealership.

Name of Dealership



Student Signature


Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program


I hereby grant permission to Northeast Iowa Community College to share my high school transcripts and/or preadmission test results concerning the John Deere TECH program with John Deere Company.

___________________________________________ Applicant’s Signature

____________________________ Date

John Deere TECH Candidates must return this completed form to: Northeast Iowa Community College Admissions Office P.O. Box 400 Calmar, IA 52132

Northeast Iowa Community College John Deere TECH Program Supervised Occupational Experience Training Agreement By this agreement _________________________________ (John Deere Dealership) agrees to permit ________________________________ (Student) to enter its establishment for the purpose of securing on-the-job training as a Service Technician. 1. This agreement is valid for the two supervised occupational experience training semesters required for the John Deere TECH program. The student's work hours should coincide with the normal work hours of the business. 2. The trainee will be supervised in the field by ____________________________. 3. Minimum wage must be paid during this time unless a higher wage is agreed upon between the student and the employer. 4. The training during the program shall be progressive. It shall provide for the trainee's passing from one experience to another in order that the trainee may become exposed to different phases of the occupation. Common safety practices shall be adhered to. 5. All complaints shall be made to and adjusted by the Ag Tech instructional staff. 6. The student may be dismissed for job failure at the employer's discretion. 7. No regular employee shall be laid off to make a place for a cooperative education employee. 8. It shall be agreed that parties participating in this program will not discriminate in employment opportunities on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, handicap, or religion. 9. The student promises to abide by all implied and stated terms included in this agreement. The student shall be bound during the laboratory period by school regulations. The student shall be responsible for his/her conduct while in training. _______________________________ Employer's Signature/Date

________________________________ Student's Signature/Date

_______________________________ Instructor's Signature/Date

________________________________ President's Signature/Date

Northeast Iowa Community College provides equal opportunities for admission, employment and participation in programs and activities without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, marital status or national origin.

NICC John Deere TECH Daily Service Log Sheet Student: Monday


Hours Worked:



Hours Worked:



Hours Worked:



Hours Worked:



Hours Worked:

Supervisor's Signature


NICC John Deere TECH Supervisors Evaluation Sheet Student: ___________________________________ Date: __________________________ Dealership: _________________________________Location:_______________________ Supervisor: _________________________________Instructor:_______________________ Directions: Circle the appropriate number in each category. 4 3 2 1 0

Attitude-Application to Work Outstanding in enthusiasm Very interested and industrious Average in diligence and interest Somewhat indifferent Definitely not interested

4 3 2 1 0

Ability to Learn Learned work exceptionally well Learned work readily Average in understanding Rather slow in learning Very slow to learn

4 3 2 1 0

Dependability Completely dependable Above average in dependability Usually dependable Sometimes neglectful or careless Unreliable

4 3 2 1 0

Initiative Proceeds well on his own Goes ahead independently at times Does all assigned work Hesitates Must be pushed frequently

4 3 2 1 0

Quality of Work Excellent Very good Average Below average Very poor

4 3 2 1 0

Relations with Others Exceptionally well accepted Works well with others Gets along satisfactorily Has difficulty working with others Will not work with others

4 3 2 1 0

Judgment Exceptionally mature in judgment Above average in making decisions Usually makes the right decision Often uses poor judgment Consistently uses bad judgment

4 0

Attendance Regular Irregular

4 0

Punctuality Regular Irregular

Utilizing Information Resources

Please Complete Reverse Side

(Service Advisor, PmPRO, DTAC, Service Bulletins) 4 3 2 1 0

Uses information resources first and asks questions when appropriate. Shows progress using available information. Occasionally uses printed resources. Solely relies on others for technical information. Does not use resources or ask questions.

4 3 2 0

Daily Service Log Completion (to be completed by Instructor) Complete and work listed well Complete, but needs better listing Incomplete, but work listed well Incomplete and needs better listing

Total points from front page ___________ Points 42-44 40-41 38-39 35-37 33-34 31-32 28-30 26-27 24-25 21-23 19-20

Grade A AB+ B BC+ C CD+ D D-

Supervisor's Comments

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Instructor Observations

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________

Student's Signature _______________________________________Date _________________ Supervisor's Signature ____________________________________Date _________________ Instructor ______________________________________________

Northeast Iowa Community College John Deere TECH Program Attendance Policy Student attendance on a regular basis is a minimum expectation. While absences are evaluated on an individual basis, it is anticipated that students need to develop regular patterns of timeliness and attendance. John Deere TECH students are preparing for full time careers in their chosen field. Regular class attendance is an important factor as the student prepares for the world of work. Future employers look at attendance very critically. The program has been designed to provide not only experiences that parallel future employment situations but also the theory that future technicians will need. Therefore: 1. Attendance will be taken in every class at the established starting time. 2. If the student must be absent, they must inform the instructor in advance. 3. It is the responsibility of the student to make up all lost instructional time in cooperation with the instructor. 4. There are no automatic excused absences. 5. Since employers require regular attendance, students can anticipate that a pattern of tardiness or absences will result in a conference, during which the student will be expected to develop a plan to move to regular attendance. The absence of change on the student's part may result in student’s loss of dealer sponsorship and removal from the program. 6. The student will not receive a permanent grade in a course until all assigned work is complete. This class attendance policy is to assist the student in obtaining the best education possible. Northeast Iowa Community College, like your employer, is committed to the importance of regular attendance. Cultivate good attendance habits. They are a major factor in retaining a position in industry. I, attendance policy.

, have read and understand the above

Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program Supervised Occupational Experience Final Report Using manuscript style, type a two-page (minimum length) paper which covers the points listed below. Please feel free to add other information as you so desire. Manuscript style: Two-inch top margin on the first page, one-inch top margin on all other pages, double space, one-inch side margins. 1. Did your job provide any satisfactory learning experience for you this quarter? Write at least one detailed paragraph "why or why not?" learning experience. 2. What skills have you improved? How have they improved? 3. Do you feel competent to handle all of the tasks that have been assigned to you on this job? Are there any skills that you feel you need to improve? Could these be included in one of the classes taught in your program? Be specific about skills and tasks. 4. Are the classes you have taken at Northeast Iowa Community College relevant to your job? If yes, in what way? If no, why not? 5. What phases of your work did you enjoy the most? The least? 6. What helpful instruction did you receive that enabled you to do better on the job (from supervisors, fellow employees, others)?

Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar Campus John Deere TECH Program Dealer Approval Form DIRECTIONS TO DEALER: In addition to meeting Northeast Iowa Community College Admissions requirements, applicants must secure approved John Deere Dealer Sponsorship. The purpose of this interview is to determine whether or not your dealership is willing to provide sponsorship for this applicant. Please submit this completed form to the Northeast Iowa Community College Admissions Office. It is suggested that the following criteria be used when interviewing applicants. Education and Experience: Every applicant will have a unique background. Prior training or experience is not essential for success in John Deere TECH but may be valuable in certain instances. Scholastic Aptitude: Evaluate the applicant's potential to complete the academic work required for graduation. The applicant can supply the dealer with high school transcripts and Ag Tech test results. Commitment: John Deere TECH is approximately two years in length and applicants must be willing to make an honest commitment to complete all required courses and supervised occupational experiences. Employability: The applicant should be viewed as seeking permanent employment. The John Deere TECH program will help you train your future technicians. You should be able to consider this person as someone you could/would employ full time once the required skills are mastered. Career Interest: The applicant should express a strong desire to be a reliable and knowledgeable Ag Technician. The successful applicant should be an individual who will assist you in meeting the needs of your customers in the future. ------------------------------------------------------------Applicant's Name Address Telephone Dealer Approval: I recommend this applicant for the John Deere TECH program and agree to provide sponsorship. ______ I wish to remove this applicant from the John Deere TECH program and do not agree to provide sponsorship. Dealer/Authorized Representative Title Dealership Address Telephone

John Deere Tech Program Booklet  

Booklet for Northeast Iowa Community College's John Deere Tech Program

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