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What is Infection Control? Infection Prevention and Control is about preventing infections particularly those that are associated with healthcare – for example, ways of preventing infections being spread on the hands of health care workers or carers. We all have a part to play in controlling infection. Infections are caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses entering the body. They can be minor and stay in one area, like a boil or wound, or they can spread throughout the body, like Flu or a blood stream infection. Often, infections are easily dealt with, but sometimes they can cause serious problems.

Our Commitment NHS Kirklees takes preventing, minimising and controlling the risk of healthcare associated infection to patients/staff/visitors and carers very seriously. Ways in which we do this include: Education and training in infection control for all staff employed by NHS Kirklees Staff using good handwashing technique or using alcohol handrubs The use of disposable aprons and gloves

High standards of cleanliness Making sure equipment is clean How to recognise signs of infection Educating patients/healthcare professionals and carers

If you have any concerns or require further advice, useful contact details listed below. NHS Kirklees Infection Control Team on 01924 512159 01484 466177 Health Protection Agency (Yorkshire and Humber) Leeds HPA Laboratory Bridle Path York Road Leeds LS15 7TR Tel 0113 2640606 Patients Advice Liaison Service Broad Lea House HUDDERSFIELD HD2 1GZ Tel 01484 464464

Functions of the Infection Control Team Provision of information education and advice on Infection Control Monitoring and reviewing infections in the community eg MRSA and C difficile Development of Infection Control policies and procedures for health care staff Advise on measures to tackle healthcare associated infections Support for staff/patients/service users and carers in the prevention, management and control of infection Monitoring of infection control standards and practices Changing behaviours, promoting a culture of cleanliness

Kirklees Infection Control Team Director of Infection Prevention Assistant Director Infection Control Infection Control Nurses

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