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Mindful Reflection

PREFACE Stories that narrate in these photos depict a life story of a particular group of little boys who has done a good deed indeed. All photos reflect their life, duties, and feelings while being a novice, a disciple of the Lord Buddha Those little boys who are brave enough to commit something that even some adults fear to do so. An act that doesn’t only benefit oneself but also others. A path to share one’s goodness and happiness leads to the ignite faith that will brighten in others’ hearts. Memories that worth remembering.

A precious opportunity arises. A chance to practice and follow the way of Buddha discovered the true meaning of life. A memorable moment, an indelible impression at this place are still vivid and lively in these children’s memories.

When the morning arrives with robes and bowl, we met many donors who are ready to give with their wholeheartedly kind intentions and benefactors sincerely appreciate the value of donor’s intention.

Life in yellow robes is truly different from and less fun than their usual life, but what they recieve is very worth and productive. Life is meaningful.

Be aware and careful of your bodies and feeling. Be awake and walk on the right path that leads to peaceful mind. Do your best today. Because, to live is the rarest thing in the world. Believing in doing the right thing with dignity. Follow the way of Buddha discovered the true meaning of life To find a way to rest with mindfulness and happiness

”Mom and dad, I’m thankful for both of you as I live day by day. You are two of the most importation people in my life. Without you, my life would collapse. I feel thankful. I feel grateful. My heart and soul are grateful for all that you are. I’m blessed to be your son,” one of the novice said after he left the novicehood.

EPILOGUE Even though today the children have responsibilities to go back to their own worldly duty. But what they have done leave an ineffaceable impression to onlookers, and spread undaunted faith in people to the men in yellow robes.

mindful reflection  
mindful reflection  

the final project for photojournalism by Pabhat-an Pitibhabhong #5207640730