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GHCCG QOF QP PATHWAY Pathway name: YAS Emergency Bypass Number Aim: (please put a cross in the appropriate box) To ensure appropriate outpatient referrals and reduce variation To ensure appropriate use of emergency care


Explanation: GP Triage is a practice used by ambulance clinicians in partnership with the patients GP, whereby ambulance clinicians contact the patients GP during opening (usually 8am – 6.30pm) hours (this does not include times shut for PPT between 1pm and 6.30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month) for consultation after a non-life threatening emergency or acute event, to determine with the GP the most suitable pathway or care plan for their patient. This pathway provides a procedure within the practice ensuring that the line number given to YAS is manned, and ensure that they have contact with a GP within 10 minutes of ringing it. Specific intervention: 1)

For the patient this would provide the best care, with the best clinician to meet the patient’s needs in the best location.

2) For the GP this gives the opportunity to determine the most appropriate care plan for the patient and avoid inappropriate emergency admissions and unnecessary A&E attendances.

3) For YAS this gives ambulance clinicians access to GP skill level in the community setting and improves ambulance resource availability and distribution.


4) The practices need to provide the most up to date direct phone number to YAS clinical HUB, this can include landlines and mobile numbers where appropriate. Outcome Measure: To be completed and returned with final report by 31 st March 2013. Measure Number of calls received from YAS clinical HUB between 8th October 2012 and 28th February 2013



Details of call: Date


Patient ID (practice use only)

Reason for Call/Diagnosi s

Outcome (from list)

Call completed by and designation

Outcome list: • • • • • • •

GP advised to convey to ED GP gave self care advice only GP will visit patient Patient conveyed straight to GP surgery Referral refused (detail why) Appointment arranged at GP surgery Other (please state)

In some circumstances you may receive a call straight from the paramedic rather than the YAS clinical HUB. If you receive a call directly from the paramedic please record this information below: Date


Patient ID (practice use only)

Reason for Call/Diagnosi s



Call completed by and designation

Notes: The following is taken from the YAS ‘Standard Operating Procedure for GP Triage’ and this is the guidance that the ambulance clinicians will be using: YAS Clinical Hub Health Desk staff contact appropriate GP surgery in hours before 6pm using bypass/health professional’s number and use the standard phrase ‘Ambulance GP Triage Call’. Health Desk staff request 10 minute GP ring-back and provide appropriate patient and contact details. Maximum call back times will normally be 10 minutes for surgeries. Await ring-back, if you are not called back within the above time then you should make one re-contact attempt, wait no more than 5 minutes then consider alternative care plan for the patient. Nil Returns: In order to ensure that no-one has to submit a nil return YAS will inform us in January if your practice hasn’t received a call. We will then ring your bypass number to ensure that the phone is answered and your process is in place. You will then be able to write this in the box marked ‘number’ next to ‘Number of calls received from YAS clinical HUB between 8th October 2012 and 28 th February 2013. Read codes: The below codes can be used to help you search when preparing your year end audit: Seen by Ambulance Crew Referred by Ambulance Service

EMIS/Synergy – 9NlC (l is lower case L)

SystmOne - XaPCc

EMIS/Synergy – 9N6S

SystmOne - XaKIE