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NIADA LEGISLATIVE TEAM UPDATE Department of Labor Last year, the Department of Labor finalized a rule to eliminate the overtime exempt status for service writers and service advisors. But as part of the department’s 2012 appropriation legislation, Congress prohibited the department from using any funds to enforce that rule. That appropriation legislation expires in March, and the prohibition will also expire unless it is extended by new legislation. Internal Revenue Service The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) announced that a variety of businesses, including auto dealers, are now able to electronically file Form 8300, Reports of Cash Payments Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business, using the Bank Secrecy Act electronic filing system at http:// E-Filing is a free system that allows businesses to submit their FinCEN reports through a secure network. Paper filings of Form 8300 will continue to be accepted for now, but businesses are encouraged to begin E-Filing.

Federal Trade Commission The FTC has published a guide called Marketing Your Mobile App: Get it Right from the Start, to help mobile app developers and users comply with truthin-lending and privacy laws. The guide highlights that all required disclosures must be made clearly and conspicuously and suggests apps only collect necessary information and providers be transparent about data collection and sharing practices. This information is important for dealers who advertise on mobile sites or who have their own smart phone app. The FTC released a statement on Sept. 13, reaffirming its focus on enforcing the Fair Credit Reporting Act. That suggests more enforcement action on illegal sharing of personal information and illegal use of credit scores. Dealers should have their counsel review all contracts that allow vendors access to their DMS, and any vendor that provides list of customers based on their credit profile.


Auction Edge Integrates with ShipCarsNow, AFC Buyers, sellers and consigners across the independent auto auction industry can now seamlessly use ShipCarsNow from Auction Edge Inc.’s auction management platform, allowing customers to ship multiple vehicles to multiple destinations and take advantage of built-in volume pricing. ShipCarsNow is part of Union Pacific, which transports approximately one out of three new cars sold in the U.S. With more than 1,300 quality trucking companies under contract and strategic ties with major railroads, ShipCarsNow offers nationwide, door-to-door rail and direct truck service at competitive pricing. ShipCarsNow provides Auction Edge members with the capability to transport cars safely and securely, supported by 24/7 customer service. “We want to make it as easy and as cost-efficient as possible for our Auction Edge customers to manage shipping and delivery of their sales and purchases,” Auction Edge senior vice president Scott Finkle said. “Dealers and consigners with AuctionACCESS IDs will be able to set up a ShipCarsNow account with a couple of clicks and start shipping vehicles immediately.” For more information, visit www. or call 866-207-3360. Auction Edge, a national remarketing platform that powers more than 130 independent auto auctions in North America, also introduced a new function that allows key auction employees to view credit lines and available credit for dealers with Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC) floorplans, enabling auction personnel to help the dealer complete purchases and quickly floorplan their vehicles through AFC. FO R MO R E I N FO R MAT I O N , V I S I T W W W. AU C T I O N ED G E. C O M .



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