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Version 3 Published: April 2012 Review Date: April 2015

Current YCN Breast Cancer Pathway Pathway

Notes Key i - Information points Key discussion points a - Holistic Assessment – will include ‘exit’ assessment Key Worker identification /involvement

Patient identifies symptoms

Assessment in Primary care I

Direct access to imaging (u/s and mammography)

Screening & assessment i

Quality Criteria 1 Referrals in accordance with NICE and local referral criteria

Max 14 days New patient Clinic

Clinic exam, consultation and history


Imaging, x-ray and or ultraound

Quality Criteria 2 To include: Immediate imaging plus Ability to perform needle biopsy at first visit

Needle histology and/or cytology

Max 7 days

Quality Criteria 3 Skill mix/competancy as per BASO Guidance


Preliminary results to patient and GP

Clinic Results to Patient I a

Diagnostic results (and possible staging) Additional/repeat tests as required

Pre-assessment i Surgery (+/reconstruction)



Palliative and supportive Care i

Chemotherapy I

Clinic Results to patient and discuss options I a

Results to GP

Max 31 days

Primary Endocrine i

Quality Criteria 4 Weekly MDT constituted in accordance with Manual of Cancer Max 62 Services Standards


MDT Post-surgical pathology



Palliative and Supportive Care

Quality Criteria 5 In accordance with IOG

Results to GP and secondary care clinicians

MDT Follow Up (+/- reconstruction as a delayed procedure) Relapse patients return to MDT I a End of Life

Discharged +/- limited planned breast imaging

Quality Criteria 6 YCN Palliative and Supportive Care Strategy