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The Big Picture: Possibilities for Tourism in Ontario Bill Duron

Why is tourism important to Ontario?

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One of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world* Builds a better quality of life for all Ontarians $29 billion in revenue … bigger than agriculture, mining and forestry combined 146,000 businesses, representing 17.5% of total number of businesses in Ontario Over 300,000 people directly or indirectly employed by tourism industry Ontario receives over 100 million visitors – 81% from Ontario – 4% from other provinces – 13% from the U.S. – 2% from overseas countries … but represent 15% of tourism expenditures!

*Source: United Nations World Tourism Organization

Ontarians have the Highest Propensity to Travel in Ontario, but Take Shorter Trips than Americans Ontario’s Overnight Pleasure Travel Market – North America

Spend: $112/person/night Length-of-Stay: 4.8 nights Party Size: 2.7 Adult only parties: 80% Spend: $107/person/night Length-of-Stay: 3.4 nights Party Size: 2.6 Adult only parties: 85%

Spend: $126/person/night Length-of-Stay: 2.7 nights Party Size: 3.1 Adult only parties: 84%

US Border States 14%

Non-Border States 4%

Spend: $93/person/night Length-of-Stay: 2.7 nights Party Size: 3.3 Adult only parties: 73%

Other Canada 2% Manitoba 1% Quebec 3%

Ontario 76%

Source: Statistics Canada; Travel Survey of Residents of Canada 2008, International Travel Survey 2008

Spend: $55/person/night Length-of-Stay: 3.8 nights Party Size: 3.1 Adult only parties: 78%

Most Visits Originate from Ontario, but Other Markets Play a Bigger Role in Terms of Spending Total Visits: 101 million US NonBorder States 3% US Border States 10% Other Canada 2%

Overseas Target Markets 1%

Total Expenditures:$17.6 Billion

Other Overseas, 1%

Overseas Target Markets 7%

Other Overseas 8%

Non-Border States 8%

Quebec 3%

US Border States 11%

Ontario 81%

Other Canada 3% Quebec 6%

Source: Statistics Canada; International Travel Survey 2008 Travel Survey of Residents of Canada 2008

Ontario 57%

Visits from Ontario Grew, While International Markets Declined. Overseas Emerging Markets Forecast to Grow the Fastest.

1996=100% 0.5


% Change









Overseas US Non-Border States


US Border States


Source: Statistics Canada: Travel Survey of Residents of Canada 2008, International Travel Survey, 2008, 2009 preliminary data MTOUR Forecast April 2010

Opportunities For The Niagara Escarpment •

Collaborate with RTOs 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and DMOs to develop experiences – Bruce County City of Hamilton City of Owen Sound County of Dufferin Grey County Region of Halton Region of Peel Regional Municipality of Niagara Simcoe County Town of Caledon Town of Halton Hills

• •

Work with government’s regional services staff Bring market-ready experiences to the attention of OTMPC

Packages Needed • Position the right experiences in front of the right customers • Appeal to target segments – – – –

Families Couples Avid outdoor enthusiasts Girlfriends

• Visiting Friends & Relatives (VFR) • Feature the geography, people and culture

What CTC needs from industry … • Signature experiences – A commonly used inventory of brand-aligned experiences that convey the brand promise at all touch points – A tourism product is what you buy. An experience is what you remember. – The experience: • • • • •

Is authentic Is differentiated Engages the senses Connects travellers to Canada’s people, culture and places Strengthens perceptions of Canada

What OTMPC need from industry …

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

“Signature Experiences” (CTC) Award Winning Wine & Local Cuisine

Vibrant Cities & Charming Towns

Outdoor & Wilderness Adventures

Arts, Culture, Attractions & Festivals

Ontario Brand Expression Domestic: “There’s No Place Like This”  Global: “Yours to Discover” 

Ontario Brand

Trails And Outdoor Product • • • • • •

Eco tourism Agri tourism Waterfalls Wineries Driving Tours Equestrian sport

Possibilities for Tourism in Ontario  

Leading Edge 2011 conference presentation by Bill Duron, Greenbelt Council member

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