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December 11th 2012

Dear Sir/Madam My intention with these classes is to encourage and empower you to take more control of your life through learning to relax your conscious mind by showing you ways to take yourself naturally into a relaxed state and enter into the alpha brain wave frequency. Our brain waves generally function between the levels of beta(highly active) alpha, theta and delta (sleep) Throughout the day the majority of healthy people naturally shift between theses brain wave patterns, however, the more stressed, anxious, fearful, worried, or in pain you are the higher the beta brain activity is, this is not a good state to be in. With meditation your body calms down, your mind relaxes and your brain wave frequency slows down into the alpha level, this has long been considered the healthiest brain wave frequency and is most conducive for the body’s natural healing process to function. Meditation produces calmness and a feeling of power that is difficult to achieve any other way. It helps you to gain control over negative thoughts, which when experienced over a period of time, are detrimental to your health. There is a growing awareness of the link between our state of mind and health, inner turmoil often manifests itself in physical ailments. Meditation has been shown to relieve the pain associated with certain ailments. At a deeper level meditation teaches you to focus your mind on whatever you choose, this can improve positivity, creativity, problem solving and physical performance. Yours faithfully, Gillian Cruickshank-Sutton

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