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All areas should be decluttered to ensure effective cleaning Prior to commencement of cleaning, protective gloves and an apron must be worn. Damp clean using the correct colour coded disposable cloth immersed in hand hot water containing the correctly measured cleaning solution and wring it out as dry as possible. Change the cleaning solution when dirty or every 15 minutes and prior to moving to different locations/areas. HARD FLOORS All hard flooring must be thoroughly washed and if possible scrubbed. SOFT FLOORS All carpeted areas including consulting rooms must be steam cleaned using a method appropriate to the type of carpet. Suction clean the carpet prior to deep cleaning. Protect the feet of furniture which cannot be moved with strips of cardboard or plastic. Spot clean heavy stains. TOILETS, SINKS, BASINS, BATHS, TAPS AND FIXTURES Porcelain, cubicle rails and plastic surfaces should be free from smudges, smears, body fluids, soap build-up and mineral deposits e.g. lime scale. Soap/ Alcohol gel/ towel dispensers must be thoroughly cleaned. Metal surfaces, shower screens and mirrors are to be cleaned free from streaks, soil, smudges, soap build-up and oxide deposits e.g. lime scale. Wall tiles and wall fixtures (including soap dispensers and towel holders) are to be cleaned free of dust, grit, smudges/streaks, mould, soap build-up and mineral deposits. Shower curtains and bath mats are to be cleaned free from stains, smudges, smears, odours, mould and body fluids. Sanitary disposal units are to be clean and functional. FURNITURE, FIXTURES, FITTINGS AND SOFT FURNISHINGS All horizontal and vertical surfaces must be cleaned including all fixed and freestanding furniture. This procedure applies to desks/trolleys/curtains rails/examination lamps/complete door frames including door furniture/examination couches/ chairs/light switches/sockets/worktops/pictures/radiators and pipe work/ledges/fire extinguishers/decorative plants and containers. All central heating radiator grills and fitments must be cleaned. The internal and external surface of all waste receptacles must be cleaned, including the foot operated mechanism where appropriate.