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August 2006

405 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, L2R 5G3

Hidden in Plain Site In 1967 the taxpayers of St. Catharines bought and paid for a must have Centennial Park ostensibly to commemorate our Nation’s Centennial Year. The most pronounced feature of the project was the symbolism illustrated in a facsimile of the semi-circle displaying the 12 positions of City Council, plus the Mayor’s position. Not to fear! The symbolism has faded away along with the beautiful flower beds, the Purple Martin Bird House, and the classic sundial. Also missing are the bronze plaques denoting the Provinces and Federal Government. Today, the iron fence is falling down, the weeds are standing proud, and the fallen trees are lying were they land. The Totem Pole, that was refurbished at great expense by friends of the Park, is now scarred by its use as a beer bottle target. Mattresses, needles, trash, and garbage abound! There are a few brave souls that venture into this abandoned haven of druggies, drunks, hookers, and vagrants. Dog owners use the park as an off-leash dog park. However the grass does get cut on a regular basis. When St. Catharines already owns a fabulous 25.5 acre park located right in the heart of our City—a lucious park which includes a babbling brook—an existing park that most communities would give their eye teeth to possess, it is astonishing that friends of the park would have to plead for years on end only to have this marvelous treasure and their efforts be thoroughly ignored! There are those that will only believe that this exceptional Centennial Garden space belongs to our Garden City when we finally take it back!

Neglect of a Wonderful Park Creates

The Beauty & The Beast

Secrets of Centennial Park Pictured below is the wooden lock #6 of the first Welland Canal. Lock #6 is conveniently located in our Centennial Gardens, which is just as conveniently located in the heart of St. Catharines. Believe it or not, you can visit this lock, walk on this lock, view the enormous wooden timbers, and even photograph this wonderfully preserved historic relic from out of our past. You will marvel at the condition of the indentations where the lock doors opened and closed to accommodate sailing vessels. Walking through the Centennial Gardens, with several friends of course, you will start to imagine the extraordinary potential of this municipal jewel.

Breach of Faith Like a movie scene of some southern backwoods city from the 1950’s the true nature of our local leadership has finally been revealed.

Our disgust has nothing to do with the individuals that are receiving the extended or premature contracts, nor are we suggesting that those receiving the contracts Our citizens are caught up in a world of secrecy, autoc- are inadequate. Our disgust stems from the fact that this conduct is inappropriate at best and at worst it is just racy, indecent deception, and still we desperately cling to plain WRONG! the tattered threads of societal propriety. Public disappointment with the failures of those they hire and elect is growing. There is mounting evidence that abuse and verbal disrespect aimed directly at the suffering taxpayer is producing a growing and potentially risky resentment toward bureaucratic and elected authority.

The final cut comes from the current Mayor’s condescending comment that the long-term contracts could simply be bought out! Sure, but at what cost! The potential cost for such needless contracts runs into the millions of dollars! What an arrogant display of contempt aimed, as usual, directly toward our overburdened taxpayers!

Our Veteran Councilor Joe Kushner wondered out loud To suggest that their contemptuous and needless that he ‘couldn’t understand why we are not facing a tax over-extending {as with the 5 yr ext of the CAO} and revolt!’ premature contract {as with the 5 yr extension, 3 yrs prematurely for the NRP Chief} can simply be ‘bought Councilor Kushner also commented that, ‘in all my out’ at a staggering cost ranging into millions of dollars years on council, this is the worst!’ indicates the total disdain and indifference that our local Councilor Jennie Stevens is quoted as saying, ‘we administrations hold for the taxpaying victims of their where elected to RULE these people!’ citizen-demoralizing decisions. Councilor John Washuta exclaimed, ‘We don’t need the citizens to tell us how to run this City!’ So, how are they doing at ruling our city without the help of the citizens? They are ridding our city of good paying industries, holding up building permits for months at a time, selling city owned land at below market value, threatening to close our swimming pools, allowing crime to multiply, raising parking meter rates, letting City owned properties decay, abandoning city owned parks, shabby infastructure, a ruined parking garage passed off as just old age, historic overruns on faulty buildings, letting contracts go out-oftown on the basis of mere nickles, paying themselves handsome pay increases while driving taxes through the roof, secrets, lies and abuse for the taxpayer and still no tax revolt! Worse yet, there is not a single complaint from our over-abundance of so-called ‘concerned’ elected officials from any level of our well practiced governments! Behind-the-scenes manipulations adversely affecting the lives of the very citizens our leaders were hired and elected to protect is intolerable! Now in the final days of their mandate they leave us with an overwhelming display of their utter contempt for the abused Taxpayers by secretly signing totally unnecessarily long-term and premature contracts. This astonishing conduct seriously affects the incoming elected authority's ability to efficiently and effectively function on behalf of the hapless citizen.

WC Newsletter August 2006  


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