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MAP for self care for long term health conditions for practitioners when working with patients FRCole 2007

Understanding the condition and its impact on health Understanding the impact of LTHC and making changes by:

Using a patient led health needs assessment (HNA)

Using the five areas model (person centred model), assess readiness for change

Understanding specific condition/s and how the body works Useful information, self-help, signposting to support and advice, self care tool kit

Managing moods & unhelpful thinking Challenging thoughts • Depression, guilt • Anxiety • Anger, frustration • Shame

Coping with physical symptoms • Using drugs better • Understanding sleep • Relaxation skills • Care for specific symptoms; fatigue • pain

Managing life situation difficulties • Investigations for LTHC • Understanding roles of health care professionals • Communication, relationships; assertiveness • solving difficulties e.g. finance, housing, work • Carers needs

Changing unhelpful behaviours • Pacing skills • Goal setting • Getting fitter, being more active • Increasing pleasurable activities/rewards • Using daily activity logs

Overcoming LTHC problems • Maintaining progress and managing setbacks • Acceptance with compassion • Staying or returning to work