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Meditation & Relaxation

A 6 week course introducing you to the

of healthy people naturally shift between

Meditation produces calmness and a

whatever you choose, this can improve

science behind this. Along with a healthy

world but on our inner attitude and is a

wonderful experience of Meditation.

theses brain wave patterns, however, the

feeling of power that is difficult to achieve

positivity, creativity, problem solving and

mind you need a nurtured body so we

place for your own personal discoveries

more stressed, anxious, fearful, worried,

any other way.

physical performance.

will look at overall well being, food and

and understanding.

My intention with these classes is to

or in pain you are the higher the beta

control over negative thoughts, which

encourage and empower you to take

brain activity is, this is not a good state

when experienced over a period of time,

Each week you will experience a guided

more control of your life through learning

to be in. With meditation your body

are detrimental to your health. There is

meditation and learn how to develop solo

to relax your conscious mind by showing

calms down, your mind relaxes and your

a growing awareness of the link between

meditation and breathing techniques. We

I hope this introduction into learning

This power is yours, it is within in and you

you ways to take yourself naturally into

brain wave frequency slows down into the

our state of mind and health, inner

will cover the powerful effects of using

to go inwards, through meditation, will

can release it.

a relaxed state and enter into the alpha

alpha level, this has long been considered

turmoil often manifests itself in physical

visualisation and affirmations during

have a profound effect on your health,

brain wave frequency. Our brain waves

the healthiest brain wave frequency and

ailments. Meditation has been shown to

meditation, also in understanding positive

happiness and your life and in turn, you

generally function between the levels of

is most conducive for the body’s natural

relieve the pain associated with certain

and negative thought processes and how

will have a positive effect on all those

beta(highly active) alpha, theta and delta

healing process to function.

ailments. At a deeper level meditation

they affect, not just your health but the

around you. Meditation shows us that

teaches you to focus your mind on

successes and failures in your life and the

happiness is not dependant on the outside

(sleep) Throughout the day the majority


It helps you to gain

lifestyle in a way you may not have looked


at it before.

Many people do not realise the power of their own mind and that you have control.


Some of the many benefits of meditation physically, psychologically and spiritually.

#2 Good for people with high blood pressure


#3 Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering levels

#15 Reduces anger ie road rage

of blood lactate

#16 Deeper understanding of yourself

#4 Enhances the immune system

#17 Helps keep things in perspective

#5 Decreases muscle tension

#18 Helps you discover your purpose

#6 Enhances energy

#19 Increased compassion

#7 Increases serotonin levels, enhancing mood

#20 Increased acceptance of yourself

#8 Helps control thoughts

#21 Changes attitudes towards life

#9 Increased emotional stability

#22 Helps living in the present moment

#10 Mind ages at a slower rate

#23 Experience an inner sense of knowing

#11 Develops intuition

If you would like to talk to me further or book a place please call 01482 847007 The Meditation classes are held at: The Back Room, 175a Hallgate, Cottingham, East Yorkshire, HU16 4BB

and cost £75.00 for the 6 week course. I look forward to meeting you, Gill Cruickshank-Sutton

#12 Develops will power

DipH, DipNLP, DipHC, HPD

#13 Less aggressiveness




Meditation & Relaxation

#14 Require less time to fall asleep, helps cure

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#1 Increases blood flow and slows heart rate