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The EOS 60D is more consumer type, but corresponds to our eyes, the Rebel T2i with functionality and ergonomics over typed experts.The EOS 60D is more consumer type, but corresponds to our eyes, the Rebel T2i with functionality and ergonomics over typed experts. In continuity, the EOS 60D incorporates the APS-C officiating brilliantly in the EOS 7D and Rebel T2i.We now have 3 Canon SLRs fitted with the same imager. Canon Accused said to have revised its design for better pictures and details preserved in highlights to see. No change is DIGIC IV, who runs the housing and provides treatment of needy 18-megapixel sensor signal and allows the shooting frame rate burst to remain relatively high, at 5.3 fps on 58 consecutive views to JPEG (but only 16 in RAW), although this remains below the 6.3 fps the 50D. Its ISO can be adjusted from 100 to 6400 ISO and the H-mode provides access to ISO 12800. 9-point AF and metering ICFL It will be satisfied with the 9-point of the Rebel T2i only when other entry-level SLRs like the Nikon D3100 offer in 11.Consolation: 9 are all collimators cross, more sensitive and precise, they are more suitable for optical light. The management module of the exhibition is that of the EOS 7D: the system combines ICFL 63 zone metering with distance from the subject and colour measurements to optimize exposure. Fans of Advanced Wireless Lighting: Canon EOS 60D is a pass to drive EX flash units or groups of flashes. 3" LCD Screen The EOS 60D offers certification of a hinged screen. It is a huge asset ergonomic, pictured, but especially in video. Its resolution is very generous with not less than 1,044,000 points. It is the ratio of 3:2, is the native format photographs of 60D. Ergonomics review on the EOS 60D They are ergonomic details that will boost sales of the EOS 60D with respect to his little brother Canon T2i whose career promised well before his senior comes into the world. Indeed, we found the rear wheel indispensable to those who are leading their reflex PSAM mode. At its canter, the joystick gives way to a control button. The choice of AF mode, the operator, the method of measuring exposure and sensitivity are directly accessible via shortcut buttons on the top of the box, near the index when it is on the trigger. New digital effects As we saw on the Olympus E-630 Pentax or Ken, the EOS 60D can apply creative effects to images in the camera which is credited with saving the step of post-production. The effects available are: black and white (made of granular silver film), Soft Focus (ideal for portraits), Toy Camera and miniature effect (giving the impression that the scene is photographed a model). Basic + mode makes its appearance, it is an automatic mode in which one can give a report to his photos.

Full HD video mode The EOS 60D naturally offers Full HD video recording in 1920x 1080 pixels at 30, 25 or 24 fps and 720p at 60 and 50 fps We can also crop the video in VGA if you want to zoom into the scene. This corresponds to a 7x zoom. The attraction of the video mode of the EOS 60D is that in the control of exposure it offers, combined with a detailed ergonomic size: the presence of the rear wheel to select the exposure settings. An external microphone jack allows making better sound quality than the simple case of mono. The EOS 60D offers HDMI CEC support which will fly the aircraft with the remote HD television when connected to it via HDMI. Regrettably, the AF mode is always punctual and video that can not benefit from a solution focus continues as we have seen emerge in recent days with the Nikon D3100 or Sony Alpha 55 and SLT Alpha 33. The Opinion Zone Digital While the EOS 7D has given its pedigree to the segment "expert", the EOS 60D is shifted up a notch compared to the EOS 50D it does not really replace, without necessarily losing, well otherwise. While disappointed by a limited autofocus (the T2i) is hosting the metering ICFL 63 zones of the EOS 7D with joy. Ergonomics has been successfully reworked and the arrival of the beautiful 3" display articulated 1,044,000 pixels participate in the fluidity of ownership of the EOS 60D. As for lovers of studio, they also adopt the EOS 60D for its ability to control the remote flash without cord. The sensor is well known, it is that of the EOS 550D and 7D, a great value, which was even better. We would have liked the video mode HD serve a continuous AF but this will not prevent the EOS 60D, full of qualities, to run a successful business career, even though its advertised selling price is still a bit too seasoned to our taste. Features of the Canon EOS 60D 18-megapixel CMOS APS-C Record Full HD video 30,25,24 fps with microphone socket Digit IV processor 9-point AF (100% collimators cross) Sensitivity 100 to 6400 ISO (ISO 12800 HIGH mode) 5.3 fps of 58 frames in JPEG and 16 RAW Metering 63-zone TTL ICFL Transmitter for Wireless Lighting Speedlight (2 groups max) Shutter 1 / 8000 s Digital Effects Connectivity HDMI-CEC Going reflex: to cover 96% / 0.95x magnification / 22mm eye relief Screen articulated 3 "/ 1,044,000 Points Compatible with SD / SDHC / SDXC Weight: 755 grams

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