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In School…   Introducing  Nutrislice,  an   innovative  and  engaging   educational  tool  

Nutrislice technology  enriches  your   child’s  lunchtime  experience  by   putting  the  fun  back  into  nutrition.   Flat  screen  TVs,  installed  in  their   cafeteria,  display:   1.  Menu  items  with  vivid  images  and   relatable  nutrition  facts   2. Nutritional  education  media  and   cartoons  promoting  healthy   decision  making     3. Nutrition  questions  testing   students  dietary  knowledge  via  a   text-­‐in  response  system   4. Student  feedback  polls   encouraging  students  to  vote,  via   text,  for  their  favorite  menu  items   5. Interschool  healthy  eating   competitions    

Sponsored by:  Pinellas  County   School  Food  Service   Department  

Thanks to  the  School  Food  Service   Department,  Pinellas  County  School   District  is  the  first  in  Florida  to  utilize   this  new  and  innovational   technology.     Impressed  by  its  potential,  as   displayed  by  the  program’s  success  in   Pinellas  County,  the  Florida   Department  of  Agriculture  decided   to  purchase  Nutrislice  for  every   interested  school  district  in  Florida.  

nutrislice We think food, because they can’t think without it!

Innovative  Nutrition  Education  

At Home…   Nutrislice  helps  students  make  informed  and  healthy  decisions  in  the  cafeteria,  while  assuring   parents,  like  you,  at  home.    With  nutrislice,  both  you  and  your  child  now  have  access  to  in-­‐depth   nutritional  information  for  your  school’s  daily  breakfast  and  lunch  menus  both  on  your   iPhone/Android  device  and  online.  How?  

iPhone/Android          Application    


1. Visit  the  App  Store  (Google  Play   for  Adroid  users).  Search  "School   Lunch  by  Nutrislice"  and  dowload   the  FREE  app.    

2. Choose  your  state  (FL),  district (Pinellas  County  School  District),   school  type  and  your  child's   specific  school.  

3. Choose  menu  type   (breafast  or  lunch).  

4.Scroll through  menu  and  select   specific  items  for  nutrition   information.  


1. Go  to  

2. Choose  a  school  type  and  your   child's  specific  school.  

3. Choose  menu  type   (breafast  or  lunch).  

4.Scroll over  menu  items  for   nutrition  information.  

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