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Pathway name: Choose and Book – Advice and Guidance Aim:

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To ensure appropriate outpatient referrals and reduce variation


To ensure appropriate use of emergency care Explanation: The Choose and Book Advice and Guidance service allows clinicians to ask for secondary care advice/opinion on the management of a patient. Receiving this advice before referring should reduce referral variation. When using Advice and Guidance you can attach documents where applicable to provide more information about your query. The information sent via this system is secure, as it is used in exactly the same way as Choose and Book which securely handles patient data. Before sending a letter, consider using Choose and Book first. The advice received via Choose and Book can be saved to patient notes as you would with a letter. Specific intervention: 1) For the majority of referring clinicians within the practice to use the Advice and Guidance service whenever appropriate.

2) Service should be used a minimum of 2 times from 8th October 2012 to 28 th February 2013 for each 1000 patients.

3) Suggestion to focus on areas with high discharge after 1 st appointment activity. However, this is not compulsory and should be used when clinically appropriate.

4) To review use of the service and submit findings.


Outcome Measure: To be completed and returned with final report by 31 st March 2013. 1.

Number of registered patients


Number of times Advice and Guidance service was used from 8th October 2012 to 28th February 2013

Department asked:

How long did the response take?

Did the response lead to a referral? Y/N


Were you happy with the quality of the advice? Y/N If not please explain why....

Choose and Book Advice and Guidance is available from the following areas at CHFT: Chemical Pathology Cardiology Children’s and Adolescent Services Children’s and Adolescent Services - Surgery Child and Adolescent Services – Mental Health Dermatology Diabetic Medicine Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine ENT General Medicine General Surgery Geriatric Medicine GI and Liver (Medicine and Surgery) Gynaecology Haematology Nephrology Neurology Ophthalmology Oral and Maxillofacial Orthopaedics Pain Management Respiratory Medicine – Tuberculosis Respiratory Medicine Rheumatology Urology Notes: The read codes that you could use to search in order to provide data for your year end report are: Name Choose and book Advice and guidance request