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Patients can be transferred after they have been symptom free for 48 hours Do not discharge asymptomatic patients to their own homes if they will require the intervention of home care/social services. 24. Infected staff • • • •

Staff who develop symptoms must be excluded from work until 48 hours symptom free. All absences due to the outbreak must be reported to the infection prevention and control team/ward manager and Occupational Health; stool samples may be requested. Upon returning to work, staff may be requested to work within the affected area. Any staff with symptoms must be recorded on the Staff Daily Review Outbreak Sheet, see Appendix D

25. Movement of staff •

Nursing and domestic staff working in affected area should not work in an unaffected area unless they have been away from the affected area for at least 48 hours; this includes bank and agency staff

Bank/agency nurses or staff brought in to help must not work in any other areas until the outbreak has been declared over. Agencies must be kept informed of the current outbreak status of the ward.

26. Therapy staff •

All non essential therapy should be cancelled until the outbreak has been declared finished.

Essential therapy intervention should be carried out as the staff member’s last visit.

Effective communication regarding the outbreak must be disseminated to the visiting staff member.

27. Visitors • • • • •

Inform ward visitors of the outbreak, by placing information notices at the entrance and in strategic places in the premises (see Appendix C). All visitors (members of the public and essential visiting staff) should report to the nurse in charge of the patients care before entering the ward. All visitors must be advised on the correct hand washing procedures before entry and exit of the ward. Visitors should be discouraged from bringing children onto the ward. Visitors should be advised not to eat on the ward.