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Defining Our  Brand     Art organizations are a

personal passion of mine. My

experience working for a legal


non-profit designed for artists and art organizations

Kimberly Elliott

cultivated my desire for an is the only outlet for

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themselves emotionally. I am

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art, culture, and community.

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online cultural magazine. Art individuals to truly express WELCOME MODERN MILLENNIALS! If you are reading this you

are a Modern Millennial. I welcome you to our lifestyle

brand. The vision of Modern Millennial came during my

last semester of law school. I

was approaching graduation while struggling to find the

type of law that would fulfill me personally and

professionally. I knew I was passionate about my

community and blogging.

passionate about connecting Mod Millennial focuses on

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encompassing all issues and

including popular culture, art,

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media, music, heath, beauty,

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Millennial is my passion. I am

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topics through various avenues, science, technology, social

wealth, and finance. Mod

sharing my vision with you. Please continue to support

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Overtime my blog evolved into always open to comments and, Modern suggestions. Millennial is a lifestyle

magazine geared towards

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community. Arts and


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10 THINGS  You Should Know by 25  Your  Favorite    

Cocktail, and  A  Back  Up  One    .  .  .     Natural Hairstyles are always better than a Bad Weave .    .  .    Beer & Pizza or Wine & Sushi  .  .  .    How  You  Feel  About  the   “N-­‐word”    .  .  .  Your Most Flattering Photo Angle  .  .  .    Your  Best  Friend    .  .   .  Your First Love  .    .  .  Your Favorite Book  .  .    .  Your  Favorite  Album    .  .  .   Your Favorite Poet!      

Seven Things   #ModMillennials   Are  Talking  About  .  .  .    

1 The  passing  of  Nelson  Mandela     2  Idris  Elba  and  Chiwetel  Ejiofor     3  Mega  Millions  $636M  Jackpot   4  XXII  Winter  Olympic  Games     5  African  American  or  N*&^%?     6  #BlackPeopleDont     7  Valarie  June  

WHO, Said What?

"For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white... Just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change. Jesus was a white man, too." Megyn Kelly  

"School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth." Jayden Smith  

"The middle class. Since when in America do we have classes? That's Marxism talk." Rick Santorum      

—it says that I wanted to eat her p***y. I've never said that in my life to her, I would never do that. I'm happily married. I've got more than enough to eat at home." Rob Ford  

"It's just what they are— they're jokes.... Most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folks.... I can't determine what offends another person." Paula  Deen    

"I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little." Michael Bloomberg    

“I was doing films during the hiatus, having a thriving producing life. But, you know, I make plans and God laughs. “ Kerry Washington    

“Flaws are my favorite . . . There’s nothing I love more than a good facial scar.” Emma Stone    

“We live in a town that rewards pretending, and I was pretending to be fierce and fearless for a very long time.” Gabrielle Union    






OUR KIDS TO PRISON? We send   our   children   off   to   school   knowing   they   will   be   educated   academically,   hoping   they   are   educated   socially   and   praying   they   don’t  get  left  behind.  The  public  school  system   is   the   basis   for   social   structure.   Graduation   rates,   college   matriculation,   and   employment   measure   student   success   while   dropout   rates   clearly   indicate   academic   failure,   and   prison   matriculation   rates   indicate   a   failure   of   students   to   adapt   socially.   Inadequate   resources,   mismanagement,   and   ineffective   disciplinary   policies   place   students   with   behavioral   problems   at   a   grave   disadvantage   in  public  schools.       The   school   to   prison   pipeline   refers   to   educational  practices  that  push  students  from   the   public   school   system   into   the   juvenile   criminal   justice   system.   Students   face   severe   punishments   for   basic   behavioral   infractions.   Under   zero   tolerance   policies   students   are   disciplined  excessively  for  bringing  scissors  or   nail  clippers  to  school,  making  hand  gestures,   and   other   minor   infractions.     When   students   are   suspended   and   expelled   they   are   usually   left  unsupervised,  these  students  then  engage   in   destructive   activities   repeating   a   cycle   of   destructive   behavior.   These   same   students  

with disciplinary   issues   repeatedly   fall   behind   in   coursework.   This   pattern   heavily   contributes  to  students  failing  to  matriculate   through  the  public  school  system.         Within  minority  communities  policy  decision   makers   place   incarceration   ahead   of   education,   state   and   local   governments   spend   more   funding   on   incarceration   programs   and   disciplinary   systems   than   educational   initiatives.   Along   with   funding   issues   the   public   school   disciplinary   system   is   inundated   with   racial   and   wealth   disparities.  In  some  cases  disciplinary  issues   are   rooted   in   a   lack   of   behavioral   structure   beginning   in   the   student’s   home   and   displayed   in   schools.   Students   from   various   socio-­‐economic   backgrounds   face   different   challenges   and   need   different   resources   to   succeed.   Basic   behavioral   infractions   should   not   be   treated   punitively   absent   and   escalation   in   behavior.   Students   of   color   are   negatively   affected   at   greater   rates   than   students   of   majority   backgrounds.   When   students   of   color   face   harder   disciplinary   punishments   for   the   same   infractions   the   system  is  broken.    

CHALLENGING THE PRISON PIPELINE IN YOUR COMMUNITY Challenging the   school   to   prison   pipeline   begins   with   becoming   involved   in   your   local   community.   Make   it   your   business   to   know   the   school   board   members,   principals,   and   teachers   in   your   community.   It   is   necessary   to   judge   potential   or   current   school   board   members   for   their   business   acumen   and   experience.   School   districts   in   heavily   populated   areas   juggle   millions   of   dollars   in   budgets,  expenses,  and  deficits.    District  wide   funds   management   deeply   impacts   how   resources   are   dispersed.   Mismanagement   of   funds  creates  grave  consequences  for  schools.   As   a   citizen,   parent,   or   involved   student   it   is   important   to   challenge   controversial   school   board   decisions.   Make   your   voice   heard   by   attending   local   city   council   and   school   board   meetings.   Always   be   sure   to   research   potential   members   for   their   experience,   expertise  and  vision.       In   some   jurisdictions   school   board   members   are   elected   by   default   after   running   unopposed.   Although   school   board   members   are   essential   to   thriving   school   systems   they   are   not   responsible   for   all   school   policies.   Some   policies   are   determined   by   state   legislatures,   every   school   district   has   an   accompanying   state   senator   and   state   representative.   It   is   important   to   understand   the   impact   of   proposed   or   enforced   policies   on   the   schools   in   your   community.   Become   an   active   member   in   your   community   by   first   attending   parent   teacher   conferences,   and   school   board   meetings.   Local   newspapers   frequently   publish   pressing   school   board   issues.   As   students,   parents,   and   teachers   we   must  stay  involved  to  hold  those  in  position  to   make  changes  accountable.    

The Word: Municipal Elections Municipalities conduct   elections   regularly,   but   absent  a  Presidential  race  enticing  voters  to  the   polls,   these   elections   largely   go   unnoticed.   Incumbents   run   unopposed   on   platforms   advocating   the   same   old   standards,   sadly   absent   a   public   system   of   checks   and   balances   there  is  no  need  for  societal  leaders  to  demand   innovation  in  fledging  neighborhoods.       These  elections  matter  because  elected  officials   make   decisions   that   impact   communities   for   decades;   the   future   development   of   Fort   McPherson   will   be   determined   by   current   elected   officials   from   East   Point   and   Atlanta,   the   demolishment   or   future   development   of   Turner  Field  will  be  predetermined  long  before   the   Braves   leave   in   2016,   the   emergence   of   Porsche   in   Hapeville   is   the   result   of   strategic   planning  by  state  and  local  officials.  Issues  like,   school   funding,   zoning,   and   development   are   the   sole   responsibility   of   school   boards;   when   administrative   fees   easily   outpace   school   funding   in   mismanaged   districts   elections   can   breath   life   into   a   community   or   easily   choke   a   neighborhood  struggling  to  survive.        Funding   for   judicial   officials,   police   departments,   juvenile   programs,   and   health   departments  come  from  local  municipalities   in   conjunction   with   state   and   federal   funding   programs.   A   failure   to   comply   with   funding   program   regulations   will   place   your   neighborhood  in  jeopardy.         Tip:  Know  Each  Candidates  Political  Agenda    

General Motors Names Female CEO, A First for Big Car Industry Why Glaxo Won’t Pay Doctor’s To Sell It’s Drugs Anymore   Retirement Flurry Creates Openings for Both Parties in 2014   Comparing   the   Failures   of   Bush   and   Obama   When Minority Students Attend Elite Schools   November   Was   The   Warmest   November   on   Record This Chart Blows Up the Myth of the Welfare Queen Why Other Countries Teach Better    

HEADLINES   Thinning   the   PHD   Herd   One in 200 Pregnant Women Claim to be Virgins   The   Moment   Mitt   Romney   Realized   He   Lost   His   Presidency   The Real History of the Word Redskin Ukraine   Saved   From   Bankruptcy   Bitcoin Sinks After Chinese Action Zimbawe’s New Cash Cows  Two  Winning  Tickets  for   US   Jackpot   Yankees Hit With $28 Million Luxury Tax   Budget   Deal   Offers   A   Reprieve   From   Washington   Paralysis   In Typhoon Area, Kerry Warns of Threats of a Warming Planet    

BUSINESS | DIY 75 % of  all  

Internet traffic  is   directed  to  social   media  websites.  


Nearly   million  Facebook   users  are  mobile   only.    

93% of   marketers  use   social  media  for   business.    


Only  of  US   companies   employee  bloggers.    



One understand your audience; when are your followers most likely to use social media

Two know your value; you do not have to be available 24/7 Three know your brand; scrutinize what you say because someone is always listening Four know your competition; use your social media to distinguish your brand from others Five post on time; whenever there is breaking news or major events Six know your partner brands; if you are a producer repost musicians and songwriters Seven know your industry leaders; in your chosen industry follow the thought leaders Eight quality over quantity Nine connect all your social media accounts; minimize your time posting so you can be working Ten what’s beef?; social media instigators will use your brand to grow theirs

CROWD FUNDING: IT CAN WORK FOR YOU! Taking your   idea   from   thought   to   inception   can   be   incredibly   difficult   when   you   face   funding   challenges   but   no   need   to   worry   there   is   crowd   funding.     Crowd   funding   is   a   great   tool   to   promote   your   business   online   and  raise  start  up  funds.       What  is  Crowd  Funding?       Crowd   funding   websites   allow   individuals   to   create   public   fundraising   campaigns   for   the   purpose  of  raising  start-­‐up  funds.  Since  2009   Kickstarter,   the   largest   crowd   funding   website,   has   raised   over   $700M   dollars   to   fund   close   to   100,   000   projects.   Kickstarter   allows   individuals   to   circumvent   traditional   investment   avenues   for   public   funding.   With   Kickstarter   users   create   a   project   along   with   minimum  funding  requirements.  Members  of   the   public   are   allowed   to   pledge   certain   amounts   towards   the   projects   funding   goal   and  in  return  receive  a  small  gift  or  token  of   appreciation.  If  you  want  to  record  an  album,   write  a  novel,  or  start  a  magazine  Kickstarter   is   a   great   opportunity   to   reach   people   interested  in  your  project.       Indiegogo   is   the   second   largest   crowd   -­‐ funding   platform.   It   operates   on   the   same   general   basis   as   Kickstarter   but   allows  

funding for   more   diverse   projects.   Kickstarter  excludes  projects  involving  food,   beauty,   and   educational   topics.   The   key   difference   between   Kickstarter   and   Indiegogo  is  Indiegogo  does  not  require  the   project   to   be   fully   funded   to   distribute   profits.   Indiegogo   offers   a   tiered   or   fixed   payment   plan   depending   on   how   much   of   the  project  you  fund.  Like  with  any  financial   funding   avenue   there   are   limitations.   Kickstarter  and  Indiegogo  may  take  as  much   as  12%  of  your  profits  and  your  project  may   be   subject   to   rigorous   standards   before   funds  are  released.         How  to  Make  It  Work       The  best  way  to  insure  success  with  a  crowd   funding   campaign   is   to   begin   promotion   as   soon  as  possible.  It  is  important  to  promote   your   brand   along   with   the   brand   of   the   crowd-­‐funding   platform.   Think   and   plan   your  crowd  funding  campaign  as  you  would   a   regular   business   plan.   Successful   campaigns   set   realistic   goals   and   provide   adequate   funding   perks,   the   more   creative   the  perks  the  better  your  chance  of  success.  



WOMEN THRIVE IN TECHNOLOGY Sheryl Sandberg   shook   the   tech   world   with   her  book,  Lean  In:  Women,  Work,  and  the  Will   to   Lead.   Sandberg,   COO   of   Facebook,   challenged   women   to   engage   themselves   in   their  careers.  According  to  Sandberg  “women   must   become   bulldogs   in   the   boardroom   to   achieve  success.”       The   book   examines   the   obstacles   preventing   women   from   reaching   their   career   peak.   Sandberg   argues   that   women   should   attack   societal   gender   roles   and   break   down   personal   barriers   in   order   to   be   successful.   Sandberg’s   argument   was   met   with   strong   criticism  from  some  women’s  groups  because   she   is   a   member   of   a   small   circle   of   elite   powerful   women   who   do   not   face   the   same   challenges  of  average  working  women.  In  the   introduction   of   the   book,   Sandberg   attempts  

to address   the   elephant   in   the   room,   writing   “acutely   aware   that   the   vast   majority     of   women  are  struggling  to  make  ends  meet  and   take   care   of   their   families.   Parts   of   this   book   will   be   most   relevant   to   women   fortunate   enough   to   have   choices   about   how   much   and   when   and   where   to   work.”   While   Sandberg’s   statement  serves  as  an  appropriate  disclaimer   for   the   book’s   intended   range   it   fails   to   eliminate   Sandberg’s   responsibility   to   all   women.   The   percentage   of   women   leading   Fortune   companies   is   extremely   small.   The   percentage  of  minority  women  leading  is  even   smaller.  When  a  woman  of  Sandberg’s  caliber   attempts   to   advise   women,   a   simple   disclaimer  ignoring  the  tougher  issues  women   face  will  not  suffice.       Despite   Sandberg’s   failure   to   address  

important challenges   facing   women,   women   are   thriving   in   technology.   The   tech   space   like   many  other  fields  is  dominated  by  men  but  also   suffers   from   a   deeply   rooted   misogynistic   culture.  Tech  developer,  Adria  Richards,  caught   major   backlash   for   addressing   inappropriate   sexual   comments   she   overheard   at   the   Santa   Clara   technology   conference.   As   a   result   of   the   backlash,  Richards  was  fired  from  her  job  with   SendGrid,   a   Colorado   based   email   delivery   company.   Richards   was   also   subjected   to   violent   threats   for   voicing   her   opinion.   Since   leaving  SendGrid,  Richards  has  used  her  newly   found   platform   to   support   emerging   startups   and   mentor   minority   students   and   women.   Follow  her  on  twitter  @adriarichards.     Emerging Leaders to Watch   Erin Horne Montgomery, National Association of Minority Digital Entrepreneurs   Montgomery   is   the   executive   director   for   NAMDE.   The   organization   is   dedicated   to   bringing   minority   digital   enterpreneurs   together.   The   organization   was   founded   in   September   2010.   NAMDE’s   mission   is   to   “cultivate   an   ecosystem   that   fosters   access   to   opportunities   and   information   promoting   growth   and   wealth   creation   for   its   members.”   The   organization   is   headquarted   in   Washington,  DC  with  a  satellite  office  in  Silicon   Valley.     Montgomery   left   communications   consulting   to   lead   NAMDE   into   the   technology   future.       Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code Kimberly   Bryant   founded   Black   Girls   Code   in   2011   after   recognizing   a   need   for   engineering   mentoring   programs   in   her   community.     The   program   specializes   in   introducing   young   girls   of   all   racial   backgrounds   to   web   design,   video   game   design,   computer   programming,   app   development,   and   robotics.   Bryant   has   branded   herself   a   leader   in   the   coding   industry;   she  

received the   White   House   Champion   of   Change   in   Tech   Inclusion   Award   in   July   2013.   Bryant   was   inspired   to   start   the   program   after   her   daughter   attended   a   coding  summer  camp  where  she  was  one  of   three   females.   Today   there   are   less   women   engineers  than  there  were  twenty  years  ago.   Bryant   sees   BGC   as   the   Girl   Scouts   of   technology;   her   mission   includes   training   1   million  girls  by  2050.  According  to  Bryant,  “if   you  can  code,  you  will  never  go  hungry.”   Sian Morson, Kollective South After   visiting   Atlanta   for   Digital   Undivided’s   START  weekend  Sian  Morson  packed  up  her   things   and   moved.   In   October   the   former   Oakland  resident  opened  Kollective  South  in   Atlanta’s   Castleberry   Hill   neighborhood.   KSouth   is   one   of   the   very   few   co-­‐working   spaces  south  of  Atlantic  Station.    The  founder   of   Kollective   Mobile,   Morson   launched   KSouth   to   bring   tech   innovation   to   urban   areas.   KSouth   plans   to   offer   classes   on   mobile  ideation,  Word  Press,  HTML,  and  CSS.   Morson   is   currently   writing,   Learn  Design  for   iOS  Development,  to  be  published  by  APress.       Atlanta Tech Village The   emergence   of   Atlanta   Tech   Village   in   Buckhead   brings   a   Silicon   Valley,   Silicon   Alley   designation   to   Atlanta’s   tech   community.   This   co-­‐working   development   started   as   the   vision   of   tech   entrepreneur,   David   Cummings.   Cummings   converted   a   100,000   sq.   ft.   office   building   off   Piedmont   Rd   into   working   spaces   for   tech   entrepreneurs.   The   spaces   are   available   at   reasonable   prices   for   90-­‐day   memberships.   The  community  atmosphere  encourages  tech   innovation   and   growth.     Cummings   chose   Atlanta   because   the   market   was   ripe   for   a   co-­‐working  space.  Atlanta  is  already  home  to   emerging   tech   giants   ScoutMob   and   MailChimp  along  with  logistics  leader  UPS.    


2013 was an amazing year for most but a horrible year for some, #Mod Millennial reviews the GOOD, BAD, RANDOM, & UGLY of 2013.

GOOD Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse brought lyrical competition back to Hip Hop Beyonce’s Superbowl XLVII performance Miley Cyrus brought twerking to the masses Twitter announced IPO Juicy J returns to rap after hiatus Massai Warriors seek royalties



#BlackTwitter Phillip Agnew of Dream Defenders Beyonce’s unexpected album release Tamar Braxton, first album at 36 Gabrielle Union starring in BET’s Being Mary Jane Nicki Minaj dominates pop culture from American Idol to Kmart Macklemore & Ryan Lewis The Heist Kerry Washington nominated for an EMMY Aja Brown elected mayor of Compton

Condola Rashad in Romeo & Juliet on Broadway Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project The Best Man Holiday ensemble cast

RANDOM Mister Cee’s sex scandal Beyonce lip-sync’s Inauguration   George Zimmerman domestic violence charge

Don Cheadle in Showtime’s House of Lies

George Zimmerman joins twitter

Affordable Care Act

Gucci Mane’s Twitter meltdown

BAD Russell Simmons All Def Digital Harriett Tubman Parody

Kerry Washington private marriage Harry Belafonte calling out JayZ

The endless Government Shutdown


Taraji P. Henson killed off on CBS Person of Interest

Keyshia Cole v Michelle Williams

Miley Cyrus inventing twerking

Teyana Taylor v Rihanna

Passing of civil rights leader Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela

Chris Brown v Drake Club Brawl

Paula Deen and the ‘n-word’

Chris Brown and Rihanna reuniting

Rebecca Black’s Friday and Saturday

Tamar Braxton v K Michelle

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and wife Sandi sentenced to prison Zimmerman acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin Chicago’s crime rate and the murder of Hadiyah Pendelton World Hunger, Poverty & Global Warming

Lauryn Hill’s tax evasion Atlanta Falcons Football Criminalization of marijuana possession Mass incarceration Student Loans and the rising cost of public education  


BLACK .  .  .  AND  I CAN  RELATE    

The   idea   of   race   is   a   social   construct   but   I   digress,   there   are   ethnicities   of   people.   Racial   disparities   and   issues   are   the   center   of   most   political   and   educational   controversies,   thus   discussing   race   is   always   controversial.   We   as   people   associate   certain   stereotypes   with   certain  races  based  on  our  limited  experiences.   The  media  does  an  awesome  job  of  broadening   our  racial  horizons.  In  an  episode  of  VH1’s  ‘The   Family   Hustle,   Shekinah  expresses  her  desire   to   be   white   “because   white   people   don’t   have   problems.”  As  misguided  as  her  statement  was   I   can   relate   to   having   the   same   mentality.   Growing   up   poor   surrounded   by   drug   addicts   of   one   race   inevitably   shapes   your   opinion   of   the   race   of   people   as   a   whole.   In   my   experience,  the  race  was  African-­‐American.  As   a   child   I   only   had   negative   experiences   with   black   people.   Don’t   get   me   wrong,   I   had   examples   of   successful   black   people   in   my   community  but  they  were  an  anomaly  and  not   the   norm.   This   gave   me   a   false   opinion   of   people  from  other  races;  I  often  assumed  their   good   fortune   was   because   they   were   not   black.   For   too   long   I   could   only   relate   positive   experiences   to   people   of   different   races   than   mine.   Fortunately,   as   I   grew   older   I   ventured   outside   of   my   comfort   zone   to   learn   people   are   people.   Poverty,   drug   addiction,   and   physical   abuse  affect  people  in  the  same  ways  no  matter   the  race.  

YONCE’ In her   most   artistic   work,   Beyonce   tackles   everything   from   sexism   and   jealousy   to   classism.  Undoubtedly,  I  was  impressed  with   her   artistry.   She   released   an   entire   visual   album   with   no   promotion   and   little   fan   fare.   Beyonce  never  fails  to  make  great  music  and   enticing  visuals  but  in  this  album  she  reveals   a   portion   of   her   soul.   The   first   cut   off   the   album   Beyonce,     ‘Pretty   Hurts’   analyzes   society’s   infatuation   with   perfectionism.     Being   beautiful   can   be   stifling   if   you   desire   to   be   intelligent   and   artistic.   Anything   counter   to   society’s   ideal   of   beauty   places   you   at   a   grave   disadvantage.     Raised   as   a   beauty   queen   in   the   video   for   ‘Pretty   Hurts’   she   destroys  her  trophies.  In  an  emotional  scene   she   releases   the   anger   and   resentment   she   felt   for   being   limited   by   being   beautiful.   In   ‘Haunting’   we   learn   even   more   about   her   personal   life.   The   video   portrays   a   manikin-­‐ esque   family   surrounding   a   dinner   table.   While  Beyonce  travels  through  the  hallway  of   the   home,   each   room   reveals   some   level   of   darkness.   The   album   is   not   about   pain   or   struggle  but  it  is  about  honesty.  In  other  cuts   off   the   album   she   discusses   her   sexuality   and   vulnerability.     Beyonce,   the   album,   is   an   achievement   to   her   personal   growth   and   artistry   since   her   last   album,   4.   Yonce   is   currently   on   hiatus   from   her   world   tour,   which  resumes  in  February.      


Growing up   we   seemed   to   be   surrounded   by   musical   groups   left   and   right,   from   N’SYNC   and   Boyz   II   Men   to   Destiny’s   Child   and   TLC.   They   were   producing   hit   after   hit   and  on  camera  they  all  seemed  like  the  best  of  friends,  but   just   like   everything   in   life:   ‘Nothing   lasts   forever.’   Eventually,   we   started   seeing   these   musical   groups   venture   into   their   solo   careers.   Everyone   was   wondering   ‘were   they   just   putting   on   a   show?   Was   this   just   for   the   money?   And   were   their   friendships   even   real?’   We   don’t   really   know   why   many   of   these   groups   dissipated,   but   what   we   do   know   is   that   we   have   all   experienced   the   dissolution  of  a  friendship  in  a  similar  manner.       Why  is  it  that  we  tend  to  form  strong  bonds  or  cliques  that   ultimately   grow   apart?   There   is   no   doubt   the   connection   was   real   and   seemed   easy   to   create.   Friendship   is   based   on  sharing  similar  interests  and  goals.  Many  of  your  goals   in   school   were   to   have   endless   amounts   of   fun,   do   some   studying,   graduate,   and   become   successful.   You   and   your   friends   probably   studied   together,   partied   together,   and   hopefully   graduated   together.   However,   as   time   went   on,   you  found  it  harder  to  keep  those  connections  you  formed   because   just   like   TLC   you   grew   into   your   own   person.   Your  goals  changed  after  graduation;  sometimes  so  do  our   friendships,   especially   those   friendships   based   in   convenience.       It’s   all   about   convenience.   You   simply   bonded   with   these   friends  because  you  worked  together,  or  found  yourselves   at   the   same   parties.   As   you   grow   older,   you   realize   true   friendship   is   about   building   a   foundation   of   trust   and   support.   We   all   have   friends   that   are   nothing   like   us   but   somehow   you   still   find   that   you   are   closer   to   them   than   ever  before.  It’s  because  no  matter  how  different  you  two   may  be,  you  still  believe  in  them  and  support  them.    We  all   have   those   friends   that   are   simply   convenient   whether   it   is   having   the   company   or   not   going   to   a   party   alone.   It’s   convenience  but  it’s  not  friendship.  So  ask  yourself  if  you   trust  that  person?  Would  they  be  there  for  you?  Or  would   they  let  you  down?    

DATING IN ATLANTA “Hard because the male to female ratio is so high, there are five to six women per datable guy” @HeavensHeather, 25 “Difficult because Atlanta is a single city, it is a melting port of people trying to party and live the fast life” @_Alaric, 25 “If you are in a relationship it works because there is a lot of activities and experiences to share with your partner” @KimmeyP, 25 “Different because it accepts everyone regardless of sexual orientation. So whatever your scene is, you can and will find it here” @MacBrown, 25 “Dating is difficult because the grass may be greener on the other side but it is always greener where you water it. So no matter who you are dating you have to nurture the relationship.” @NiaDanielle_, 25 “Impossible” @Wedaddy787, 26


WINTER The evolution   of   the   artist   is   central   to   the   evolution   of   music.   As   an   avid   music   fan   and   blogger   I   love   discovering   new   voices.   I   am   passionate   about   sharing   those   voices   with  the  world.  I  have  searched   high   and   low   for   some   of   the   best   emerging   artists   out   right   now.     Some   of   these   artists   you   will  know  very  well  and  others   will   be   music   to   your   virgin   ears.   I   promise   you   their   melodic   tones   and   arrangements   are   well   worth   the   exploration.   Although   the   word   genre   fails   to   accurately   describe   each   artists’   eclectic   style   and   range   it   conveys   the   general   aesthetic   surrounding   the  sound.  In  this  winter  music   guide   you   will   find   artist   that   cover   a   range   of   musical   genres.       BOSCO The  Atlanta  native  released  her   first   visual   project   for   the   single  ‘Slippin’.       DEE GOODZ The   Nashville   native   is  


currently working   on   new   music   including   releasing   Family,   Friends,   &   Money   in   early   2014.     Goodz   released   Donny  Cash  earlier  this  year.         ZENDAYA Zendaya’s  first  single  “Replay’   has   garnered   serious   attention   from   music   executives.   The   Disney   protégé   always   dreamed   of   becoming   a   serious   pop   vocalist.   She   is   set   to   release   here   first   studio   album   this   year.         LAURA MVULA Mvula  hails  from  Birmingham,   United   Kingdom.   She   is   an   English  soul  singer  who  began   her   career   with   the   group   Black   Voices.   Mvula   signed   to   RCA   after   several   showcases.   Her   sophomore   album,   Sing  

To The   Moon,   was   released   March  4,  2013.  Produced  by   Steve   Brown,   Mvula’s   album   won   two   MOBO   awards.   Mvula   was   originally   scheduled   to   perform   in   Atlanta   November   16,   rescheduled   for  April  28.         ANDREW ST. JAMES Andrew   St.   James   is   a   singer/   songwriter   from   San   Francisco,   CA.   The   deeply   intuitive   songwriter   released   his   first   EP   at   the   age   of   seventeen.   He   recently   released   Doldrums   on   Fortune   Records.   St.   James   credits   Bob   Dylan,   Robert   Hunter,   and   Jerry   Garcia   as   some   of   his   favorite  songwriter’s.       LUKE JAMES Luke  James  Boyd  hails  from   New   Orleans,   Louisiana.   He   began   his   musical   career   in   the  late  90’s  as  a  member  of   the   trio   Upskale.   He   is   currently   Beyonce’s   opening   act   on   the   Ms.  

Carter World   Tour.   His   EP   ‘Whispers   In   The   Dark’   produced   the   hit   single   Strawberry   Vapors.   James   recently   released   the   visual   effects  for  Strawberry  Vapors.       MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS

and performer.   He   is   a   native   of   Winston   Sale,   North   Carolina.   He   is   currently   opening   for   Janelle   Monae   while   he   places   the   finishing   touches   on   his   debut   album,   The   Good   Dreamer.  His  leading   single,   I-­‐69,  is  generating  buzz   among   music   bloggers.   He   is   also   a   member   of   the   The  Heist     is  one  of  my  favorite   Wondaland  Arts  Society.     album’s   of   the   year.   The   rapper  and  DJ  combo  created  a   CURTIS WILLIAMS   debut   masterpiece.   The   native   Atlanta   rapper   is   Macklemore  &  Ryan  Lewis  are   the   founding   member   of   the   TOP TEN currently   on   their   first   world   rap   duo,   Two-­‐9.   He   recently   tour.   Both   men   hail   from   released   a   critically   acclaimed   #Mixtape Flows Seattle’s   underground   music   mixtape,   Half   Forgotten   of the scene.     DayDreams,   available   now   of     YEAR     One   of   his   SCHOOL BOY Q best   tracks,   Philmore   Slim,   School   Boy   Q   emerged   on   the   features  Chicago’s  Vic  Mensa.       MIGOS Young Rich scene   as   a   member   of   TDE     Niggas Entertainment   His   recent   VIC MENSA mixtape   release   spurred   the   Mensa   hails   from   Chicago.   He   RICH HOMIE QUAN Still hits   Collard   Greens   and   There   was  an  original  member  of  the   Going In Reloaded He   Go.   The   Los   Angeles   native   group   Kids   These   Days,   which   released   his   first   mixtape   in   broke   up   in   May   2013.     FUTURE FBG the Movie 2008.   He   plans   to   release   his   Mensa’s   first   solo   appearance   HUSTLE GANG GDOD first   studio   album   came   on   Chance   the   Rappers   #OXYMORON   on   February   25,   Acid   Rap.   He   followed   up   that   MMG Dream Chasers III 2014.   appearance   with   the   release   of     his   first   major   mixtape,   JOEY BADASS Summer TORI KELLY INNANETAPE,   spurring   the   Knights Kelly   has   over   600,000   hits  Lovely  Day  and  Magic.   YouTube   subscribers   with     KEVIN GATES Luca more   than   55   million   views.   AUGUST ALSINA Brasi Story She   is   a   cover   artist,   Star   This   Def   Jam   signed   artist,   Search   and   American   Idol   hails   from   New   Orleans.   He   is   YOUNG SCOOTER Street Lottery Alum  who  is  gearing  up  for  her   a  singer,  songwriter  dedicated   debut   album   release.   She   has   to   sharing   his   craft   with   the   released  to  critically  acclaimed   world.  His  first  EP,  Downtown:   LIL DURK Signed to the Streets EP’s   Handmade   Songs   and   Life  Under  the  Gun,  spurred   the   Foreward.   hit   single   I   Love   This   Sh*t.   He   RICH HOMIE QUAN emerged  onto  the  music  scene   I Promise to ROMAN GIANARTHUR after   releasing   two   critically   Never Stop Goin’ In Roman   is   a   composer,   acclaimed   mixtapes’,   The   producer,  singer,  arranger,  and   Product    and  The  Product  2.    

Jasmyn Ward   explores   her   rural   upbringing   in   this   deeply   personal   memoir.   The   author   of   the   critically   acclaimed,   Salvage   the   Bones,   takes   a   break   from   writing   fictional   prose   to   explore   the   stories   of   five   men.   In   discovering   each   man’s   story   she   learns   more   about   herself.     Over   a   period   of   four   years   Ward   lost   five   men   dear   to   heart.   Although   these   deaths   were   unconnected   the   situation   made   her   reexamine   her   community.  The  memoir  brings  to  light  the   pressure   poverty   places   on   men.     Ward   is   currently  an  assistant  professor  of  creative   writing  at  the  University  of  South  Alabama.     Lawrence   Otis   Graham   is   an   attorney   and   author.   He   is   a   graduate   of   Princeton   University   and   Harvard   Law   School.   In   his   third   book,   Our   Kind   of   People:   Inside   America’s   Black   Upper   Class,   he   explores   the   world   of   elite   blacks.   The   book   details   the   small   circle   of   blacks   living   privileged   lives,   including   the   Links,   Boules,   Deltas,   and   Jack   and   Jill.     Graham   carefully   addresses   the   historical   importance   of   the   black   elite’s,   and   their   obsession   with   the   right   schools,  families,  churches,  social  clubs,  and   skin  complexion.    Graham  is  also  the  author   of   The   Senator   and   The   Socialite:   The   True   Story   of   America’s   First   Black   Dynasty.   He   currently   writes   Westchester   Magazine   online  political  column,  Point  of  View.    

MOD MILLENNIAL BOOK CLUB In Keeping   Hope   Alive,   Dr.   Hawa   Abdi   details   her   journey   from   a   young   village   girl   the   director   of   one   of   Somalia’s   largest   hospitals.  Abdi  was  one   of   her   country’s   first   female   gynecologists,   a   tough   feat   in   a   country   where   female   genital   mutilation   is   normal.     Abdi   founded   the   DHAF,   which   operates   hospitals   and   schools.    Over  the  last  twenty  years  she  has   helped  more  than  90,000  refugees.    She  is  a   Nobel   Peace   Prize,   nominated,   Somali   human  rights  activist.     Waiting   to   Exhale,   author   Terry   McMillan   explores   the   relationships   between   dysfunctional   family   members   in   her   latest   book,   Who   Asked   You?,   “BJ   already   has   her   hands   full   dealing   with   her   adult   children,   two   sisters,   an   ill   husband,   and   her   own   dreams— all   while   holding   down   a   job   as   a   hotel   maid.   The   drama   unfolds   through  the  perspectives  of  a  rotating  cast   of  characters,  pitch-­‐perfect,  each  playing  a   part,  and  full  of  surprises.”    



Turner Field Turn Over A New Leaf

While the  Atlanta  Falcons  were  busy  negotiating  how  to   stay   in   Atlanta   the   Braves   silently   negotiated   a   deal   to   move   to   the   Suburbs.   The   Braves   decision   to   abandon   Atlanta,  its  home  for  the  last  fifty  years,  came  as  a  shock   to   most   sports   fans.   As   a   native   of   Atlanta   I   was   appropriately  appalled.       Funding  and  traffic  issues  prompted  the  Braves  to  move   to  Cobb  County  giving  them  an  opportunity  to  create  a   vast  entertainment  complex  in  a  thriving  neighborhood.     The   majority   of   Braves   tickets   are   purchased   north   of   Atlanta  making  Cobb  a  reasonable  location.  The  current   Braves   stadium   is   located   in   the   heart   of   Atlanta’s   tougher   areas,   the   Mechanicsville   and   Summer   Hill   communities  are  known  more  for  violence  than  thriving   economies.             In   1963   mayor   Ivan   Allen   chose   Summer   Hill   as   the   location  for  the  city’s  first  stadium.  The  original  Fulton   County   Stadium   was   built   by   1964,   eventually   hosting   the   Braves   and   Falcons.   Allen’s   promises   to   make   Summer   Hill   a   thriving   business   district   were   quickly   abandoned   as   more   than   100,000   people   fled   the   city   for   the   suburbs.   After   this   period   of   ‘white   flight’,   Atlanta’s  1996  Olympic  bid  brought  another  successful   infusion   of   federal   funding   to   the   Summer   Hill   area   however  the  city  spent  millions  building  the  Centennial   Olympic   Stadium,   devoting   very   little   money   to   the   surrounding   community.     The   Centennial   Olympic   stadium  was  converted  to  Turner  Field  in  1997.    

Envisioning new   uses   for   Turner   Field   requires   little   imagination;   the   location   is   great   for   another   sports   venue.   Turner   Field   is   easily   accessible   by   highway  and  public  transportation.     The   stadium   could   house   Georgia   State’s   football   team   or   a   Major   League   Soccer   franchise.   Summer   Hill   may   be   a   casualty   of   the   Braves   moving   north   of   Atlanta   if   nothing   is   done   to   create   sustainable   economic   infrastructure.   The   neighborhood  fails  to  thrive  the  five   months   during   the   offseason   because  it  is  completely  dependent   on   Braves   games   for   economic   survival.     The   area   from   McDaniel   St  to  Fulton  Ave  along  Ralph  David   Abernathy   is   ripe   for   business.   Bullpen   is   the   only   restaurant   within   walking   distance   to   Turner   Field.   Economic   districts   thrive   on   restaurants,   shopping   areas,   living   spaces,   and   working   communities.   An  influx  of  $100M,  three  times  less   than   what   the   Braves   wanted   for   development   would   easily   transform  the  area.      

With a   $250M   funding   infusion   from   Google   Ventures,   Uber   allows   virtually   anyone   to   advertise   transportation   services   and   immediately   connect   with   customers.   Uber   creates   tangible   jobs   for   America’s   working   class   while   also   creating   entrepreneurs.   The   mobile-­‐based   company   envisions   expanding   into   a   variety   of   service   areas,   eventually   offering   a   motorcycle   pickup   service,   mariachi-­‐band   delivery   service,   and   an   ice   cream  truck  delivery  service.  

The expansion   of   Uber,   however,   is   not   without  limitations.  Uber  is  currently  battling   several  cities  over  transportation  regulations.   Major   cities,   like   Washington   DC,   consider   Uber   a   Taxi   Company,   and   taxi   companies   must  meet  strict  regulations  to  operate  within   city   limits.   Apart   from   meeting   regulations   Taxi   companies   are   responsible   for   paying   taxes   and   fines.   Often   these   fines   are   met   through   a   fixed   price   for   services,   in   contrast   Uber   encourages   price   fluctuation   allowing   drivers  to  set  minimum  prices.   Currently  thriving,  in  places  like  Atlanta,  Uber   will  never  enter  the  Miami  market  because  of   regulations   setting   the   minimum   price   for   limo  rides.  Although  Uber  will  face  challenges   growing   its   business   into   other   urban   cities,   Google’s   investment   gives   them   serious   negotiating   room.   Apps   like   Uber   offer   tangible  solutions  for  using  digital  innovation   to  create  middle  class  jobs.    

Is StumbleUpon the next wave in social networking? Surprisingly, StumbleUpon   is   not   an   overnight   tech   success,   the   company   is   more   than   a   decade   old,   however   they   recently   found   new   growth   among     mobile   users.   Although,   StumbleUpon   has   not   experienced   its   Pinterest   or   Twitter   moment   yet   it   is   producing   steady   revenue.   Thanks   to   its   mobile   users,   it   is   currently   profitable   and   expects   to   grow   revenue   as   much   as   30   percent.   Similar   to   Tumblr,   StumbleUpon   acts   like   a   bookmarking   service  but  without  the  need  to  constantly  share   postings   the   website   allows   subscribers   to   channel  surf  the  web.  A  subscriber  experiences   an   advertisement   about   once   every   twenty   clicks,   giving   StumbleUpon   and   advantage   over   its   competitors,   who   may   struggle   to   integrate   advertisements.     The   beauty   of   Stumbleupon   compared   to   other   socially   based   mobile  

ventures is   it   requires   little   to   no   text   interaction;   the   system   operates   based   on   clicks   and   searches   allowing   recommendations   to   automatically   evolve   to   the   subscribers   taste.   Garret   Camp,   StumbleUpon’s   co-­‐founder   and   CEO,   want’s   to   figure   out,   “How   to   make   it   easy   to   browse,   rather   than   type,   what   you’re   looking   for?”   Camp   asserts,   “The   more   effective   your   recommendations   are   without  textual  input,  the  better  experience   you  can  deliver  on  a  small  screen.”  

Mergers & Acquisitions FIAT stock rises to 16.4% after Chrysler

On Thursday,   January   2,   the   Italian   automaker   announced   they   purchased   the   remaining   shares   of   Chrysler   from   UAW.     Fiat   stock   is   currently   traded   on   the   Milan   Stock   Exchange   but  they  plan  to  announce  a  listing  on  NYSE.  The   deal,   valued   at   over   $4   Billion   dollars,   ends   the   feud  between  Fiat  and  the  UAW  Trust.  The  deal   will  close   June   20th,   making   Fiat   100%   owner   of   Chrysler.   Fiat   purchased   a   controlling   share   of   Chrysler   in   2009,   after   it   emerged   from   Bankruptcy.    

Liberty Media  is  the  majority  shareholder   in   Sirius   XM   but   now   it   wants   the   whole   company.     Liberty   would   purchase   the   remaining   48%   of   Sirius   for   $10   Billion.   Once   Liberty   takes   control   of   Sirius   it   will   own   100%   of   the   company,   valued   at   over   $21   Billion.   Liberty   made   an   initial   investment   in   Sirius   for   less   than   $1   Billion.   In   a   strategic   move,   Liberty’s   purchase   of   Sirius   could   help   its   partner   company   Charter   Communications   make   a  serious  bid  for  Time  Warner  Cable.    

Google Ventures Has $1.2B Under Management

Liberty Media Wants 100% Ownership of Sirius XM

Over the  last  year,  Google  Ventures,  made   75   new   investments,   bringing   their   total   to   225   active   start-­‐ups.   Since   opening   its   doors   four   years   ago,   Google   has   focused   on  finding  the  blockbuster  deals  it  missed   over   the   last   few   years.   This   month,   Google   Ventures,   will   receive   an   influx   of   $300M  in  funding  from  Google  to  invest  in   start-­‐ups   throughout   2014.   GV’s   major   backed   items   for   2013   include   RetailMeNot,  Uber,  and  Nest.    

Style | Beauty

TREAT YOUR FEET Indulge in Several All Natural Pedicures |

Kidman Open  Front  Box   Jacket,  $597,  Alice  &  Olivia    

Almond Foot Soak Heat one gallon of milk; add 1 drop almond extract and ½ cup water to the milk. Foot Paste Combine ½ cup baby oil with ½ cup coarse sea salt. Soak feet in the foot soak for at least 10 minutes, then scrub feet and lower legs with paste Lemon Olive Oil Recipe Juice a fresh-cut lemon; be sure to keep the rinds. Add lemon juice, lemon rinds and 1 tbsp. olive oil to a bowl filled with warm water, then soak feet for 15 minutes.

Jacquard Full  Skirt,  $395,  Tibi  

Grapefruit Foot Soak Mix one gallon heated grapefruit juice, a shot of vodka, and one grapefruit cut into slices. Soak feet for a few minutes and remove. Dip half a lime into ½ cup sugar. Rub it over feet to exfoliate dead skin. Repeat with the other half of the lime, and then soak feet in the grapefruit juice mixture. Buttermilk Soak

Falsetto Printed  Pumps,  $298,   J  Crew  

Buttermilk mildly exfoliates and conditions skin on feet. Add ½ cup buttermilk to ½ cup warm water and mix in 1 tsp. almond oil. Whisk ingredients with a fork and soak feet 10 to 15 minutes. Read more:


RECIPES & A Cocktail

Apple Pie Enchiladas

1 large can of apple pie filling 3/4-cup brown sugar 1/2 cup of white sugar 1/2-cup water 1/4 cup of butter (4 tablespoons) 1/4 cup powdered sugar Small soft corn tortillas 2 tablespoons of cinnamon

Pre-heat the oven to 350. Mix water, brown and white sugar, and butter in a saucepan over medium heat bring down to a simmer. Remove. Smear apple pie filling evenly on the center of each tortilla. Fold as neatly as possible, and place on the baking sheet with the folded side facing down. Bake 20 minutes.

Strawberry Margarita Cheesecake

3.8 oz. packages of cream cheese 1-cup sugar 4 eggs ½ cup fresh limejuice 4 tablespoons of tequila 2 tablespoons of Tequila 2 tablespoons of Triple Sec Vodka 1 ¼ cup thinly sliced strawberries 1 graham cracker piecrust

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine cream cheese and sugar beating for 5 minutes with electric blender or until smooth. Add eggs one at a time. Stir in limejuice, tequila, a n d triple sec. Spread strawberries evenly across the bottom of piecrust. Pour mixture on top of strawberries and bake 50 minutes to an hour. Chill for five hours.

Basil Vodka Gimlet 1 cup Basil Lemon Syrup, ¾ Cup Vodka, 3/4 cup fresh lemon juice, 1 cup Ice Garnish | Fresh basil sprigs (preferably lemon basil); lemon zest strips Preparation |Stir together all ingredients in a pitcher until cold, then strain into 8- to 10-ounce glasses (such as Old Fashioned) half filled with ice. For more recipes visit


HIGH SOCIETY I slowly raise my head while turning in his direction, “Yes, and you are late.” I say clearly. He hesitates, then with a sarcastic tone responds “We will both be late, if you keep stalling.” Surprised by his witty response I submit to his will. Ryan is handsome, tall and slender, with deep brown eyes and a strong bone structure. I just hope he is not annoying, while ‘annoying’ may be a relative term, I’d rather not have the obligation of entertaining a douche bag for three hours while maintaining my flawless beauty in a room full of overly intelligent chicly dressed snobs. I hate   when   I   stereotype   large   groups   of   people   into  one  category  but  some  of  these  social  events   can   be   a   real   bore.   While   the   hobnobbing,   networking   and   shmoosing   are   happening   throughout   the   night,   at   some   point,   there   is   a   speech  by  some  out  of  touch  executive;  sadly  this   usually   involves   a   heart   warming   story   about   saving   minority   children   from   poverty,   trailer   parks,   fatty   acids,   or   anything   extremely   rich   people   imagine   poor   people   need   help   with.     In   reality   successful   people   emerge   from   both   worlds  equally  just  as  much  as  fucked  up  people   do,   a   crack   addict   and   prescription   drug   abuser   are  one  in  the  same  in  my  book.       The  best  thing  about  blind  dating  is  creating  my   date’s   background,   seemingly   assuming   everything   about   him,   from   his   appearance,   mannerisms,   and   gestures.   I   imagine   Ryan   is   a   recent   Ivy   League   graduate   waiting   to   inherit   a   brokerage  firm  from  his  aging  father  because  he   spent   his   trust   fund   yatching,   and   frequenting   Vegas   Strip   clubs   after   nights   of   heavy   intoxication.   He   is   destined   to   marry   some   socialite   chosen   by   his   family’s   matriarch.   He   consistently   rebels   before   settling   into   a   life   chosen  for  him  at  birth.    

On the   ride   over   to   the   Williamsburg   Arts   Center,   Ryan   and   I   delve   into   conversation.   After  a  few  minutes  of  discussing  hot  topics,  I   realize   I   pre-­‐judged   Ryan   incorrectly.   He   spent   a   year   in   college   serving   as   a   teacher   in   the   Delta.   A   region   plagued   with   poverty,   disease,   and   hopelessness   but   full   of   hopeful   people.   In   careful   conversation   he   reveals,   “The   experience   taught   me   to   love   all   people   for   their   humanism.”   In   retrospect,   I   was   stunned,   ok,   that   may   be   an   overstatement   but   I   was   definitely   surprised   by   his   honesty.   “Honesty   is   humanism,”   No,   he   did   not   just   quote   my   favorite   author.   I   try   my   best   not   to   blush,  after  all  this  is  work.  Here  today,  gone   tomorrow.   We   arrive   at   the   Gala,   walk   the   red   carpet   together,   smile,   nod,   smile,   nod,   and   pose.   I   leisurely   walk   to   the   restroom,   taking   the   time   to   greet   everyone   I   know   including  my  friends  working  the  party,  upon   return,   Ryan   is   gone.   The   mystery   surrounding   him   will   have   to   wait   I   have   artist   to   research.   Drew   Smith   is   an   emerging   visual   artist   who   specializes   in   sound   integration.   Technically,   it   is   a   ‘new   phrase’   for  banging  shit  will  humming  and  painting.      


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