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I seem to take a lot of photographs of Dorian

Meet Dorian Birmingham, June 2013

Reach My bed Birmingham June 2013

Vodka Bar Brussels Belgium June 2013

Cantillion Brewery Brussels Belgium June 2013

Melodica Antwerp Belgium June 2013

Dorian and Piano Ghent Belgium June 2013

Dorian and Toby, Film Damage Bristol, August 2013

Handle Bar Moustache Film Damage Bristol August 2013

Phone Call Bristol August 2013

Rope Swing, Dewerstone Dorset, September 2013

Fire, Dewerstone Dorset, September 2013

Spot the Dorian, Dewerstone Dorset, September 2013

Dorian and Toby Bristol September 2013

Dorian and Grand Piano, St George’s Bristol, October 2013

The clocks have definitely gone back Bristol October 2013

All images ŠNicci Peet Photography

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