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Customer Insight Report Annual Review 2011/12 1. Key Performance Indicators (compared to operating year 2010/11)

Visits 483,965

Visitors 445,981

Return Visits 113,531

Registrations 3,139

r 53%

r 57%

r 51%

r 69%





During the operating year 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 the website achieved close to half a million visits. Site visits were up 53% on the previous operating year and registrations were up 69% year on year. Key performance targets for visits (300,000) and registrations (1,800) were exceeded by 61% and 74% respectively. Other achievements throughout the year include:  Highest ever visits in a single month (Jan 2012).  Highest ever registrations in a single month (Jan 2012).  Exceeded 10,000 registered users (Feb 2012).  Customer loyalty at an all-time high (March 2012)  Top regional website in UK-wide DotGov programme (Nov 2011). The growth in popularity of the service has been achieved through focusing on the needs of our customers and shaping the service to meet their expectations. We will continue to use this approach in the coming year.

2. Customer Acquisition 2.1 Here’s where our customers came from Search Engines 51% Other websites 36% Typed/Bookmarked 11% Social networks 2%

2.2 Top websites that sent us customers (Referrals) 1.


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

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Customer Insight Annual Review 2011/12

2. Customer Acquisition (‌continued) 2.3 Paid search marketing (compared to previous operating year) Clicks


Click through rate

Cost per click





r 31%

s from 4.8%

s from ÂŁ0.26

r 29% 2.4 Top search terms last year Paid (via Google Adwords) 1. 2012 bank holidays 2. minimum wage 3. business northern ireland 4. tenders 5. redundancy calculator 6. grants for small business 7. risk assessment template 8. business plan template 9. paye tax calculator 10. health and safety at work act

Organic/Free (via Google, Bing etc) 1. payment terms 2. it strategy 3. farm diversification 4. annual return 5. redundancy letter 6. fuel consumption figures 7. ni business 8. commodity codes 9. corporation tax rates 10. environmental damage

Internal (via site search) 1. business plan 2. redundancy 3. grants 4. legislation 5. rates 6. social enterprise 7. tenders 8. self employment 9. maternity 10. vat

2.5 Trending topics in search over the past 12 months

2.6 Top Campaign FURLs (Visits) /financialsupport

/starting up






2,760 1,911 1,784 1,062 706 Customer Insight Annual Review 2011/12 Page 2 of 4

Customer Insight Annual Review 2011/12

3. Conversions 3.1 Registrations Registrations (Target)

Registrations (Actual)

Registered (All-time)




r 69% (vs. previous year) 3.2 Tools used

102,912 r 32% (compared to previous year) Most used tools 1. Business support finder 2. How much annual leave is my employee due? 3. Company name and trade mark checker 4. Calculate statutory redundancy pay 5. UK Trade Tariff 3.3 Pages/guides printed

15,155 r 23% (compared to previous year) Most printed guides 1. Legal structures: the basics 2. Prepare a business plan 3. Responsibilities to employees if you buy or sell a business 4. Redundancy: the options 5. Know how much holiday to give your staff

3.4 Case studies


(Page Views)

r 9% (vs. previous year)

3.5 Business news


(Page views)

r 62% (vs. previous year)

Most read case studies 1. Here's how I found funding for my business 2. Here's how we set up an established waste management business 3. Here's how I diversified my farm 4. Here's how I manage staff annual leave 5. Here’s how I manage staff hours and rest breaks Most read articles 1. Budget 2012 (March 2012) 2. Minimum wage explained (September 2011) 3. Boosting Business to support NI businesses (November 2011) 4. Public Procurement Workshops (May 2011) 5. Event to help your business boost online sales (March 2012)

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Customer Insight Annual Review 2011/12

4. Customer Retention 4.1 Email marketing Monthly newsletter

Click to open rate (Annual Average)


Welcome email

Sent: 79,108 Opened: 17,518 Clicks: 10,194

Click to open rate (Annual Average)


Sent: 2,984 Opened: 1,350 Clicks: 612

Note: Typical click to open rate for UK Government email campaigns is 26%. Source: UK Email Marketing Benchmark Report 2012

4.2 Social Networks





3,549 Followers 489 Fans

6,223 Visits

r 77%

r 186%

r 18%

r 93%

(compared to Mar 2011)

(compared to Mar 2011)

(compared to 2010/11)

(compared to Mar 2011)



Our social network channels represent just 2% of site referrals but their relative contribution has grown rapidly during the past twelve months increasing by 276% compared to the previous operating year. The rate of increase is growing steadily providing further evidence of the importance of delivering a quality service to customers across all major digital channels not just via our website.

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Report definitions Invest NI Head Office Bedford Square Bedford Street Belfast BT2 7ES

Visits: A visit starts when a user first enters the site and ends after they leave or become inactive for 30 mins. Visitors: The number of unique individuals who have visited the site during a particular month. Return visits: Visits originating from users who have visited the site previously. Registrations: Customers who complete our registration process in order to save results, request updates/alerts etc. Clicks: Instance of a click on a paid text ad on the Google search engine that is directed to Impressions: The number of times our paid text ads appear for searches on the Google search engine. Click through rate: The number of times a text ad is clicked divided by the number of times it was displayed. Cost per click: The price we pay for each instance of a click on a paid text ad on the Google search engine. FURLs: A shortened easy to remember website address used for tracking offline to online campaigns. Conversion: A meaningful customer interaction with our site such as completion of an online tool, print a page etc. Click to open rate: The percentage of opened emails that generate a click-through to the website. Acquisition/Conversion/Retention: Indication of how the website attracts, engages and keeps its customers.

E: T: 028 9069 8776

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Annual Review 2012  

Annual Review into how Northern Ireland businesses have been accessing and using the website

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