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This flow chart has been designed to enable you to support young people who think they may be pregnant Encourage and support Young People to consider talking to Parents, Guardian and Partner

Options Kirklees eenage Pregnancy Strategy

Advice and support available:

Need a test to confirm a pregnancy?

Teen Clinics, School Nurse, Connexions Personal Advisers, Youth Workers, LAC & YOT Health Workers and all CASH Clinics and GP’s

Tests available from: CASH Clinic (free) Teen Clinic (free), Upac Clinic ((free), some chemists displaying Choices Stickers (free), Chemist (£), and others. (see Poster)

Decision made to continue with pregnancy

Birth GP, Midwife, Health Visitor, Family: Connexions Personal Adviser, Youth Worker, School Nurse.


Unsure whether or not to continue with the pregnancy

Not Pregnant

Emergency pills can be taken up to 72 hours (3 days) later, but the sooner they are taken, the better. Emergency contraception available for under and over 16s from many Doctors (free), CASH Clinics (free), Upac Clinic (free) Teen Clinic (free). If young woman is over 16, emergency pills available from many pharmacies (£25.00). Free to over 13s in North Kirklees pharmacies displaying Choices Sticker. Also a coil can be fitted up to 5 days later. For more information Ring NHS Direct (see below )

Contraception and sexual health advice from Teen Clinics, CASH Clinics, School Nurse, Personal Adviser, Youth Workers

Contacts Details of Organisation and Web Sites

Options could be: Counselling, help and advice for unplanned pregnancy is available at CASH Clinic. Upac Clinic, Teen Clinic or Talk to School Nurse, Youth Worker, Doctor, Practice Nurse, Personal Advisers or someone they trust

Referral for termination BPAS

Fostering or adoption contact Social Services 01924 483707

Had unprotected sex? Need emergency contraception to avoid a pregnancy?

Huddersfield Clinics CASH GUM

North Kirklees Clinics Upac 01924 516102 Chadwick Clinic (STIs) 01924 816120 Web Sites:

Keeping the baby

Things to Consider: Are all relevant agencies involved to ensure ongoing support for mother and/partner: eg Further information available through Maternity Alliance Folder (Available through health visitors), Care to Learn, Citizens Advice, Benefit Office Housing, Schools, Connexions PA for Teenage Parents (01484-226700), CIS (01484 223041)

01484 344260 01484 344311

0845 Direct 4647