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Rumor 4: What is the majority race at North?

Rumor 5: What’s up with the security cameras?

Truth: Is North a white, asian, black, or hispanic school? Eight out of 10 students outside of North say black. This stereotype has been given to North for many a years. Junior Emma Jaeke from Burke said, “When I hear people talk about the students at North the only people they usually speak about are the black kids, you never hear about what the mexicans or asians are doing.” Junior Taylor Trotter from Burke said, “I think it’s mostly black but just like any other OPS school they are very diverse.” Diverse is definitely the word that describes North. If you look at the stats below North High is actually filled with every race.

“They’re funny as hell and people get famous from them.” Carlos Alvarez, 12 “Rumors are dumb and cause people to hurt on the inside.” Kyle Cippera, 10

Truth: Everyone has seen the circular eyes watching your every moves in the stairways. But what are they really there for? Some say to stop students from having sex, stealing, or fighting. Security guard officer Darrelle Bonam said, “The security cameras are there to mainly stop the act of vandalism to our school which happened often last year.” The money came from multiple sources to fund the installation of them in the 2010-2011 school year. Bonam said, “Mr. Haynes and myself try to watch the videos as often as we can. If not being watched, they are at least always taping and will be watched another time.” As of now the cameras have been doing their job and keeping the problems out of the hallways. So before you go and try to do anything that can bring harm to the school or a student just remember, someone is always watching. Source: Ms. Bernard

“I don’t really listen to rumors, I just ignore them.” Edward Tarry, 9 “They’re ridiculous. Instead of spreading a rumor, people should say what they need to say to the person’s face.” Laurel Concannon, 12 “Rumors are hurtful ways for people to make things harder for other people. They’re not fair.” Kelsey Whiteley, 12

Rumor 6: What is the seniors top priorities? Truth: Scholarships and smoking, two things that have been quite a controversy to the senior class of 2011. “I’ve heard people say that we (seniors) are to busy smoking pot to care about our grades, which I think is an outrage,” said David Smiley, 12. So we set out to find out how many seniors actually smoke pot and if doing so affects their grades. Out of 80 seniors, 55 said they did not smoke pot and 25 admitted to it. However of the 25 students who do smoke pot not one of them said it affected their grades. No matter what their choice they are not letting it affect their goals for scholarships and good grades.

Photos by Samantha Callahan & Sara Humphrey

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“They’re ridiculous. Instead of spreading a rumor, people should say what they need to say to the person’s face.” Laurel Concannon, 12 “Rumo...

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