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Director of Patient Care and Professions Sheila Dilks VSM

Assistant Director Quality Improvement Sue Smith Band 8c

Quality Improvement Manager Effectiveness 1.0 WTE Band 8a

Quality Improvement Project Officer Vacant Band 6

Audit Effectiveness Facilitator Band 4

Head of Patient Experience and R&D Vacant Band 8b

Quality Assurance Manager 1.0 WTE Band 7

Quality Improvement Coordinator 1.0 WTE Band 5

PA 1.0 WTE 2.0 Band 4

Head of Knowledge and Learning 1.0 WTE Band 8b

Learning & Development Coordinator 1.0 WTE Band 5

Training Administrator 1.0 WTE Band 3

Practice Learning Facilitators 1.0 WTE 0.5 WTE Band 7 Manual Handling Trainer Band 6 e-Learning Manager 1.0 WTE Band 6

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