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LOW LEVEL SURFACES All cupboards and storage areas should be emptied and the internal surfaces cleaned. All skirting boards and pipe work must be cleaned. HIGH LEVEL SURFACES All ventilation ducts/ventilation systems/fans must be cleaned. All lights and lighting equipment must be cleaned. All cupboards including wall mounted should be emptied and the internal and external surfaces cleaned surfaces cleaned. All curtain rails must be cleaned. CLINICAL EQUIPMENT All clinical equipment must be cleaned e.g. stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs with detergent wipes. TELEPHONES & IT EQUIPMENT All movable IT equipment must be cleaned in accordance with the manufacturers recommended instructions e.g. telephones, computers including keyboard/mouse/headsets. PAINTWORK - WALLS AND DOORS Wall washing should be carried out where the walls are painted, or where the wallpaper is washable. WINDOW & BLINDS Any curtains, screens or blinds within the premises should be removed and cleaned e.g. washed/steam cleaned or dry cleaned as appropriate. All windows and windowsills should be cleaned inside and outside. It is recommended that a general use cleaning product is used for deep cleaning purposes. Where disinfection is required, then the use of a chlorine releasing product e.g. Chlorclean is the product of choice.