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Uzbek Collection The Uzbek Collection derives its name from the country of Uzbekistan in Central Asia where most of the original Ikat fabrics were made in the nineteenth century. I have always had a passion for Ikats due to their bold, daring, abstract designs and vibrant colors. Over the past few years, I have watched an Ikat craze spread throughout the design community however, the majority of designs offerings are muted colors in repetitive designs. In the Uzbek collection, I take the true elements and original bold colors of the designs scaling them for rugs. Historically, the Ikat process has been an intricate process requiring skilled artisans to carefully execute the actual dyeing of the fabrics. This complicated technique requires that parts of the fabric’s warp and/or weft yarns be protected so they resist dye penetration when dipped in the dye bath. The results can range from a simple two-tone pattern to very intricate ones using several colors and “bleed” effects. Our ikat rugs are woven to mimic the appearance of these ikat fabrics. NIBA’s Uzbek Collection designs are named after small villages in Central Asia or terms used in Ikat weaving. We present this collection in a wide variety of weaving techniques from Turkish, Persian and Tibetan to soumac and dhurrie flat weave qualities. We are using hemp, linen, wool, silk and bamboo fibers along with our newest offering - NIBA luxury wool. For more information on the possibilities with these beautiful and luxurious designs, please speak to your NIBA sales manager. Sincerely,

Beth Arrowood Owner

COLORS: 784, 643, 920, 235, 806, 536, 88

Adras handmade half silk and half cotton fabric, woven in central Asia, and is usually striped.

COLORS: 920,Bleached Linen,942

Gajeri a t ype of kilim that is pieced together from tentband-like strips of woolen flat-weave.

COLORS: Bleached Linen, 376, 806, 920 & 942

Chakrim is a style of a fabric with the literal translation “an echo� or a repeat as shown in this design.

COLORS: 552 & 88

Delphinium flowers of the yellow larkspur plant found in central asia. the yellow pigment was taken to be used for dyes.

COLORS: 55, 873, 511

Mulberry is an ancient tree considered sacred and revered throughout Uzbekistan. Silk worms are fed mulberry leaves before they spin their cocoons.

COLORS: 913,Bm2121-10,807,931

Shahi silk textiles that were produced in warp-faced plain weave.

COLORS: 88, 806, 376, 286

Urgut a district of the samarqand province in Uzbekistan.

COLORS: 913, 851, 931, 286, 285, 755

Bukhara a city and region in uzbekistan that is located on the silk road. Bukhara has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

COLORS: 860 & 88


COLORS: 390, 378, 295

Yzza meaning “the beloved” in Arabic.

COLORS: 873 & 88

Indigo is a color named after the blue dye derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria and related species

COLORS: 873, 931, & 88

Bandi “binding”

COLORS: 873, 55, & 253

Kurta a T- shaped ankle length dress made of ikat fabric worn by women beneath their luxurious ikat robes

COLORS: 218, 976, 934, 535

Khiva a city located in Uzbekistan

COLORS: 862, 249, 226, 862

Tajik is a term for a wide range of Persian-speaking people of Iranic origin, with traditional homelands in present-day Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

COLORS: bLEACHED LINEN, 817, 216, 536


abbreviation for Syria

COLORS: 536, 772, 806, 88


COLORS: 551, 348, 940, 382

Karshi a city in Uzbekistan

COLORS: 218,237, 235, bLEACHED LINEN

Nimcha a single handed sword from northwestern Africa.

COLORS: 222, 707, 224, 55


COLORS: 716,234,707


a commonly used term to refer to ikat textiles in the Fergana valley in eastern Uzbekistan.

COLORS: 844, 234, 903

COLORS: 634, 85, 536, 667

Layli an Arabic girl’s name

COLORS: 860, 667, 696, 634, 248, 272, 85


COLORS: 706, 772, 716, 638, 772


COLORS: 780, 841, 864


COLORS: 772, 674, 716, Bleached Linen


COLORS: 55, 659, 976, 977, 638


COLORS: 797, 920, 928

KHAZAN (also known as Kh朝zu) is a village in the Central District of Birjand County, South Khorasan Province, Iran.

COLORS: 772, 924, 977, 643



COLORS: 880, 969, 846



COLORS: bLEACHED linen, natural linen, 88 & 169


COLORS: bLEACHED linen, natural linen, 88 & 169


COLORS: 492,181, 125


COLORS: 68, BM-2071-20, BM-2017-20, BM-2023-20


COLORS: BM-2071-20, BM-2017-20, BM-2023-20




The Uzbek Collection derives its name from the country of Uzbekistan in Central Asia where most of the original Ikat fabrics were made in th...