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Welcome to the 2011/12 guide to GP surgeries, pharmacies, NHS dentists and opticians for Medway residents.

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This follows on from the guide to local health services we sent you six months ago, and which is still available on our website, This edition of Health Matters tells you about signs to look out for that may mean you need to see a health professional – particularly focusing on lung cancer, diabetes, and mental health. We hope you also enjoy the inspirational stories of Medway who have faced serious health challenges and now have a new lease of life.

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Last time’s competition – a free month’s membership at health club, Roko – was won by Grace Moore, 29, from St Mary's Island. Grace is planning on using her membership this spring to help her get back in shape after the birth of her fourth baby in January. Win tickets with our new competition - page 12.

Getting his life back

An NHS scheme is helping a father of three take control of his treatment and his life. Page 10

Getting baby off to a great start Vicki Sigston is so passionate about breastfeeding that she’s sharing the knowledge she didn’t have to help new mums overcome any difficulties. Page 14

Mental health matters

Help is available – here’s what to do. Page 6

Doctor calling Our resident GP expert, Dr Peter Green shares how you can get the most from your NHS. Page 13



go---cough soon

Have you or a loved one got a cough that has been hanging around for more than three weeks? Each year more than 140 people are diagnosed with lung cancer in Medway, making it one of the most common types of cancer in the area – and a persistent cough is one of the tell-tale signs.




Staying healthy

Other signs to look out for are a cough that has changed over time; your chest feeling different or becoming painful; coughing up blood; and being short of breath. If you have any of these, you should make an appointment with your GP, just in case. It is unlikely that cancer is the cause but it will set your mind at rest. And if you do need treatment, the earlier it starts, the better. Dr Alison Barnett, Medway’s Director of Public Health, said: “Sometimes, people are worried about bothering their GP, particularly if they smoke. “Doctors understand that a cough that lasts more than three weeks, or has changed, may need treatment. They are ready and waiting to help and will not think you are wasting their time.”

STOP SMOKING Giving up smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your health. And it’s pretty good for your bank balance too. The average smoker in Medway spends £1,000 a year on tobacco - £19.75 a week – and some people spend much more. Research shows smokers are four times more likely to succeed in giving up if they have professional help than if they try to go it alone. Whether you prefer one-to-one chats with a pharmacist, support groups in a community centre, online sessions on our innovative website, or need


targeted support to help you quit during pregnancy, it’s available in Medway. Phone the Stop Smoking team on 0800 234 6805 or visit to find out more. Stop smoking support is also available for people whose first language is not English. Phone Stop Smoking Project Officer Hanifa Amin (pictured right) on 01634 810983 for details.

My husband’s nagging saved my life

As Gerry Ballard reached for another cough sweet, her husband Ray glanced at her uneasily. “Don’t you think it’s time you got that cough checked out, love?” he asked her. At first Gerry (pictured above) took no notice. But over the weeks that followed, every time he heard that tickly cough, Ray had another word. In the end, Gerry gave in and went to her GP. The 65-year-old grandmother from Chattenden had no idea that a cough that won’t go away can be a sign of lung cancer and wasn’t worried even when her GP sent her to hospital for tests. It was a shock when a scan and biopsy revealed a small tumour in her right lung, but Gerry, a bubbly, life-loving woman, is a fighter. “I’m very upbeat about things,” she says. “When I heard it was cancer I just said, ‘Right, what do we do? Let’s get rid of it’. ” In September 2001, surgeons successfully removed two thirds of her lung. Despite the surgery, Gerry, who smoked 40-a-day before her op, cut back on cigarettes but did not quit. “Like a fool, I pretended I’d given up because I was kidding myself that my five-a-day didn’t count,” she says. “I was in denial.”

A slip in the bath in 2008 signalled the return of her lung cancer. “I bashed my ribs and under my arm,” she recalls. “I couldn’t breathe and, when I tried to call Ray, I couldn’t shout. My son Russ heard me and Ray phoned for an ambulance.” At hospital, a scan revealed Gerry had a tumour the size of a golf ball in her left lung. This time surgery was not possible, so she had nine weeks of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiotherapy. It was the push Gerry needed to help her finally quit smoking. “I gave up cigarettes overnight when I was told I had cancer for the second time,” she says. “The majority of lung cancers are smoking-related and I know it contributed to mine both times. It’s hard to give up as it’s so addictive, but it was one of the best things I ever did.” Gerry now encourages everyone with a cough that lasts more than three weeks to go to their doctor. “The care I had from Medway and Maidstone hospitals and my GP practice was wonderful but I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I have,” she says. “Lung cancer isn’t an immediate death sentence and the earlier it is found, the better your chances. I was lucky – Ray’s nagging saved my life.”


Your mental wellbeing matters Everyone feels down from time to time. But when stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, eating problems, grief or anger are starting to interfere with your life, it is time to seek help.

Children and young people


Growing up is hard. Most children and young people get through it with the support of their families and friends. But at least one in ten children needs extra help.

One in four people will have a mental health problem at some point in their lives. Money worries, work problems, illness and loneliness increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

If you are worried about your child's emotional wellbeing or mental health, you can speak to your GP or your child's school. Many secondary schools offer counselling services. Additional support is available from Medway's educational psychologists.

The good news is there are things we can all do to get through difficult times and get more out of life generally. See page 17 or visit for details.

If your child needs more support, teachers, school nurses, health visitors, social workers, community paediatricians or GPs can refer them for specialist help. It is wise to be aware of psychosis, a mental illness that starts when people are aged 14-35. Early warning signs are young people becoming withdrawn, suspicious, muddled, and saying and believing things that don't make sense, for two weeks or more. The outlook is good when people are treated early. If you think this may be happening to your child or someone you know, speak to your GP or visit to contact the Early Intervention in Psychosis team.

Talking can help if you feel low. Mental Health Matters offers confidential, emotional support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on 0800 107 0160. Depending on your assessed needs, NHS-funded therapy may be available for you. Speak to your GP or phone Medway Psychological Therapies on 01634 406087. Specialist mental health support is available for people who need it. These services treat and care for people, helping them to live in recovery. People aged 17 plus who are hearing or seeing things that others don't, experiencing extreme mood swings or mistaken beliefs (such as that someone is trying to harm them), self-harming or in serious mental distress, can contact Medway Access Team on 01634 825381 or speak to their GP.

Dementia services If you are worried about your memory, speak to your GP. If someone in your family has dementia and you need support, contact Medway's Admiral Nurses on 01634 375833.

You can find out more about how you can get specialist help at Information sponsored by Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust, 01732 520400,, Patient Advice and Liaison Service 0800 587 6757


Diabetes helped me shake up my life Being told he had diabetes was the shock Dimitris Evangelou needed to change his life for the better. “I was leading a dangerous lifestyle,” the 37-year-old dad of two (pictured above) says. “I drive 30,000 miles a year with my job and it sometimes keeps me away from home overnight. I used to eat only junk food and takeaways in my hotel room and I wasn’t taking any exercise.” At his heaviest, Dimitris, from St Mary’s Island, weighed 19½ stone (124kg). On a typical day he would eat a cooked breakfast, chocolates, crisps, burgers and takeaways like fried chicken and chips. Things came to a head in November 2009. “I knew something was wrong,” he recalls. “I lost about a stone (6.4kg) really quickly. I was thirsty all the time and going to the toilet several times a day, even though I hadn’t been drinking more than usual.” Tests revealed Dimitris, a business manager for a car dealer, had Type 2 diabetes. He changed his lifestyle overnight with help from his GP, Dr Stephen Lawrence (pictured right), who has a special interest in diabetes.

“I now eat a healthy breakfast, a small sandwich for lunch and snack on a lot of fruit during the day. I have cut down my alcohol consumption to one or two units a week and stopped smoking. I also run up to six miles a day, three or four times a week. “I’ve lost three and a half stone (22kg) and my blood glucose rate has halved in a year.” And the benefits go further than getting his diabetes under control. “My wife Julie can put her arms around my waist and hug me for the first time in years,” he says. “I have learned to swim so I can take my children, Hannah, eight, and Adam, five, for a splash-around in the pool. “I feel healthier and energised and that things are no longer beyond my reach. My life has improved so much.”

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a long-term health condition caused by problems with insulin. Insulin enables glucose from digested food in the bloodstream to enter the cells in our bodies. The cells turn the glucose into energy for our daily lives. If we do not have enough insulin or it does not work properly, our bodies cannot make proper use of the glucose, so it builds up in the bloodstream. This can lead to complications. Signs and symptoms of diabetes include • urinating more often than usual, especially at night • increased thirst • extreme tiredness • unexplained weight loss • genital itching or regular episodes of thrush • slow healing of cuts and wounds • blurred vision If you have any of these symptoms, see your GP.


Choose well

Fabulous pharmacies Streaming eyes, constant sneezing - Harrison Kent was having a miserable time with his hayfever. Luckily his mum Emily, 35, from Rainham, knew there was no need for a GP appointment.

A copy of the consultation notes are sent to your GP by the pharmacy.

Many pharmacies in Medway also offer

Instead, she took Harrison along to Boots at Hempstead Valley and, in a private consultation room, discussed his symptoms with pharmacist Helen Morley – all part of Medway’s minor ailments scheme, available at selected pharmacies.

Chlamydia testing Free self-test kits for people aged 15-24. Results texted to your mobile.

The scheme enables people to get care for certain conditions from a pharmacist, including free medication if they do not normally pay prescription charges.

Stop smoking support Free one-to-one sessions with the pharmacist every week for six weeks. For advice on nicotine replacement therapy, carbon monoxide monitoring and encouragement.

Helen (pictured above) recommended eye drops and antihistamine syrup and, because Harrison, eight, is a child, there was no charge. Emily, a beauty department team leader, says: “I said I needed to talk about a minor ailment, and the pharmacist was with me straightaway. It was quick and convenient, and it meant I didn’t need to bother my GP.” As well as hayfever, treatments for cystitis, threadworm, verrucas, thrush, headlice, coughs and colds are included under the minor ailment scheme, which is for people who live in Medway. Anyone can have a free consultation with the pharmacist about a minor ailment. People who normally pay for prescriptions will have to pay for any medication.


Reviews of your medication Free in-depth checks by your regular pharmacist on whether you are taking your prescription medicine in the best way, and on any other tablets you are taking. For people taking two or more kinds of medication. Emergency hormonal contraception Free emergency contraception can be provided up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. See page 23-26 for a full list of pharmacies in Medway. Visit to find out which pharmacies near you offer these additional services.


gnashers Did you know that children in Medway have stronger teeth and fewer fillings than ever before? It is fantastic news and, even better, simple steps can help us all keep our teeth in great shape, whatever our age. Here’s a quick quiz to help you check how you’re doing. 1. Which drink is best for teeth: a. orange juice b. milk c. dilute sugar-free squash d. Cola?

2. Should you brush your teeth: a. straight after eating b. whenever you have a snack c. at bedtime and one other time d. before eating? 3. Is it better to snack on: a. raisins b. apples c. biscuits d. cheese? 4. Is it better to eat sweets: a. slowly b. quickly c. once a week d. never?

Answers: 1b Water or milk is best for teeth – but dilute sugar free squash is better than orange juice or Cola (even diet versions). 2c Though it’s important to brush well with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, it’s best not to brush straight after eating as this can damage teeth. 3b Fresh fruit is the best snack. Next best is a small amount of cheese. Avoid dried fruit like raisins as they can get stuck in the teeth. 4b. When you eat sweets, it is best to eat them quickly rather than keeping the teeth bathed in sugar. Try to keep them for an occasional treat at the end of a meal.

Recipes to try Fresh fruit lollies Punnet of ripe strawberries A few blueberries Orange juice to mix ■ Mash the strawberries well with a potato masher. ■ Pour in the orange juice and mix together with a wooden spoon. ■ Spoon the mixture into egg cups. Drop a couple of blueberries into each one and finish by placing a lollystick on the side. ■ Place the egg cups in the freezer and leave for two to three hours. Once set, lift your fruit lolly out of the egg cup by the stick. Eat quickly before it melts!

Stuffed pitta pockets with tuna, egg and sweetcorn 2 eggs 200g tuna drained 2 tbsp mayonnaise 4 spring onions, chopped Salad cress 2 pitta breads A few drops Tabasco sauce ■ Put eggs in a pan of cold water, bring to the boil and simmer for 7-8 minutes. Drain and cool, peel the eggs when cold. ■ Flake the tuna and mix with sweetcorn, mayonnaise, spring onions, and Tabasco sauce. ■ Chop the eggs and add to tuna mix with the salad cress, stirring well. ■ Cut the pitta breads in half to give four pitta pockets and divide the mixture between them. Information sponsored by Watling Street Dental Care, (Dr O Adesanya) 56 Watling Street, Gillingham ME7 2NY. Tel: 01634 576688


Choice and control

Getting my life back Taking the first steps to a new career – an example of Steve’s photographs After a decade of agony, Steve Johnson is set to get his life back – and he can’t wait. Ten years ago, Steve, 46, a lorry loader from Twydall, suffered a spinal injury that left him with searing, unbearable, pain in his left hand and arm. Although he underwent surgery to stabilise his spine and prevent further damage, his nerves were injured beyond repair. His wife, Julie, 40, found a job to support the family, while Steve came to terms with being unable to work, play with their three children, ride his beloved motorbike, or strum his guitar. Nerve-blocking sessions at Medway Maritime Hospital help reduce his pain but, between appointments, often he can barely sleep or walk for agony. Then Julie heard about the Personal Health Budget Research Pilot being run by NHS Medway. It is offering 75 people, with certain


conditions, choice about how to spend the money that the NHS has set aside for their care. Steve, one of the first ten to take part, meets all the criteria and knows exactly what he wants. “With my personal health budget, I’m buying my own nerve-blocking machine,” he says. “It will be the same pain relief as in hospital but it’ll be available whenever I need it. “I’ll be less ratty so it’ll be better for the family, and I’ll be getting my life back. I hope to go to college in September to do photography and then get a part-time job.” “I really think this is going to transform our lives,” adds Julie. “And it’s cheaper for the NHS than him being treated at the hospital – so it’s a winner all-round.”

Personal health budgets: NHS Medway is one of 20 in-depth pilots for a national programme exploring who will benefit most from personal health budgets, and how the NHS can make them work. A total of 150 people with neurological conditions, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), dementia, and people who have had a stroke, are being offered the opportunity to take part. Seventy five will be offered a personal health budget to achieve their planned health outcomes. The other seventy five people will being asked to record their experience of traditional NHS care. Both groups will help to shape national health policy.

Please phone 01634 335170, visit, or email to find out more.

• names have been changed for personal reasons

More choice and control There are now even more ways for young people in Medway to protect themselves against an unplanned pregnancy. College Health has signed up to a one year pilot to offer a range of long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) to women aged up to 25. The aim is to reduce unwanted pregnancies by half. Healthcare assistant Debbie Sweeney (pictured above) says: “Some women forget to take their pill, or don’t always take it at the same time. LARCs give women greater choice and control over their life, and ultimately reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. “We’ve already had massive interest from people wanting to know more.” There are four types of LARC available in Medway: an injection; an implant, and two types of coil called an Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) and Intra-Uterine System (IUS). – there is no need to be a patient of the practice. They will be offered a 20-minute consultation with a GP or nurse to discuss the options. If they want to go ahead, they will make a further appointment. “We speak to women about what’s available, what will suit them, and give them some information to take away,” says Debbie. “They need to be sure it is the right thing for them before they make a decision. The whole point of LARCs is they last a long time.” Visit for more details. Women over 25 who are interested in having long acting reversible contraception should speak to their own GP or to one of the contraceptive and sexual health clinics in Medway. Visit for a list of sexual health clinics and other services in Medway.

They are all more than 99 per cent effective and last for between 12 weeks and five years, with no impact on a woman’s long-term fertility.

* LARCs do not protect against sexually transmitted infections, so you should always use a condom.

Women under 25 who are interested are invited to contact College Health’s GP practice at Boots in Chatham on 01634 815160 or email

Information sponsored by College Health, Boots store, the Pentagon Centre, Chatham. Tel: 01634 815160



Witness sporting history in the making Europe’s leading multi-sport athletes will do battle in Medway this summer for a place in the London 2012 Olympic Games - and you could be there to see the drama unfold.

“I loved watching the show jumping at the Modern Pentathlon World Cup last year and I’m really looking forward to seeing the European Championships this summer.

From 28 July to 1 August, Medway Park in Gillingham will play host to the Modern Pentathlon European Championships - made up of fencing, swimming, show jumping, running and shooting, all on the same day.

“It’s amazing to have great athletes competing in our home town. I just keep thinking it might be me one day.”

The top eight in both the men’s and women’s competitions will automatically qualify for the London Games. In the crowd will be Health Matters covergirl, 12-year-old Kerrie Johnson (pictured above) – one of Medway’s up-and-coming pentathletes. Fort Pitt pupil Kerrie, from Strood, who has been training seriously since she was 10, will be eyeing her sporting heroes for tips as she prepares to represent Team GB at the Copa Atlantica modern pentathlon competition in Portugal this summer. “I’ve made lots of new friends through the pentathlon, and I feel so fit and healthy,” says Kerrie, who clocks up 13 hours training a week.

The European Championships begin with an opening ceremony during the annual Medway Mile in Rochester on 27 July. The semi-finals then take place on 28 and 29 July. The top 36 men will compete in their final on Saturday, 30 July and the top 36 women will compete in their final on Sunday, 31 July. The competition finishes on Monday, 1 August with the team relays. Tickets for the European Championships can be bought from or 01634 338338 subject to availability. Regular pentathlon taster and training sessions are held at Medway Park, which is Pentathlon GB’s south east regional training centre. They can also help with sports kits for anyone wanting to get started. Phone Carolyn French on 07834 320316 or email to find out more.

Health Matters has a pair of tickets for each of the finals days to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following questions: Where will the Modern Pentathlon European Championships be held? Have you found the content in this magazine useful? ■ Yes ■ No Would you read this magazine again? ■ Yes ■ No Which part did you find most useful? What would you do to improve this magazine? Please cut out this coupon and send your answers with your name, age, address and daytime telephone number to Health Matters, NHS Medway, Fifty Pembroke Court, Chatham Maritime, Chatham, Kent ME4 4EL. Answers will be picked at random and must arrive by noon on Friday 6 May. Entries that arrive after the closing date will not be entered into the competition. You must be 18 or over to enter this competition. Competitions are not open to employees of NHS Medway or members of their immediate family. By entering the competition the winner agrees to participate in such promotional activity and material as NHS Medway may require. We will only process your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. NHS Medway will analyse the information you provide to see what is most effective about this publication and to help us identify ways to improve it. As a public body we do not share data with other organisations unless the law permits us to do so. We do not sell individual information. We will share it only with our authorised Data Processors who must act at all times on our instructions as the Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998.


Ask the doctor by Dr Peter Green Q: My doctor recently changed my tablets for ones he says are cheaper but just as good. I don’t like the sound of cut price medicine. Don’t you get what you pay for? A: During the first few years of every new drug, only the drug company that developed and patented it can manufacture it. The price they charge covers their research and development costs. Once the patent ends, other pharmaceutical companies can make a generic version of the drug. This has exactly the same active content and must be approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, part of the Department of Health, before it can be used, but costs less because they didn’t pay to develop it. By switching you to a generic drug, your doctor is making sure you get the same benefit and the NHS has more money for other services. Like anyone taking medication, if you have any side effects, you should tell your doctor.

l Director, NHS Medway’s Medica Dr Peter Green Q: I keep hearing you should only go to A&E in an emergency. Surely hospital doctors are better at dealing with medical problems than GPs? A: Your GP is an expert in general medicine and will also have your full notes and medical history. GPs are better able to assess, diagnose and treat a vast range of illnesses – like chest infections, back and joint pain, and ongoing health problems - than Accident and Emergency doctors. Your GP can also refer you for specialist tests or treatment. If you feel you need to see a doctor really urgently, tell your GP practice. They will try to fit you in. If they can’t, they may refer you to MedOCC (Medway On Call Care) which provides urgent GP and nurse cover in Medway. If it is a serious accident or an emergency, of course, go to the Emergency Department.

Your emergency care summary When you need urgent care, it is really important that NHS staff treating you know about any medication you are taking, your allergies and any past reaction you have had to treatment. Very shortly, everyone registered with a GP in Medway will have been offered the chance of a secure, confidential, electronic record with these key facts (a Summary Care Record) or of opting out if they wish. More than half of people in Medway already have a summary care record and GPs and nurses at MedOCC, along with pharmacists at Medway Maritime Hospital, are among NHS staff using them locally to improve emergency care. MedOCC clinical lead Dr Simon Collins said: “We can check if patients are allergic to the tablets we are prescribing or are already taking something which would cause problems. This is helping us give patients safer, better care.”

To find out how your GP practice is performing, visit 13

Healthy start

Giving baby a great start “In my family, breastfeeding wasn’t normal – it was for hippies,” says the 30-year-old (pictured right), from Twydall, whose son, Jake, is now three. “But I am quite stubborn and the more people asked ‘Why do you want to do that?’ the more adamant I was that I wanted to try it.

“That skin to skin contact was a really special time,” says Vicki. “It was about us getting used to being three – not two! – and Jake latched on and sucked, which helped me feel we were going to manage all right.

“I read that breastfed babies have less colic, fewer chest and eye infections and are less likely to be sick or constipated. And they’re less at risk of cot death, childhood leukaemia, diabetes and obesity. They sounded like good reasons to give it a try.

“Later that night, about 2am, I was struggling a little bit and this amazing midwife came in and helped me get the latching on sorted out. By the time I went home next day, Jake was a natural.

When Jake was born at Medway Maritime Hospital, straight after checking him over, the midwives laid him on Vicki’s tummy, and allowed her and her husband Kristian, 32, some private time to bond with their new baby.

“He fed all the time, so I sat down all the time – it was a brilliant excuse not to do housework. It just felt so right – milk constantly available, no bottles to sterilise, and free.

When Vicki Sigston was pregnant, she knew only a few people who had breastfed their baby.

“If your baby’s healthy and thriving, why would you want to do anything else?” Jake took to breastfeeding so well that Vicki had no need for extra support from her health visitor. “Every week at the baby clinic, I found he had put on weight and I came away feeling great – thinking ‘I’m doing that’,” she says. “Seeing him sleeping well and being such a contented baby gave me such a sense of pride.” Now Vicki has trained as one of Medway Breastfeeding Network’s Peer Supporters, to help other new mums develop confidence in breastfeeding their babies, and answer their questions.


Help and advice

There are antenatal breastfeeding workshops in Medway. To find out more, speak to your midwife or Medway Maritime Hospital’s Infant Feeding Co-ordinator on 07717 302972. For information on breastfeeding, visit or If you are already breastfeeding and need a little extra support, go to one of the groups listed below, phone Medway’s Infant Feeding Project Officer on 07908 817569 or the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212, 9.30am-9.30pm, seven days a week, or speak to your health visitor.

Breastfeeding drop-in centres: Monday


Mother and Baby Breastfeeding Clinic

Antenatal Clinic, Level 2, Green Zone, Medway Maritime Hospital, Windmill Road, Gillingham ME7 5NY. 07717 302972



Milk and Biscuits

Gun Lane Children’s Centre, Gun Lane, Strood ME2 4UF. 01634 717115



Brompton Bumps2Boobs

Brompton Children’s Centre, Kings Bastion, Gillingham ME7 5DQ. 01634 844152


10am-noon (first and third Tuesday of the month)

La Leche League (Rainham)

Riverside Children’s Centre, St Edmund’s Way, Rainham ME8 8ET. 01634 338700


10am-noon (second and La Leche League fourth Tuesday of the (Rochester) month)

St Luke’s Church Centre, City Way, Rochester ME1 2BQ. 01634 304203



Tums 2 Mums

Hand in Hand Children’s Centre, Twydall Lane, Twydall ME8 6JS. 01634 365985



Mother Love

Chattenden Community Centre, Swinton Avenue, Chattenden ME3 8PH. 01634 270341



Bosom Buddies

Kingfisher Children’s Centre, Princes Park, Walderslade ME5 7NX. 01634 335850



Breastfeeding Drop-In

Sunlight Centre, Richmond Road, Gillingham ME7 1LX. 01634 338679



Breastfeeding Support

Delce Children’s Centre, Green Close (off Fleet Road) Rochester ME1 2QA. 01634 844127



Feeding Friends

Deanwood Children’s Centre, Long Catlis Road, Parkwood ME8 9TX. 01634 231901



Breast Friends

All Saints Children’s Centre, Magpie Hall Road, Chatham ME4 5AZ. 01634 338833

Information sponsored by Medway NHS Foundation Trust, 01634 830000,, Patient Advice and Liaison Service 01634 825004


Working with us

Helping your health service help you By Helen Buckingham, Acting Chief Executive The health of Medway’s population has never been better, we are living longer than ever before and advances in medical treatments mean operations that were once rare are now commonplace. There are many more new drugs helping us to overcome what used to be life threatening illnesses, and the quality of life for seriously ill patients improves every year. This news is a relief to us all but it comes at a price. The NHS has been protected from budget cuts but our rising population and increasing demands on the health service mean that NHS resources must stretch further. To do this, we need to look after our own health and use the right services at the right time. But it’s not always easy to do that if you don’t know what help and support is out there. The information in this magazine aims to make that easier. When you need treatment, care close to home is the best option for most people: patients prefer to stay locally and it’s more cost effective for the NHS. High quality care is available on our doorstep and we will encourage GPs and patients to use local services first. NHS Medway is commissioning more and more services based in local communities – such as assessment of sudden eye problems (now available at seven high street opticians – see page 29-30 for more details) and blood-taking clinics (visit for details) - to help people get convenient, expert care close to home. Using NHS services wisely means everyone can get the treatment they need.

We involve Medway people when we plan and design services. Join in the Medway Health Debate and share your ideas about how the NHS in Medway should improve care and save money. Contact us at or phone us on 01634 335173.


The best way to look after your own health is by eating sensibly, being physically active and quitting smoking. Take up offers of screening, immunisation or an NHS Health Check. Make sure you are registered with a GP practice and update them and any clinics you attend if you move. Always turn up for your NHS appointments – or phone to cancel in plenty of time. If you need a repeat prescription, remember to order it before you run out.

Ask your pharmacist for advice on treating minor illnesses like colds or tummy bugs. Avoid spreading germs when you are ill to protect yourself and those around you. Go to or ring NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 if you have any health concerns and you are not sure if you need to see a doctor. Keep the emergency department at Medway Maritime Hospital for serious and life-threatening illness and injury. For more information see

Local services Your local NHS

Medway Council

NHS Medway, 01634 335020 Fifty Pembroke Court, Chatham Maritime, Chatham, Kent ME4 4EL Patient Advice and Liaison Service 0800 014 1641 Complaints 0800 014 1634 email:

Medway Council 01634 306000 Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, ME4 4TR Customer First 01634 333333 Social Care (children and adults) 01634 334466

Medway Community Healthcare 01634 382777 (provides the vast majority of community health services in Medway, such as district nurses, health visitors, speech and language therapists, out of hours GP and nurse care)

Units 7/8 Ambley Green, Bailey Drive, Gillingham Business Park, Gillingham, ME8 0NJ Medway NHS Foundation Trust, Medway Maritime Hospital, Windmill Road, Gillingham, ME7 5NY 01634 830000 Patient Advice and Liaison Service 01634 825004 Complaints 01634 825216 Patient Contact Centre (about appointments) 0845 602 2795 Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT – provides mental health and learning disabilities services) 01732 520400 Patient Advice and Liaison Service 0800 587 6757 Complaints 01622 722133 Community healthy living centres There are four healthy living centres in Medway. Built for NHS Medway, these are bases for GP practices, clinics and a range of community health services. They also offer community cafes, internet cafes, and rooms the community can use. See local health services at for more details. Rainham Healthy Living Centre 01634 337600 103-7 High Street, Rainham, ME8 8AA Rochester Healthy Living Centre 01634 334200 Delce Road, Rochester, ME1 2EL Lordswood Healthy Living Centre 01634 337444 Sultan Road, Lordswood, Chatham, ME5 8TJ Balmoral Gardens Healthy 01634 334900 Living Centre Balmoral Gardens, Gillingham, ME7 4PN

Five ways to wellbeing These are actions which, research shows, can help improve the way we feel. Connect with the people around you: Be active: Take notice – be aware of the world around you Keep learning: Give:

Support in Medway The Princess Royal Trust Medway Carers Centre: 01634 577340 Provides support, advice and training to carers (people who provide unpaid care). Can help you draw up and register a plan for an emergency, through the Medway Carers Emergency Card scheme. Carers’ line Medway Free counselling for carers in Medway: 0800 197 4517 or online at To request a username and password, please contact Living well in Medway Friendly advice and guidance for people who want to know about care and support services in Medway and who live in: Chatham, Rochester, Strood or Hoo peninsula contact: Citizens Advice Bureau, 5a New Road, Chatham, ME4 6BG 01634 888199 Gillingham or Rainham - contact: Carers First, 3 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, ME7 5TP 01634 528132 Medway Local Involvement Network (LINk) Your local independent network of local people and community groups working together to influence and improve Medway’s health and social care services. 01303 297050


GP practices

GPs, pharmacies, dentists and opticians in Medway While information was correct at the time of going to press, details may have changed. Please check for updates. Medway GPs GPs (family doctors) are responsible for the comprehensive care of patients registered with them. Registering with a practice means that you can get care when you are ill, health advice and services to keep you well (such as screening and vaccinations) and other services such as contraception. GPs also refer you to hospital or to other professionals, such as physiotherapists, if that is what you need. To check if the GP practice of your choice is accepting new patients, phone the practice or visit and put in your postcode via the “find and choose services” section.

College Health Dr P Malik, Dr Y Ajakiye, Dr A Idowu, Dr L Hanif, Dr R Hanif, Dr M George Boots Pentagon Centre Chatham ME4 4BB 01634 815160 Halfway Surgery Dr IM Ali 68 New Road, Chatham ME4 4QR 01634 828665 King’s Family Practice Dr CD Huxham, Dr CL Norwood, Dr A Najjar, Dr J Ladd, Dr J Mathew, Dr S Bagley 30-34 Magpie Hall Road Chatham ME4 5JY 0844 477 2496 Medical Centre 29 Bryant Street Chatham ME4 5QS different practices in the same building

If you need to see a GP urgently, phone your practice. They will try to fit you in. If they cannot help and you need an urgent appointment, they will be able to refer you to MedOCC. Or you can try the walk-in centre in Gillingham (see page 19 for details). Allhallows The Surgery Dr KW Lee, Dr HK Mara, Dr JS Birdi, Dr JD Woodfield, Dr Y Mirza Avery Way Allhallows ME3 9NY 01634 270345 Brompton Brompton Medical Centre Dr BN Singh 28A Garden Street Brompton ME7 5AS 01634 845898 Chatham Churchill Clinic Dr R Vibhuti, Dr M Vibhuti, Dr R Seldon 94 Churchill Avenue Chatham ME5 0DL 01634 842397


Dr S Aly, Dr PB Raval 01634 811463 Dr MA Chaudhry 01634 848911 Dr KV Kanekal 01634 848912 Maidstone Road Surgery Dr K Qureshi 262 Maidstone Road Chatham ME4 6JL 01634 842093 West Drive Surgery Dr KS Mahapatra, Dr CK Chitgopker, Dr JH Rao West Drive, Davis Estate Chatham ME5 9XG 01634 867587 Cliffe Cliffe Surgery (provided by Highcliffe Medical Practice) Dr CP Markwick, Dr J Bell, Dr K Stone, Dr S Hossain Millcroft Road Cliffe ME3 7QN 01634 220203

Cliffe Woods Parkside Surgery (provided by The Parks Medical Practice) Dr PH Green, Dr RC Loftus, Dr R Mehr-Ghorbani, Dr CE Hawarden, Dr AK Wheeler, Dr A Oluwabamise Cliffe Woods ME3 8HX 01634 221410

King’s Family Practice Dr CD Huxham, Dr CL Norwood, Dr A Najjar, Dr H Ladd, Dr J Mathew, Dr S Bagley 91 Cleave Road Gillingham ME7 4AX 0844 4772518

Cuxton Cuxton Riverside Medical Centre Dr MR Sastry, Dr KS Malladi, Dr R Jacob 19a Wood Street, Cuxton ME2 1LT 01634 714317

Malling Health Dr S Alexander, Dr N’Dongi-Sila, Dr S Webb, Dr C Gunasekera 105 Nelson Road Gillingham ME7 4LT 01634 850943

Gillingham Balmoral Gardens Community Healthy Living Centre Balmoral Gardens Gillingham, ME7 4PN different practices in the same building

Yellow Zone (provided by Hoo St Werburgh Medical Practice) Dr GCJ Davies, Dr AO Durowoju, Dr R Mahandru, Dr M Sharief 01634 334920 Red Zone Dr Y Karim, Dr J Ahmad, Dr I Khattak 01634 334937 Blue Zone Dr JK Raval, Dr CM Shum, Dr NK Nathan, Dr S Jha, Dr SK Lall, Dr BS Virdee, Dr M Dabestani, Dr M Rahman 01634 334929 Dr SB Bhasme 19 Railway Street Gillingham ME7 1XF 01634 853667 Dr M Dharan, Dr AK Shetty 90-92 Malvern Road Gillingham ME7 4BB 01634 578333 Glebe Family Practice Dr P Patel, Dr J Watkin, Dr JE Thackray Vicarage Road, Gillingham ME7 5UA 01634 576347 Dr PP Jana 151 Napier Road, Gillingham ME7 4HH 01634 580480

Medway NHS Healthcare Centre (provided by DMC Healthcare) Dr A Yearwood, Dr S Das, Dr P Kypa, Dr N Myo, Dr P Singh, Dr S Singh 547-553 Canterbury Street Gillingham, ME7 5LF 01634 575232 *As well as being a GP practice with registered patients, this is the walk-in centre for Medway. GPs and nurses provide walk-in care seven days a week. Dr N Ramesh 7 Railway Street Gillingham ME7 1XG 01634 851193 Dr RB Silhi 511 Canterbury Street Gillingham ME7 5LH 01634 573020 Sunlight Centre Surgery (provided by Medway Community Healthcare) Dr M Lynn, Dr O Oyerinde, Dr O Olaleye, Dr Beyer, Dr R Okafor, Dr F Filtz 105 Richmond Road Gillingham ME7 1LX 01634 283487 Woodlands Family Practice Dr N P Rishi, Dr P Bakshi, Dr C K Ashok, Dr F Yazamaidi, Dr N Rishi, Dr P Modha, Dr O Akintoroye, Dr R Neubauer Gillingham Medical Centre Woodlands Road Gillingham ME7 2BU 01634 854431


GP practices

Halling The Halling Medical Centre Dr MR Sastry, Dr KS Malladi, Dr R Jacobs Ferry Road Halling ME2 1NP 01634 240238 Hempstead Matrix Medical Practice Dr AN Stacey 146A Hempstead Road, Hempstead ME7 3QE 01634 363561 Dr SKC Patel, Dr NR Patel, Dr R Patel 144 Hempstead Road Hempstead ME7 3QE 01634 235531 Higham Highcliffe Medical Practice Dr CP Markwick, Dr J Bell, Dr K Stone, Dr S Hossain, Hermitage Road, Higham ME3 7DB 01474 823841 High Halstow Recreation Hall Dr KW Lee, Dr HK Mara, Dr JS Birdi, Dr JD Woodfield, Dr Y Mirza The Street, High Halstow ME3 8SF 01634 254480 Hoo St Werburgh The Elms Medical Centre Dr KW Lee, Dr HK Mara, Dr JS Birdi, Dr JD Woodfield, Dr Y Mirza Tilley Close, Main Road Hoo ME3 9AE 01634 250142 Hoo St Werburgh Medical Practice Dr GCJ Davies, Dr AO Durowoju, Dr R Mahandru, Dr M Sharief 98 Bells Lane, Hoo St Werburgh ME3 9HU 01634 250523 Isle of Grain Hoo St Werburgh Medical Practice Dr GCJ Davies, Dr AO Durowoju, Dr R Mahandru, Dr M Sharief 38 Chapel Road, Grain ME3 OBZ 01634 272338


Lordswood Lordswood Community Healthy Living Centre Sultan Road, Lordswood, ME5 8TJ different practices in the same building

Green Suite Dr JK Raval, Dr CM Shum, Dr NK Nathan, Dr S Jha, Dr SK Lall, Dr BS Virdee, Dr M Dabestani, Dr M Rahman 01634 337445 Red Suite Dr OS Singh, Dr SP Singh, Dr O Okoye, Dr S Ilanthirayan 01634 337443 Lower Stoke The Surgery (provided by Hoo St Werburgh Medical Practice) Dr GCJ Davies, Dr AO Durowoju, Dr R Mahandru, Dr M Sharief Mallard Way, Lower Stoke ME3 9ST 01634 271347 Luton Luton Medical Centre Dr AB Jha 10A Beacon Hill, Chatham ME5 7JX 01634 402115 Sterling House Second Avenue Luton ME4 5AU different practices in the same building

College Health Dr P Malik, Dr Y Ajakiye, Dr A Idowu, Dr L Hanif, Dr R Hanif, Dr M George 01634 810170 Malling Health Dr S Webb, Dr N’Dongi-Sila, Dr S Alexander, C Gunasekera 01634 814469 Stonecross Surgery Dr KS Mahapatra, Dr CK Chitgopker, Dr JH Rao 25 Street End Road, Luton ME5 0AA 01634 842334

Parkwood Parkwood Family Practice Dr ST Selvan, Dr N Imam, Dr B Prasad 119 Long Catlis Road Parkwood ME8 9RR 0844 815 1226 Parkwood Health Centre Long Catlis Road, Parkwood ME8 9PR different practices in the same building

Malling Health Dr N’Dongi-Sila, Dr S Alexander, Dr S Webb, Dr C Gunasekera 01634 371535 Dr A Shah 01634 233491 Rainham Pump Lane Surgery Dr S Bhatia 13 Pump Lane, Rainham Mark ME8 7AA 01634 231856 Dr M Faramawi 1 Wyvill Close, Rainham ME8 9NE 01634 230461 Rainham Community Healthy Living Centre 103 – 107 High Street, Rainham ME8 8AA different practices in the same building

Blue Suite Malling Health Dr N’Dongi-Sila, Dr S Alexander, Dr S Webb, Dr C Gunasekera 01634 337632 Green Suite Woodlands Family Practice Dr N P Rishi, Dr P Bakshi, Dr C K Ashok, Dr F Yazamaidi, Dr N Rishi, Dr P Modha, Dr O Akintoroye, Dr R Neubauer 01634 337607

Maidstone Road Surgery Dr LN Shaunak, Dr V Shaunak 53B Maidstone Road Rainham ME8 0DP 01634 231423 Also has a branch surgery at 56 Oak Lane, Upchurch, ME9 7AU 01634 231423

Thames Avenue Surgery Dr WSBP Fernando, Dr Mannivannan, Dr K Boardman 2 Thames Avenue Rainham ME8 9BW 01634 360486 Rochester Dr CS Balachander, Dr Y Yau 25 Wouldham Road Borstal ME1 3JY 01634 408765 The Dame Sybil Thorndike Health Care Centre Dr JS Tanday, Dr G Fargher, Dr PH Gilbert, Dr MS Pujara, Dr MS Ojedokun, Dr Varadarajan, Dr A Yeates, Dr J Ravindra, Dr B Haddadkhoshkar Longley Road Rochester ME1 2TH 01634 817217 Dr DC Hubbard, Dr JH Redman 1 The Esplanade Rochester ME1 1QE 01634 843142 Rochester Community Healthy Living Centre Delce Road Rochester ME1 2EL different practices in the same building

Dr A Dhindsa, Dr E Schirrmacher 01634 334202 Dr N Elapatha 01634 334201 Dr SL Tandon 01634 334203

Red Suite Dr LV Ferrin, Dr KL Haworth, Dr MC Quigley 01634 337620 Yellow Suite Dr JL Grant, Dr TPM de Bie, Dr A Rahim 01634 337642


GP practices

Dr S Syed, Dr TS Colbert, Dr G Martin, Dr AAA Osman, Dr D Bhagirathan 67 City Way Rochester, ME1 2AY 01634 843320

Medical Centre Dr JC Lakshman, Dr Y Rean 4A Waltham Road Twydall ME8 6XQ 01634 231074

St Mary’s Island St Mary’s Island Surgery Dr SM Lawrence Edgeway ME4 3EP 01634 890712

Dr V Nandini 52 Eastcourt Lane Twydall ME8 6EY 01634 232144

Strood APEX Medical Centre Dr DWS Munasinghe, Dr RV Premaratne, Dr KW Jayasinghe, Dr S Balendran Gun Lane Strood ME2 4UW 01634 720220 Court View Surgery Dr A P Board, Dr JTW Spinks, Dr JK Lonsdale, Dr GRS Dolman, Dr G Francis 2A Darnley Road Strood ME2 2HA 01634 290333 Marlowe Park Medical Centre Dr S Juneja, Dr S Broom Wells Road Strood ME2 2PW 01634 719692 Medical Centre Dr V Agarwal, Dr JN Ray, Dr DK Ray, Dr P Kumar Gun Lane Strood ME2 4UW 01634 726555 St Mary’s Medical Centre Dr FO Ojagbemi, Dr BA Oshinusi, Dr K Pancholi, Dr I Sabri, Dr N Jilani Vicarage Road Strood ME2 4DG 01634 291266 Twydall DMC Healthcare Dr A Yearwood, Dr S Das, Dr P Kypa, Dr N Myo, Dr P Singh, Dr S Singh Twydall Clinic Twydall Green, ME8 6JY 01634 575232


Dr MG Patel 44 The Broadway Twydall ME8 6BD 01634 231364 Wainscott Wainscott Surgery (provided by The Parks Medical Practice) Dr PH Green, Dr RC Loftus, Dr R Mehr-Ghorbani, Dr CE Hawarden, Dr AK Wheeler, Dr A Oluwabamise Miller Way Wainscott ME2 4LP 01634 717450 Walderslade DMC Walderslade Surgery Dr A Yearwood, Dr S Das, Dr P Kypa, Dr N Myo, Dr P Singh, Dr S Singh Land at Greenacres School Walderslade Road Walderslade ME5 0LP 01634 661140 Dr AB Jha 16 Tunbury Avenue, Walderslade ME5 9EH 01634 668814 01634 684981 Dr S Maheswaran, Dr O Sofowora 52A King George Road Walderslade ME5 0TT 0844 477 3376 Princes Park Medical Centre Dr T Aslam, Dr J Le Geyet Dove Close Walderslade ME5 7TD 01634 201272

Walderslade Medical Centre Princes Avenue Walderslade ME5 7PQ different practices in the same building

Dr K Padma 01634 668160 Dr JK Raval, Dr CM Shum, Dr NK Nathan, Dr S Jha, Dr SK Lall, Dr BS Virdee, Dr M Dabestani, Dr M Rahman 01634 682611 Walderslade Village Surgery Dr JK Raval, Dr CM Shum, Dr NK Nathan, Dr S Jha, Dr SK Lall, Dr BS Virdee, Dr M Dabestani, Dr M Rahman 62a Robin Hood Lane Walderslade, ME5 9LD 08444 778741 Wayfield Wayfield Surgery Dr AR Mir 183B Wayfield Road Chatham ME5 0HD 01634 845613 Wigmore Dr SKC Patel, Dr NR Patel, R Patel 114 Woodside Wigmore ME8 OPW 01634 231752

Pharmacies Pharmacists do a lot more than just dispense drugs. It takes five years to qualify as a pharmacist. Your pharmacist can recognise and provide medicines for a range of common health problems including eye infections, stomach upsets and allergies. See page eight for more information about services provided by pharmacies in Medway. Brompton Brompton Pharmacy 3 High Street Brompton ME7 5AA 8.30am-1pm and 2pm-6.30pm Mon-Fri 01634 818499 Chatham Boots Pentagon Centre Chatham ME4 4BB 8am-2pm and 3-7pm Mon-Fri, 8am-2pm and 3-6pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun. 01634 405471 Delmergate Pharmacy 21 Shirley Avenue Chatham ME5 9UR 9am-1pm, 2-5.30pm Mon-Fri and 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 303110 Karsons Pharmacy 33 Pattens Lane Chatham ME4 6JR 9am-1pm and 2-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 843177 Merlin Pharmacy 54 Silverweed Road Chatham ME5 0QX 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 861683 Palmers Pharmacy 98 Palmerston Road Chatham ME4 5SJ 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-12.30pm Sat. 01634 845624



Paydens Ltd 139 New Road Chatham ME4 4PT 9am-1pm and 2.15pm-7pm Mon-Fri, 9.30am-1pm Sat 01634 404142

Osbon Pharmacy 17 Duncan Road Gillingham ME7 4AL 9am-7pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat. 01634 574114

The Co-operative Pharmacy 22 Magpie Hall Road Chatham ME4 5JY 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 842129

Osbon Pharmacy 1A Railway Street Gillingham ME7 1XF 9am-7pm Mon-Fri. 01634 575327

Cliffe Woods Marshlands 7 Parkside Parade, Cliffe Woods, ME3 8HX 8.30-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-noon Sat 01634 222021 Frindsbury Williams Chemists 86 Frindsbury Road Frindsbury ME2 4HY 9am-1pm and 2.15pm-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Sat. 01634 718221 Gillingham 212 Pharmacy 212 Canterbury Street Gillingham ME7 5XL 9am-1pm and 2-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat 01634 850289 Boots 125-127 High Street Gillingham ME7 1BS 9am-1pm and 2-5.30pm Mon-Sat. 01634 851475 Delmergate Pharmacy Sunlight Centre, 105 Richmond Road Gillingham ME7 1LX 9am-1pm and 2-6pm Mon-Fri 01634 851427 Lloydspharmacy 74-76 Watling Street, Gillingham ME7 2YW 9am-1pm and 2-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 853087


Paydens Late Night Pharmacy Balmoral Gardens Community Healthy Living Centre Balmoral Gardens Gillingham ME7 4PN 7am-10pm Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm Sun. 01634 581815 Phoenix Pharmacy 373 Maidstone Road Gillingham ME8 0HX 9am-noon and 1-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-noon and 1-5.30pm Sat. 01634 232079 Smiths Chemists 320 Canterbury Street Gillingham ME7 5JP 9am-1pm and 2-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 851852 Sturdee Avenue Pharmacy 46 Sturdee Avenue Gillingham ME7 2HN 9am-1pm and 2-6.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 851616 Tesco Courteney Road Gillingham ME8 0GX 8am-10.30pm Mon, 6.30am-10.30pm Tues-Fri, 6.30am-10pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun 01634 490447 The Co-operative Pharmacy 135 High Street Gillingham ME7 1AQ 9am-noon and 1-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat. 01634 851683

Hempstead Boots Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre Gillingham ME7 3PB 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun. 01634 388175

Rainham Boots 22 Rainham Shopping Centre Rainham ME8 7HW 8.45am-6.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5.30pm Sat. 01634 231191

Hempstead Pharmacy 148 Hempstead Road Gillingham ME7 3QE 9am-1pm and 2-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 376674

Lloydspharmacy 2-3 Stanford House, Station Road Rainham ME8 7PH 9am-7pm Mon-Fri, 9am-12.30pm Sat. 01634 232020

Sainsbury’s Pharmacy Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre Gillingham ME7 3PB 7am-11pm Mon-Fri, 7am-10pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun. 01634 360256

Lloydspharmacy 8 Rainham Shopping Centre Rainham ME8 7HW 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat. 01634 375047

Hoo St Werburgh Knights Pharmacy 39 Knights Road Hoo ME3 9DT 9am-1pm and 2-6.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 250882

Rochester Asda 387 Maidstone Road Rochester ME5 9SD 8am-11pm Mon, 7am-11pm Tues-Fri, 7am-10pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun. 01634 663010

Lordswood Lloydspharmacy Ltd 17-18 Kestrel Road Lordswood ME5 8TH 9am-1pm and 2-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 863372 Luton Delmergate Pharmacy 23 Street End Road Luton ME5 0AA 9am-1.30pm and 2.30-6pm Mon-Fri. 01634 402108 Parkwood Fenns Chemist 33-35 Parkwood Green Parkwood ME8 9PW 9am-5.30pm Mon-Thurs, 9am-6pm Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 235880

Boots The Thorndike Centre Longley Road Rochester ME1 2TH 8.30am-6.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-noon Sat. 01634 817317 Focus Chemists 126 Borstal Street Rochester ME1 3JS 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 405691 Karsons Pharmacy 69-71 City Way Rochester ME1 2BA 7am-11pm Mon-Sat, 9am-1pm Sun. 01634 405700 Merlin Pharmacy 364 City Way Rochester ME1 2BQ 9am-1pm Mon, Tue, 2.15-6pm Wed, Fri, 9am-1pm Thurs, 9am-1pm and 2.15-5pm Sat. 01634 842789



Paydens Ltd 134-136 Delce Road Rochester ME1 2DG 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 842089 Ryders Chemist 130 High Street Rochester ME1 1JT 9am-5.30pm Mon-Sat. 01634 842838 St Mary’s Island Island Pharmacy Edgeway, St Marys Island ME4 3EP 9am-1pm and 2-6pm Mon-Fri 4-10pm Sat, Sun 01634 891207 Strood Boots 83 High Street Strood ME2 4AH 9am-1pm and 2-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm and 3-5.30pm Sat. 01634 717367 Bryant Road Pharmacy 59-61 Bryant Road Strood ME2 3EP 9am-1pm and 2.30-6.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat. 01634 718039 Coles Pharmacy 29 Darnley Road Strood ME2 2EU 8.45am-7pm Mon-Fri, 8.45am-1pm Sat. 01634 718508 Hobbs Pharmacy 41-43 Wells Road Marlowe Park Strood ME2 2PW 9am-6pm Mon-Fri. 01634 714455 Tesco Pharmacy 3 Cuxton Road Strood ME2 2BT 8am-8pm Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm Sun. 01634 497549


Twydall J Spensley Ltd 1 Twydall Green Gillingham ME8 6JX 8.30am-1pm and 2-5.30pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 8.30am-1pm and 6-7pm Wed, 8.30am-1pm Sat. 01634 231809 Wainscott Marshlands Wainscott Surgery 63 Miller Way Wainscott, ME2 4LP 8.30am-1pm and 2.30-6pm Mon, Tue, Fri. 8.30am-1pm and 2.30-6.30pm Wed. 8.30am-1pm and 2-5.30pm Thurs. 01634 291496 Walderslade Fenns Chemist 9-10 Walderslade Centre Walderslade ME5 9LR 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm Sat. 01634 863819 Morrisons Pharmacy Princes Avenue Walderslade, ME5 8BA 9am-8pm Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm Sun. 01634 684964 Wayfield Delmergate Pharmacy 163 Wayfield Road Wayfield ME5 0HD 9am-1pm and 2-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am -12.30pm Sat. 01634 841967

NHS dentists Most of the dentists listed below have space for NHS patients, although a few treat only children and those adults who are exempt from all charges for dentistry. If you need assistance or advice, please phone NHS Medway Dental Helpline on 0800 014 1538. In an emergency you should contact your own dentist in working hours or, if you do not have a dentist, call the NHS Medway Dental Helpline on 0800 014 1538 (open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). For emergencies during the evenings and at weekends, call DentaLine on 01634 890300. Chatham Chatham Dental Surgery 131A High Street Chatham ME4 4DH 01634 406776 Premier Dental Care 93A High Street Chatham ME4 4DL 01634 405515 The Dental Surgery 27 Railway Street Chatham ME4 4RH 01634 843044 Gibraltar House Clinic New Road Chatham ME4 4RY 01634 400128

Longford Dental Centre 86 Rock Avenue Gillingham ME7 5PS 01634 853935 The Dental Surgery 70 High Street Gillingham ME7 1AY 01634 853289 Dental Healthcare Practice 83A High Street Gillingham ME7 1BL 01634 851061 The Dental Surgery 84A High Street Gillingham ME7 1AX 01634 851178 Hoo St Werburgh Hoo Dental Care 96 Bells Lane Hoo St Werburgh ME3 9HU 01634 250181 Lordswood The Dental Surgery 17-19 Gould Road Dargets Wood Lordswood ME5 8DP 01634 201636

Gillingham Watling Street Dental Care 56 Watling Street Gillingham ME7 2NY 01634 576688 Nelson Road Dental Practice 193 Nelson Road Gillingham ME7 4NB 01634 851317 Franklin House Dental Practice 15 Franklin Road Gillingham ME7 4DF 01634 853030



Lower Stoke The Post Office Surgery 1 Sandra Court High Street Lower Stoke ME3 9RA 01634 272933 Luton Luton Arches Dental 425 High Street Chatham ME4 4NU 01634 844121 Rainham The Dental Surgery 33A High Street Rainham ME8 7HX 01634 365523 Rainham Dental and Implant Centre 15 High Street Rainham ME8 7HX 01634 235377 Maidstone Road Dental Surgery 3 Maidstone Road Rainham ME8 0DH 01634 231413 Omnipark Dental Practice 3 Birling Avenue Rainham ME8 7HB 01634 238360 Rochester Crown Court Clinic 203 High Street Rochester ME1 1HB 01634 840303 The New Road Dental Surgery 3A New Road Rochester ME1 1BD 01634 845286 Howard Marshall Dentistry 18E City Way Rochester ME1 2AB 01634 842549


Thorndike Dental Surgery 374 High Street Rochester ME1 1DJ 01634 817417 Eastgate Dental Practice 1-4 Eastgate Court High Street Rochester ME1 1EU 01634 841337 Northgate Dental Practice 62A High Street Rochester ME1 1JY 01634 404590 The Dental Surgery 196 High Street Rochester ME1 1EY 01634 404600 Strood Longford Dental Centre 27A Darnley Road Strood ME2 2EU 01634 723086 The Dental Surgery 4 The Parade Allington Drive Strood ME2 3ST 01634 713422 Thakray Dental Clinic 11 Central Road Strood ME2 3HF 01634 716840 Twydall Hillton Dental Practice 139 Twydall Lane Gillingham ME8 6JU 01634 231776 Walderslade Medway Dental Practice 26 King George Road Walderslade ME5 0TX 01634 862749

Lavender Close Dental Practice 1 Lavender Close King George Road Walderslade ME5 0PU 01634 864153 Wigmore The Dental Surgery 367 Maidstone Road Wigmore ME8 0HT 01634 232204 Wigmore Dental Practice 198 Fairview Avenue Wigmore ME8 0PX 01634 231062

Covering all of Medway Domiciliary Dentist – provides denture care for the housebound C/o Hospital Lane Dental Clinic Lord Lees Grove Bluebell Hill Chatham ME5 9PE 01634 842566 The Rochester Orthodontic Centre – offers NHS orthodontic care to eligible patients under 18, referred by their dentist Cypress House 227 Frindsbury Hill Frindsbury ME2 4JS 01634 710105

Opticians Got a sudden eye problem? Seven local opticians now offer fast, expert care to anyone with a sudden eye problem, under NHS Medway’s Primary Eyecare Acute Referral Scheme (PEARS). If you or your child has eye pain, headaches, blurred vision, loss of vision, red eyes, dry eyes, problems with lids or lashes, or other problems, please contact one of the opticians highlighted as PEARS practices in the list overleaf, to make an appointment. Chatham Boots Opticians incorporating D&A 225 High Street Chatham ME4 4BQ 01634 826819 Boots Opticians Pentagon Centre Chatham ME4 4BB 01634 828672 Kent Contact Lens Centre The Guard House, Church Lane The Historic Dockyard Chatham ME4 4TE 01634 827817 Optical Express Ltd 181 High Street Chatham ME4 4NJ 01634 828769 Specsavers 215 High Street Chatham ME4 4BG 01634 818555 SpecsFactory 13 Military Road Chatham ME4 4JG 01634 832684 Vision Express 199-201 High Street Chatham ME4 4BG 01634 404808


Gillingham Boots Opticians incorporating D&A 96 High Street Gillingham ME7 1AX 01634 850000

PEARS practice

Strood Boots Opticians PEARS practice 117 High Street Strood ME2 4TJ 01634 718676

Rayner Opticians 111 High Street Gillingham ME7 1BS 01634 582222 Specsavers 137 High Street Gillingham ME7 1AQ 01634 583350

Hempstead Leightons Opticians 67 Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre Gillingham ME7 3PD 01634 261311 Hoo St Werburgh The Kent Eye Clinic (Sanfords Opticians) 7 Main Road Hoo ME3 9AA 01634 256565 Rainham Boots Opticians 15 Rainham Shopping Centre Rainham ME8 7HW 01634 362638 John High Opticians 73 High Street Rainham ME8 7HF 01634 233634


PEARS practice

Rochester Thorndike Optical Practice 39 High Street Rochester ME1 1LN 01634 832099

Bowden & Lowe Opticians 117 Watling Street Gillingham ME7 2YX 01634 851783

T J Woolley 60 Watling Street Gillingham ME7 2YN 01634 281291

Patrick Duff Opticians 65 High Street Rainham ME8 7HS 01634 231308

Niall O’Kane Optometrists 78-80 High Street Strood ME2 4AR 01634 290178 PEARS practice

PEARS practice

PEARS practice

Walderslade Village Vision 6 Ashdown House Walderslade Centre Walderslade ME5 9LR 01634 682595

PEARS practice

PEARS practice

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Looking after yourself and your family To protect against infection

To steer clear of slips and trips

Wash your hands often and thoroughly – it should take 15-30 seconds. Don’t forget fingertips and backs of hands!

Research shows that up to a third of falls in older people can be prevented by simple precautions.

Clean hard surfaces – germs can linger for days on TV remote controls, light switches, telephones, and toilet or door handles. Use a tissue to catch coughs or sneezes, throw it away and wash your hands If you get a cold or tummy bug, stay away from other people, drink plenty of water in small sips, and take great care with hand hygiene. Don’t visit hospital or care homes if you feel unwell – an infection which is mild to you could be serious for more vulnerable people.

To reduce your risk of falling: • Keep physically active - it improves muscle strength and balance. • Eat a varied and healthy diet • Keep hydrated • Remove hazards from your home such as rugs that ruck up • Look after your feet and replace worn or ill-fitting footwear • Get your eyes checked once a year Medway Community Healthcare’s falls prevention service in Medway offers full assessments of people who have fallen or whose fear of falling is affecting their life. If you would like an assessment, speak to your GP or phone 01634 810900.


Urgent help when you need it Need advice, to check symptoms or find an NHS service? NHS Direct at

0845 4647

Need a pharmacy? Many open late and at weekends – see inside for addresses and opening times.

Dental emergency? Contact your own dentist in office hours. In the evenings and at weekends, call DentaLine:

01634 890300

Sudden eye problem? Seven high street opticians in Medway can help – see inside for details.

Mental health crisis? If you are being treated by a specialist mental health service, phone the number you have been given. If not, contact your GP or Mental Health Matters helpline (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

0800 107 0160

Minor injury that may need cleaning, stitching or dressing? Minor injuries units are open 9am-9pm, 7 days a week at: Sheppey Community Hospital, Plover Road, Minster-on-Sea, ME12 3LT Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital, Bell Road, Sittingbourne, ME10 4DT

01795 879104 01795 418300

Need to see a doctor? See inside for details of GP practices and how to register. If you need to see a GP urgently, your practice will try to fit you in. If they cannot and you need an urgent appointment, they will be able to refer you to MedOCC. Or you can try the walk-in centre.

Walk-in Centre For care by GPs and nurses, 8am-8pm, 7 days a week Medway NHS Healthcare Centre, 547-553 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, ME7 5LF

01634 575232

Need to see a doctor when your practice is closed? MedOCC - for urgent care from 6.30pm-8am Mon-Fri and 24 hours at weekends and bank holidays

Serious or life-threatening illness or injury? Phone 999 or go to the emergency department at Medway Maritime Hospital Please keep emergency services free for those who really need them

01634 891855

Health Matters - Spring 2011  

Your guide to GP surgeries, pharmacies, NHS dentists and opticians.

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