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BETH GREEN The new novel by Nicci Rae PRE-RELEASE NOTICE They call her The Miracle Of Bethnal Green She knows things she can’t possibly know She’s just a child Or is she? RELEASE: Monday 7th November 2016 Email: ​​ for review copies

Like any community with its shared history and secrets, the East End of London has its ghosts and there are times that Will Thorn feels like one of them as he goes about his job on the London Underground unnoticed by anybody but his close family and friends – Until, that is, the day that, during a station evacuation, he finds a young girl covered in dirt cowering on a ledge inside one of the tube tunnels. When a police search for the child’s parents proves fruitless, the girl, who is temporarily named Beth Green, after the station she is found in, is handed into Will’s reluctant care. At first considered foreign or mute, it soon becomes clear that Beth is, in fact, able to speak, although the impossible things that she says fill Will with awe and fear: In a community which still very much feels the sorrow of a tragedy from seventy years ago, word soon spreads throughout London and the rest of the country about the ‘Miracle of Bethnal Green’ and

Will’s quiet and ordered life is turned upside down as he tries to protect the strange and unsettling child from the vultures of the press. But is Beth Green all that she seems?

Beth Green by Nicci Rae  

They call her The Miracle Of Bethnal Green She knows things she can't possibly know She's just a child Or is she?

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