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Physical Assessment 1.Check sites – elbows, knees, trunk, scalp, flexures and nails

1. Duration of Psoriasis 2. Possible triggers -infection, stress, and alcohol 3. Family history of Psoriasis 4. Drug history 5. Quality of life

Educate Patient/Carer about Psoriasis Educate about Emollient Start on Topical Therapy

Chronic plaque Psoriasis

Guttate Psoriasis

1.Usually symmetrically distributed 2. Large or small plaques 3. Often seen on extensor surfaces, scalp. 4. White silvery scales on a salmon pink base.

1.Numerous scaly droplet lesions over trunk 2. May follow streptococcal/ infection

Flexural Psoriasis 1.Smooth glazed shinny red areas of skin, well demarcated 2. Secondarily infected with yeast


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