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Report: Expect to See More Hybrids Expect to see more hybrids cruising around the world’s highways in the next few years. According to market research report distributor, the global hybrid car market is expected to grow at a rate of 18.92 percent over the next three years. The cause for the potential doubledigit growth: increasing global oil consumption, the report, titled “Global Hybrid Car Market 2011-2015,” explained. Moreover, as governments around the world try to cut down on fuel emissions, the hybrid car market has “been witnessing an increase in initiatives by governments to create awareness and acceptance of hybrid cars,” the report said. The report also cites labor arbitrage,

such as the various advantages offered by the hybrid car to the end user, such as energy efficiency, less pollution, better performance, reduced dependency on natural resources and more, as reasons for the hybrid market expansion. That said, even with the push from politicians, the high cost of hybrid cars is acting as a barrier to the market growth, the report said. ‘’With the time and research on the development of the battery systems of hybrid cars, the overall cost of batteries and total cost of ownership will decrease,” an analyst from the publishing automotive team said. “By 2014, the total cost of ownership of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with a battery of 10 kilowatt-hours will be below that of an internal combustion engine vehicle, and by 2017, the total

cost of ownership of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with a battery of 15 KWh will be lower than an internal combustion engine vehicle. “The total cost of ownership of battery electric vehicles will be less than an internal combustion engine vehicle by 2020 with the development of batteries. This reduction in cost will fuel the growth of the global hybrid car market.” Who will benefit most from this potential growth? The vendors currently dominating the hybrid market space include Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., Ford Motor Co., and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., the report noted. General Motors Co., BMW AG and Volkswagen Group are also expected to play a role in the future fuel-efficient vehicle market.


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