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HELLO, I’M NIC. When skateboarding, there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure you have the best experience. Graphic design is similar to skateboarding; there is a challenge, and you need to conquer it. Ask yourself, “How can I take this challenge and turn it into a unforgettable experience, while creating something beautiful in the process?” The answer: throw in fundamental techniques, creativity, and gut instinct. And the feeling of reaching your final goal? Nothing else can compare. Just like working to master that last trick, graphic design is about the journey, and man, it feels good when you stick it.

Wanderlust Shout! Bully App Puppy Pop! Youtopia Bar & Lounge Crystal Crest Awards Go Skateboard Magazine LemonAide

WANDERLUST About the Project Wanderlust is a travel guide for the wandering soul. New experiences are an essential part of life, as they promote change and encourage people to reach out of their comfort zone.

The Challenge Many travel companies provide overly complicated guidebooks and online travel websites. Obtaining incorrect information, inaccurate pricing, and fear of the unknown are all reasons why people don’t travel.

The Solution The goal is to provide easier access to users, ensuring they travel without worry. Wanderlust creates simple interfaces and design that allow travelers to focus more on their journey and less on travel woes.

MOBILE / UI In this website design, colorful images are used to show the wonders of travel. The crisp lines and simple interface help maximize usability. The application contrasts bright images with a dark interface.

PRINT With print pieces, such as posters and a travel guide, information is key. Users need to read the information without distraction, and then have the desire to act on the message portrayed.

SHOUT APP About the Project Shout! Bully Prevention App was developed to help teenagers and young adults cope with bullying. This app allows users to report bullying anonymously to proper authorities.

The Challenge Suicide is the third-leading cause of young adult deaths in the nation, with nearly half of these deaths related to bullying. Helping teenagers deal with bullying needs to be a top priority in school systems.

The Solution App users can anonymously report bullying by photos, videos, and messages sent directly to school administration. This allows the administration to handle bullying privately.

PRINT The main goal for all print media is to call attention to the problem of bullying. Juxtaposing an emotional image with a strong statement will help us reach this goal.

MOBILE / UI This interface is simple, and allows users to report without distraction. A cool, soothing color scheme relaxes the user and matches the design.

PUPPY POP About the Project Puppy Pop was inspired when my dog climbed into the front seat of my car for a sip of Dr. Pepper. I thought afterwards, “Why not create a healthy drink you can easily enjoy with your pup?”

The Challenge Dogs eat people food and drink people drinks when they really shouldn’t. Some items in the store aren’t made to share with our furry friends. Why not enjoy healthier options, for both us and the pooch?

The Solution We wanted to create a fun and inviting brand to encourage people to not only buy our drinks, but to also enlighten the consumer that the drink is a healthier option for animals.

PACKAGING A fun, retro-inspired design, for both the label and packaging, focuses on illustrating the story of the brand. It also plays on the aspect of nostalgia. The creative colors help our brand stand out.

YOUTOPIA About the Project Youtopia is a lounge designed with you in mind. After a long week of work, stress or school, come to Youtopia and let your worries go. Celebrate YOU at Youtopia.

The Challenge Typically, bars or lounges are set in dim lighting, they exclude flashy imagery, and focus only on the drinks, not the experience. This does not create an inviting atmosphere.

The Solution With a clever twist on branding, a bright and fun poster campaign, and website, we have created a brand that welcomes and encourages people to have fun, relax, and celebrate life.

PRINT These printed posters are a fun visual for bar attendees, allowing them to look, laugh, and relate. Strong colors mixed with light gradients match the aesthetic of the brand.

INTERACTION The website is consistent with the brand and gives users a taste of the experience. Passersby glance at the inside of the bar, see the fun atmosphere, and are enticed to enter.

CRYSTAL CREST AWARDS About the Project Every year, Weber State University holds the annual Crystal Crest Awards ceremony to highlight the faculty and students of the year. This night is similar to the Academy Awards.

The Challenge The ceremony is not well known, due to the lack of marketing and advertisement. The university wants to branch out and include as many people as possible, and our new branding will help make this happen.

The Solution A new brand identity, a poster campaign, and large banners were created to expand recognition. This allows for greater participation, university involvement, and school spirit.

PRINT To help students notice advertising and prepare for the ceremony, all print media needs to have eye catching imagery, short, concise wording, and information that can be obtained at a glance.

GO SKATEBOARD About the Project GoSkateboard magazine, unlike other publications, focuses on the experience of learning and the art of skateboarding rather than the stereotypical “punk attitude” seen elsewhere.

The Challenge Common media portrays skateboarding as a form of anarchy and defiance. Skateboarding, however, is simple a way of expressing creativity as a sport. Sadly, it’s not usually seen this way.

The Solution GoSkateboard breaks out of the typical grunge aesthetic and targets those who aren’t familiar with skateboarding. This publication enlightens readers on what skateboarding is, and how it works as an outlet for people.

WEBSITE The design mixes modern trends with minimal attributes, such as the use of white space, geometry, and selective color. By minimizing ads, the user can focus more on the flow of the information.

PUBLICATION Instead of focusing on grungy text and chaotic advertisements, a skateboard magazine should show beautiful imagery as well as provide captivating stories that inspire the reader.

LEMONAIDE About the Project LemonAide was created to help fight American poverty and homelessness. For every bottle of LemonAide purchased, the same dollar amount goes to a homeless shelter in the United States.

The Challenge Every year, 3.5 million Americans suffer from homelessness. Many charitable companies around the world help fight poverty, however, not many focus on the problems within our own country.

The Solution LemonAide has creative packaging and colorful, eye-catching visuals to promote recognition of our cause. By purchasing this product, consumers are making a difference in the lives of the American homeless.

PRINT Advertising our product with a bold statement captures the reader’s attention, enticing them to learn more about the product. Our brochure allows consumers to spread the idea of helping others.

all proceeds go to charity

THE WORLD DESERVES BETTER. gives back all proceeds to humanitarian aid, helping those who have gone without get the love and support that they deserve.

Blueberry Ocean


One happy person makes another. And another. And another. Until the whole world is filled with the joy we all need.

Nutrition Facts Serving Size 8 fl. oz. (237 mL) Servings Per Container: 2.5

Amount Per Serving

Calories 120

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 0g Sodium 2mg Total Carbohydrates 28g Sugars 29g Protein 0g

0% 1% 10%

Vitamin A 5% ¥ Vitamin C 100% ¥ Calcium 0% ¥ ron I 0%

knowing you just helped mankind.

Not a significant source of Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Calcium. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet. INGREDIENTS: TRIPLE FILTERED WATER, PURE CANE SUGAR, LEMON JUICE CONCENTRATE, CITRIC ACID, LEMON FRUIT PULP, NATURAL FLAVORS, (SOYBEAN OIL, ESTER GUM, GUM ARABIC, AS CLOUD)


PACKAGING With a unique 7-bottle design, the packaging resembles a lemon when viewed from above. When opened, the consumer learns more about the brand and our cause, all while enjoying their beverage.



Nic Bott - Graphic Design Portfolio  

This is the my updated portfolio! Thanks for taking a look!

Nic Bott - Graphic Design Portfolio  

This is the my updated portfolio! Thanks for taking a look!