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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2010 42p

RESULTS. Where are the

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DESPITE speculation, the number 11 circular bus route will continue running through Kingsnorton. Page 40

Congratulations to all those who took part in breaking the world record for the most trees planted in many area’s in just one hour. This that was set up by the bbc has become a success.

Within the Kingsnorton area fifty-one voulanteers succesfully planted 553 in 53 minutes in two locations. All together the planting covered 852 m2 of land. Well Done.

Noton Daily | Sunday October 10th 2010


Cadbury’s Young Talent!. Music meets Fashion in this young collaboration. A couple of students from Cadbury Sixth Form College have caught the newspapers attention today. The two young men were just your ordinary students enjoying life before reporters caught track of the positivity they were spreading and recognised their talents. Keemz, bellow (your left) describes himself as an up and coming artist with versatility in his music expression. Reiss (middle) is in partnership with his friend, they create and sell jumpers. His partner creates the designs and Reiss takes care of the printing and selling process.

Local school children speak out against bullying. Young pupils at Kings Norton Primary Scools begin to make a stand against bullying. Collectively they have taken part in preventing conlict workshops and organising plays to promote the course. Children as yung as 8 have been contributing in gving the daily message in class time. Something that the parents and teachers have made aware all kinds of bullying to their pupils. With over 420

During an interview that I (below right) completed with the young tallent I spoke to them about the work they do outside of college, their interests and their tallents. 17 year old Keemz told us that his inspiration came from watching his cousin when he was at the tender age of 13 and he hopes to inspir the younger generation. He informed us that he sings and raps and enjoys what he does. In his music he says “in my songs its jus expressing me and letting my feeling out.” Luckily this lifetime dream for Keemz doesnt affect his college life and didnt affect his school life, he records in his spare time and fits all his college work in. Secondly I spoke to Reiss, 17, from Basall Heath has began his own clothing line called ‘Licorice’ lable. Him and his friend (Tanure)planned to start a unique design of jumpers to produce and cell. The inspiration for the designs came from a trial and error basis, his friends would draw and create characters and they would diliberate whats good and whats not. The name ‘Licorice’ Reiss explained is “Unique” and jus came from designs of sweets that they did once. Both Keemz and Reiss are jointly involed in eachothers work as they are good friends.

pupils agted 4 to 11 attending the school, they think its important to let the older children know what can be expected from bullying at secondary school, like cyber bullying. The school in beging the program has first insured that the playground and class rooms are a safer environment for the childre. Liz Emmerald, the school headteacher, has taken it amoung herself to personaly monitour to progress and behaviour of all her pupils, ensuring that the environment and new schemes are working. Parents are pleased with the work that is being carried out to make their childrens young lives happier and safer.

The boys have already began talking about idea’s of synergy combining Keemz’s music and Reiss’ jumpers to make larger promotion. At the moment they are working towards creating websites and getting people interested. Well The growing men in action posing for their photoshoot. done lads.


Thius is my final newpaper

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