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A Graphic Designers Manual


lways keep a book handy

Many people think of ideas in the middle of the night or when it is most inconvenient. We all do it right? Keep a notebook or sketch book handy to keep these ideas safe because we all wake up the next morning and have forgotten it. DOH!



Even though you are a visual person, you need to read. Any kind of book. Design books, story books, anything. You may see a shiny picture you like but you will get fresh ideas from a new place and with a new sense, the imagination. As there are no pictures normally, you will have to rely on what is written and your brain to give you the best image it can.



Found something you like the look of? Take a photo or keep it. Old posters and bits and bobs will always come in handy and will always give you inspiration for the work you do. It’s always good to keep a digital record of things you love too. Your phone must be full of images or computer full of files that you can quickly look at if you need inspiration or remember something you’ve seen.


oodle, seriously it’s good for you

Kids get told off for doodling, well they should because they should be concentrating but you really need to doodle wherever you go. You never know, this may spark off a design. It keeps juices flowing to come up with new ideas.



We all do it. Stick to what we do best. Try and do something new, something g you’ve never done before, use something you’ve never used before.


ast pace!

This is key in the field of work, if you go slow, no one will want to employ you and just get someone quicker.


o freelance if you can

It sounds like a dirty word, freelance. Trying to set up a business that may not work. This is the best shot you have of doing all your own work that you want and have your own client base. It’s worth a shot to get big.


iding away?

They are your ideas right? Don’t want to share? Working with others will always strengthen your designs and make them more successful.



If you don’t know what you need to do to the work, use your initiative, it may just be the right way of going about something.


oke about your work (only sometimes though)

Being light-hearted about your work is a good thing. If you are too serious, you will be so stressed when something throws you of track. Smiling and having a good time will also stimulate new ideas that won’t all be dark and dull.


ing of the world? Nah!

If you think you are the best at your field, chances are people have already raced ahead and got a hell of a lot better than you. Standing still and being cocky will not work. Always be freed up to learn something new because no one knows everything and you will never be ahead, just look at the tortoise and the hare story and that will tell you all you need to know.


oosen Up

Not all of your work needs to be pretty and finished, sometimes the messed up designs can be the best spark of ideas. Not everything needs to be serious either, the best designs can come from a simple stupid and idiotic doodle.


ood Board

Best way to bring all of your design ideas together in one place whether it be one page or one wall. Ideas need to bombard you.


eatness isn’t everything

Your work only needs to be neat at the final hurdle. Before that you are working out problems, it doesn’t have to all look pretty, just functional.


ld designs aren’t banned

Nothing is new anymore, everything has been done many many times. With this in mind, it is ok to reinvent something that has already been done. It is good practice to look at old designs to get new ideas. Some of the old designs are sometimes the best designs.


ersonal projects

Never just stick to what you are asked to do. If there is something you want to take on yourself, go for it! Personal projects will allow you to expand as a person and allow you to develop what you like which will help develop your work.



Question what you are doing. Why are you doing it? What does it show? What does it achieve? If you can’t answer these questions, you’re doing it wrong.


esearch is key

If you don’t research, how do you what is out there to give you ideas? How do you know if someone already hasn’t done what you’re doing and will sue you.


tale- BIG NO NO!

Getting bored of what you are doing? Shake it up! Do something else. This may get your ideas flowing.


ravel, it’s good for you

How are your ideas going to develop and thinking going to change if you don’t travel and see the world. Seeing the planet we live on is not just good for design but it is good for you as a person. Life is all about what you do with it and how you fill your time. If something comes up and it is once in a lifetime, don’t skip past it, you will regret it. Get out there and see and do all that you can.



Not everything you design is brilliant. Hardly anything you design will be any good. Make sure you can allow yourself to get rid of ideas. Don’t bin them though, some elements may be able to be recycled.


ary your practice

People may want you to work differently to how you normally do. You will need to change how you work often. People may want you to design in a new method. Changing keeps you on top of the game.


ork experience

You will never get onto the ladder of work in a high field if you’ve got nothing to shout about. If you work with other companies, you gain skills that people want.


… erm, that’s a tricky one… extrapolate information from people See what I did there eh?

Some of the best stories or ideas come from when people get talking to someone and you get to know their history. Only then do you truly get to know someone properly. Next time you are on the bus and sat next to someone, try to talk to them, they might surprise you. Its like what people say to children about older people, They all have a story to tell.


ears will be good for you

You will never be amazing to start off with, never. You may have the odd design that will fly but it will take years to build yourself up to anything that you want to be. Nothing in life comes straight away. If you want something to work, it will take time.


ebras have amazing design!

So why overlook them? Many elements in nature get overlooked. But these could be the best designs you’ve ever seen. Take a walk or look into the Earth because guess what, you live here and all design in nature is yours to take. Seriously, why ignore a zebra? They’re cool!

A quick manual of ways to improve your life and ways to alter your thinking into graphic design. A simple A-Z on how to change your ways into this art and how to make you more sucessful and skilled in this field of work. Each letter has one simple instruction that allows you to flick through at random to a letter and read the instruction on how to make you better as a graphic designer and visual thinker.

Its as easy as A B C!

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A Graphic Designers manual  
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