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You are invited to join the March Basketball Craze Contest - NIADA·s free online NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge - WITH A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE 4-NIGHT STAY WITH $100 MEAL CREDIT AT SPECTACULAR CAESARS PALACE IN LAS VEGAS during NIADA's 66th Annual Convention & Expo, June 11-14, 2012. Join the group, paste the link shown here into your browser's address bar: You will be asked to enter the group's password to join. The group password is: convention • Please limit one entry per vendor - deadline for entry is 11 a.m. EST on Thursday, March 15. • Sign in first by creating your CBS Sports login name. Your login name should be your company name followed by your name for easy identification and so we can cheer you on round by round. • Entries can be created beginning Feb. 14, and you can begin making your picks once the tournament field is announced Sunday, March 11. • For those not familiar with cbs sports. com, this online contest is easy to enter and play. Simply log on and select the teams you think will win in each game in the bracket (don't ...u forget to add the final score of the final game as a tiebreaker). Alter each game or each round, click on the "Standings" button and it will show where you are compared to everyone else in the group. • PRIZE· The winner gets a free four·night stay at Caesars Palace with 8100 meal credit during the IIIAOA's G8th Annual Convention &Expo, June 11-14. SCORING: • 1 POINT FOR EVERY CORRECT PICK IN ROIIIIO 1 • 2 POINTS FOR EVERY CORRECT PICK IN ROIIIIO 2 • 4 POINTS FOR EVERY CORRECT PICK IN ROIIIIO 3 • GPOINTS FOR EVERY CORRECT PICK IN ROIIIIO 4 • 9 POINTS FOR EVERY CORRECT PICK IN THE SEIVIFINALS • 1GPOINTS FOR PICKING THE CHAMPION

M A R C H 2 O 1 2 W W W. N I A D A . C O M