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GHCCG QOF QP PATHWAY Pathway name: Preferred MSK Referral Routes including Neurosurgery Aim: To ensure appropriate outpatient referrals and reduce variation Specific Outcome: OUTCOME


Promote appropriate use of MSK pathways

See list of MSK referral route options.

Promote Appropriate use of Neurosurgery and orthopaedics

1. Increase the conversion rate to surgery. 2. All patients should have a “work up” and have already been assessed by the local Physiotherapy service and/or Moorfields MSK service if appropriate.

Outcome Measure: To be completed and returned with completed QP template by 31st March 2013. Number of patients triaged by practice (between 8th October to 28th February 2013 inclusive) Number of patients referred to: Community Physiotherapy Outpatient Physiotherapy In House Physiotherapy ( for practices with in house Physiotherapy ) MSK clinic at Moorfields In House MSK service Pain clinic Orthopaedics Clinic Rheumatology clinic Falls clinic Private Physiotherapy services Spinal Clinic – after appropriate primary care work up Number of patient referrals to spine clinic who converted to surgery:

Produced by Dr Anuj Handa QP Physiotherapy Pathway

Number of patients who you didn’t use the preferred referral routes for: Reasons for not using preferred referral routes including problems with access:

Please also complete the following for patients triaged by practice between 8th October 2012 and 28th February 2013 inclusive: The number of patients: Given joint injections in practice Given Physiotherapy leaflet and no further action Using in-house acupuncture service (where applicable) Read codes: The below read codes may be used to assist you with the reporting of use of this pathway, if appropriate for your practice: Read code Acupuncture Refer to Physiotherapy therapist Refer to community Physiotherapy Private referral to Physiotherapy therapist Referral to rheumatology clinic Orthopaedics referral Injection around joint Falls risk assessment referral Spinal Clinic Exercise Leaflet given

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Produced by Dr Anuj Handa QP Physiotherapy Pathway