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ArchitecturePortfolio ruben ruiz

Ruben Ruiz born 16th September 1982 2008

Architect by Escuela TĂŠcnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia (ETSAV) Valencia, Spain

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Shelter for Artists in Valencia

Ruben Ruiz

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Shelter for Artists The project proposes a solution for a building in which to lodge 20 artists to improve their formation, by means of the inclusion of classrooms for theory and practice, workshops and show rooms for the exhibition of their works. Also bedrooms, dining room and zones of leisure are required. It is all about providing a place for the artist to work comfortably, a place to live Art.

in Valencia

The Shelter for Artists is conceived as a large square that subtly gets into the building. The search of the building of meeting the outer space becomes evident that way.

Cultural Center

in Carpesa, Valencia

Ruben Ruiz

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Cultural Center The Cultural Center is principally focused to lodge activities based on music, it is provided of classrooms for its practice and teaching and an auditorium. The project consists also of a library, show rooms and a restaurant, as well as of an underground parking lot. The idea is the understanding of the building as a compact block which is digged by

in Carpesa, Valencia

a series of courtyards that provide light and enrich the inner space. Every element that conforms the program acquires higher or lower height depending on the needs that each one of them requires.

Housing Planning in Pinedo, Valencia

Ruben Ruiz

Page 14

Housing Planning Design of a housing planning that includes 40 free dwellings and 60 re-lodging dwellings, with the condition of being linked, each one of them, to ‘urban orchards’ due to the characteristics and way of life of the re-housed people. Pinedo is a town surrounded by very heterogeneous landscapes. The site is placed at an

in Pinedo, Valencia

agricultural lot and, however it is at the same time just a few meters away from the sea. These circumstances provide an uncommon environment at towns dedicated to agriculture and condition the decisions to make.

Urban Planning

in Sagunto, Valencia

Ruben Ruiz

Page 18

Urban Planning Project consisting in the creation of an urban planning that could behave as a nexus between the two towns, Sagunto and Puerto de Sagunto. The proposal is based on a grid of rectangles (12 x 36 meters) in which housing blocks, green areas and paved zones are fitted, following a rhythm of fills and voids.

in Sagunto, Valencia

The scheme of the plan has 3 bands formed by elements of high, medium and low housing density, which are linked to each other by a Main Axis that lodges services like a business center, shops and schools. This main road also joins both sides of the planning, communicating the housing areas with the main square and the sports area.

Observation Deck in Valencia

Ruben Ruiz

Page 22

Observation Deck Exercise consisting in the design of an Observation Deck in Valencia, at the limit between city and orchards. The main restraint is to design it using only one material: Reinforced Concrete, formwork with 120 x 240 cm boards. The intention is to create a visual walk for citizens by means of the use of an only wall

in Valencia

surrounded by a long ramp. The wall is full of openings (made by sliding some panels of formwork) that frame the views for walkers.

Observatori 2006 VII International Festival of Artistic Investigation

in Valencia

Ruben Ruiz

Page 26

Exhibiton Space Observatori 2006 The assignment was about the design, inside Arquerías’s Hall of the Príncipe Felipe Museum, at the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, of a space for the exhibition of a series of works and artistic installations previously determined, each with some particular needs of space and illumination. The theme of the exhibition was “The emit-

ters of change”, a reflection on the power of communication came into question, there was a discussion about how communication becomes the energy that changes the world. It was chosen to endow the set with a dynamic trait by means of the confrontation of a straight line of walls, keeping on Hall’s axle, and another one with turned walls, so that

in Valencia

they guided the visitor through the exhibition, to the extreme of Arquerías’s Hall.

Collaboration at

Information Based Architecture in Amsterdam

Ruben Ruiz

Page 30

Collaboration at Information Based Architecture This project is a 125 m high information and sightseeing tower in China, at the Shenzen Bay area. The design is based on the idea that it is possible to create complex volumes by means of the intersection of simple plane elements. All the external estructure, formed by hori-

in Amsterdam

zontal and vertical plane elements, is hold by an internal concrete core. On its lower levels the tower is provided with wide space for exhibitions and meetings, and on higher levels there is a restaurant, a broadcast studio and wide areas for sightseeing.

Ruben Ruiz

Page 32

Collaboration at Information Based Architecture

in Amsterdam

This project was thought as an answer to the competition for the design of a World Sustainability Centre at the Afsluitdijk (Closing Dike) in the North of Holland. It was planned as a big floating self-sufficient sphere, with a dynamic skin, able to generate solar, hydraulic and wind energy.




3D Analysis and Modeling

Ruben Ruiz

Page 36

3D Analysis and Modeling Modeling and rendering of a complex building that would be used as a library and general storage of books. The exercise included the need of making cuts in order to analyze its circulation system as well as its structure.

For this exercise different tools were used: Autocad, SketchUp and 3DStudio together with VRay renderer.

Ruben Ruiz architect

Architecture Portfolio  

Ruben Ruiz Architecture Portfolio 2011

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