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Nicci Lew Ministering To Refugees in Dallas

Praying for… • Nicci to have faith & a sweet spirit. I want to believe God again with childlike faith and not be bitter or afraid.

• Rapport with Burmese & Iraqi fams

• My dad is having a hard time.

PRAISES • My neighbor with the triplets didn’t have to go to a shelter & the babies are still here!

• The twins who were

being abused moved to another home with a woman, Joeann, who loves them!

• I’m going to Israel with one of my professors’ groups this summer!

• That Heaven is going to be so much better than this

(Center photo) I dared my brother to walk around with sourdough bread in his nose for 10 mins at Alcatraz in California. He did it. While posing like Prince Edward in Enchanted

Seasons chicken wings and wide umbrellas “Stop being loud! Nicci is sad & she misses her mom!” 7-yr old Beju shouted at all the other kids one Sunday afternoon. I’d been quiet that day. Beju always notices when I’m quiet & asks about it. That Sunday I was doing the dishes while the girls scribbled drawings at the kitchen table. Beju suddenly piped up, “Nicci? Are you sad?” I honestly was. She said, “Is it ‘cause you miss your mom?” I said yes, among other things, and, “Why do you ask?” She told me she could tell I was quiet so she just knew =) I was thinking about longsuffering. Not mine. But the longsuffering of all the people who have poured into my life in the last 2 years. All the Beju’s who have harbored me & sheltered me when I was overwhelmed. I’m really thankful. My little brother has been there for me at all hours of the day & night to remind me of my worth, to tell me he loves me, to help me lift heavy stuff, to hug me, to grieve with me, & to make me laugh. My accountability group has pretty much carried me for a year now. Cathy got me to drink protein shakes when I was depressed & not eating food, got me out of the house, reminded me that God is not the author of sin, prayed for me, labored with me in tears & doubts & loved me just as I am. Laurie prayed for me; listened to my stories & struggles over & over, shopped with me, told me I’m worth it, prayed for me, shared her own struggles with me, & loved me just as I am. Katie hoped for me when I couldn’t hope; prayed for redemption in all that has happened; encouraged me with

(above) My accountability group— Cathy, Katie, me, Laurie, Michelle

February 14, 2008

words/hugs/notes/emails/walks & loving, persistent prayer; & loved me just as I am. Michelle took me out & reminded me I was worth it; prayed with me & for me; was patient with me when I was antisocial, angry & unable to initiate with my friends; & loved me just as I am. Heather hugs me every time I see her & tells me she loves me; April made me a CD; Lindsay planned my mom’s funeral reception & even gave me hugs for a whole day! Christy M. let it be ok for me to feel...however I felt. My counselor helped me sort my junk. The McGuires offered to be my family if I needed help while I live in Vickery. Marielle came to Du Xin’s service, served me & loved my mom. So many of you hoped for me & weathered the storms with me. I can’t even name all the people who have covered me in prayer & embraced me. I’ve had a very hard time believing God has sheltered me like a mother hen shelters her chicks, but I know He’s sent me tons of shelter thru many of y’all. It’s still hard for me to understand why a loving Father lets satan sift His children til their hearts break. Or what can be such a big deal to satan that he would ask to sift me. My friend Blessing from Nigeria said, “If I could see from where God sees, I would say, ‘Thank you, God. I’m so grateful.’” I want that kind of faith. So...thanks for being real friends—for suffering long with me, not being afraid to be in my life & loving me thru it. It’s really made a big difference to me.

Nicci Lew 3909 Swiss Ave Box 828 Dallas, TX 75204 972-762-4153

Support Update Monthly Support Goal: 1600 Committed……………...390 Needed………………...1210 __________ Make tax deductible contributions to: Student Ministries, Inc. 300 W. Davis, Suite 530 Conroe, TX 77301 SMI ID# 21467

Thank you for your partnership through prayers and financial gifts to SMI.

Triplet Update So it turns out that the triplets downstairs stayed! CPS told Joseph, the dad, to go to Anger Management sessions and told Elizabeth, the mom, to stay with her babies & not to go to a shelter . I’ve seen Elizabeth several times since then and she looks 100% better. The government pays for the triplets to go to daycare 1 block away 5 days a week. Elizabeth looks much less depressed. 5 days may sound like a lot, but when I see her with them, I understand. She feeds them all bottles; 1 screams intermittently; another throws down its bottle; the 3rd one likes to slap people! Then she holds each one separately to feed it oatmeal since they have no high chairs. They get jealous & cry. Then bathes each one. Dresses them. It is a LOT of work just for the few hours they’re awake. I asked Elizabeth if she was getting along better with Joseph. She shrugged. I asked if she planned to marry him. She said probably not. She said he used to love her before they had kids & things got hard. I wonder if Joseph just wasn’t ready for the onslaught of immigration from Sudan, adulthood, three babies at once & other life pressures. What guy wouldn’t struggle with all of that? He’s only 26. Elizabeth is about 23. Two weeks ago, my church gave everyone in the congregation $5 to spend to help someone else. One of my friends decided to give her $5 to Elizabeth , plus $5 more! So we are going to pool our money & take E. shopping for stuff she needs. I think it is a cool thing the church did to teach us to have active compassion for others. I’m so glad Elizabeth stayed. The other day I went down there crying because I was upset. It is nice to not just do ministry but make friends, too.

Rahma & Beju

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“Am I Go to Heaven?” “Hey! You sleeping!” Rahma accused me. Rahma is about 9 yrs old. She’s from Somalia & has a Muslim background. She comes to church most Sundays. I’d had my eyes closed during a worship song. “Oh, I’m singing,” I told her. She blinked. “Oh, you pray for God?” Close enough =) This Sunday was a missions Sunday. Rahma looked around sharply during the worship, asking me repeatedly, “Why they raise their hands? What go like this...[imitate dancing and swaying]?” They are singing to God, I explained. She looked around some more, then peered up at me & asked in her raspy voice, “If you tell lie in church, do you go Heaven?” I said, “It depends if you belong to Jesus.” She quickly replied, “I don’t belong to Jesus. I belong God—Allah.” Another few moments passed. Then she said, “I want go to Heaven! ...Me—Do I go Heaven?” I asked her, “What does God say?” She looked at me seriously and shook her head. No. Then she sat quiet. On the ride home in the car, I asked her what she knows about Jesus. “He’s nice!” she declared confidently. I chuckled. “How do you know?” I asked her. “Because!” she said knowingly. “I see the movie & they put the things in him and do like this [stretched out her arms]” Her voice got really aggressive. “I almosta cried, I’d angry at that part!” I asked her if Jesus deserved that. She said, “No!” Then she went back to her playful sing-songing about God, “God make me—I so proud of him! I love God! God make sky blue!” I smiled and steered for home.

Chicken Wings and Wide Umbrellas  

FEB 14, 2008 Thanks to my good friends for walking me thru depression!

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