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Minutes of the Trust Board Meeting held on Wednesday 30 March 2011 at 9.15 am in the Boardroom at Broad Lea House, Bradley Business Park, Huddersfield Present: Rob Napier Vanessa Stirum Valerie Aguirregoicoa Rob Millington Mehboob Khan Tony Gerrard Mike Potts Dr David Anderson Bryan Machin Dr Judith Hooper Carol McKenna In attendance: Peter Flynn Sue Ellis Helena Corder Pauline Kershaw Karen Hemsworth Tracy Small Steve Ollerton Julie Wilkinson

Chairman Non-executive Director and Vice Chair Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Chief Executive Chair Clinical Executive Committee Executive Director of Finance Executive Director of Public Health (from 9.50 am) Executive Director of Commissioning and Strategic Development Director of Performance and Information Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development Director of Corporate Services Executive Assistant Assistant Director for Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults (Agenda item KPCT/11/44) Deputy Director of Patient Care and Innovation Chair, Greater Huddersfield Commissioning Consortium Shadow Board (part-time) RCN Representative

There were no members of the public in attendance. The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all those in attendance, particularly Tracy Small, who was deputising for Sheila Dilks, Executive Director of Patient Care and Professions; Steve Ollerton, Chair of the Greater Huddersfield Commissioning Consortium Shadow Board and Julie Wilkinson, RCN Representative, who was shadowing Rob Napier in his role as Chair. KPCT/11/30

Apologies for Absence Sheila Dilks, Executive Director of Patient Care and Professions; Imran Patel, Non-executive Director and David Kelly, Chair of the North Kirklees Health Alliance Shadow Board.

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Declarations of Interest Carol McKenna, Peter Flynn, Sue Ellis, Helena Corder declared an interest in the following agenda item: KPCT/11/38 Cluster governance arrangements – discussion paper


Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 26 January 2011 The minutes of the Trust Board meeting held on Wednesday 26 January 2011 were AGREED as a true and accurate record.


Matters Arising KPCT/11/05

Chief Executive’s Report

North Kirklees Health Alliance Mike Potts advised that although the minute was accurate at the time of the meeting, it can now be confirmed that 100% of practices supported the proposal, as a practice that had not originally taken part in the vote, later confirmed their support. KPCT/11/07

Performance Report

Imran Patel had highlighted that some data outlined within the Performance report appeared to be 18 months to two years out of date. Peter Flynn reported that the data had been checked following the meeting, and although one figure was incorrect and was rectified, the others were all correct. KPCT/11/13

Career Break Policy Review

Sue Ellis had agreed to look at the gender breakdown to see who had taken career breaks to determine whether this impacted relatively more on women. Sue advised that the percentage was statistically small, as all six staff members who took a career break were female and taking into account the gender split of the organisation, it would be expected five to be female and one male.


Chief Executive’s and Clinical Executive Committee Chair’s Report Mike Potts presented his report to the Board highlighting the following:

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Cluster Appointments Cluster Chief Executive and Chair designates have been appointed for three clusters: -

Calderdale/Kirklees/Wakefield District The Humber South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

The Board will be asked to confirm Mike Potts’ appointment as Chief Executive and Angela Monaghan’s appointment as Chair. Mike pointed out that the remaining chairs will continue to be responsible for chairing their individual organisations. NHS Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust Rob Webster, Chief Executive of NHS Calderdale, is to become Chief Executive of Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, as from 1 April 2011, when the organisation becomes a new standalone NHS Trust. Bryan Machin, Director of Finance, has been appointed as Director of Finance at NHS Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. Mike Potts wished Bryan every success in his new role, and said he would be greatly missed by colleagues at NHS Kirklees. It is expected Bryan will take up his new post at some point in May 2011. NHS Yorkshire and the Humber Rob Cooper, Director of Finance, is to take up a secondment at South London Healthcare NHS Trust, as from 11 April 2011. Alan Wittrick will be seconded to the SHA as Director of Finance and Ivan Ellul, currently Chief Executive of NHS East Riding of Yorkshire, will be seconded as Director of Performance. Steven Michael, Chief Executive of South West Yorkshire Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust (SWYPFT), has returned to SWYPFT after working as Director of Provider Development across Yorkshire and the Humber. John Lawlor, Chief Executive of NHS Leeds, has taken up the Director of Provider Development role on a part-time basis. Kirklees Council David Smith is now in post as the Council’s new Director of Resources. Page 3 of 19

GP Consortia Following a rigorous selection process of a strong field of GPs who had put themselves forward, the Board members for the two GP consortia, Greater Huddersfield Commissioning Consortium and North Kirklees Health Alliance, have been appointed for the shadow period. The consortia will work closely with NHS Kirklees to formally establish themselves in shadow form. The Functions of GP Commissioning Consortia: a working document – has been published. This important document provides a clear and straightforward description of the key duties and powers of consortia as set out in the Health and Social Care Bill. A self diagnostic tool and assurance framework is due to be published in April and this will be another key document to work on as the consortia are required to become accredited in 2013. Both consortia are now pathfinders and engaged in the GP commissioning pathfinder programme. Kirklees Community Healthcare Services (KCHS) Approval has been received from the SHA, to establish KCHS as a social enterprise. The organisation has gone through a process to agree a name, which is Locala Community Partnerships CIC (Community Interest Company). An evaluation/assessment panel was held yesterday, for the three individuals who will be running this organisation. The interview panel consisted of Rob Napier, Mike Potts; Suzy Brain-England, Chair, KCHS; John Lawlor, Director of Provider Development from the SHA and independent assessors for all three individuals. Mike confirmed that the panel agreed to second all three individuals into the new company and they would be supported through a development programme. The Board will ensure that development around organisational requirements will be built into the contract.

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Use of PCT Seal The Board were asked to note the use of the PCT seal on 14 February 2011, in relation to the refurbishment of Liversedge Health Centre. Joint Inspection of Kirklees Youth Offending Team (YOT) A core case inspection of youth offending work in Kirklees took place as part of the Inspection of the Youth Offending programme. Karen Hemsworth, Assistant Director of Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults, will explain more about this inspection as part of her report to the Board later in the meeting. Care and Compassion? A letter from David Nicholson about the report of the Health Service Ombudsman into NHS Care for Older People The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman published a report on investigations into NHS care of older people. Mike Potts reported that the report does not make good reading for the NHS and encouraged those present to read this report. Mike stressed the importance of the NHS to be sighted on this issue and requested that Elderly Services read and review the report and ensure findings are fed into our plans. Kathryn Riddle’s (Chair, NHS Yorkshire and the Humber) Annual Visit Kathryn will be visiting NHS Kirklees on 4 May 2011. It has been suggested as part of her visit, Kathryn may look at some of the work done by Auntie Pam’s and also learn more about NHS Kirklees’ involvement in the London 2012 Inspire Programme. Anyone wishing to suggest other topics to be included in the programme for the visit are asked to contact Mike. Update around Contracts To be discussed later on in the meeting. Cluster Governance Arrangements It is expected that there will be a paper on cluster governance on the agenda for Board sign off in April 2011. There is to be a Board development session on 27 April 2011, but it was agreed that the first part of the session will now be a formal Board meeting. Page 5 of 19

Clinical Executive Chair Update David reported that at the last Clinical Executive meetings, the following issues had been discussed: -

New Diabetic guidelines approved for Kirklees CQUIN indicators The Government targets for increasing health visitor numbers.


IVF – it was agreed that the current policy of one cycle of IVF for couples who meet the criteria, should be continued.

The functions of the Clinical Executive will soon be undertaken by the new GP Consortia. However, it was agreed there should be an overlap period until the GP consortia are formally established as a sub committee of the Board, to ensure the Board continues to receive robust clinical advice. The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the contents of the Chief Executive’s and the Clinical Executive Committee Chair’s Report. KPCT/11/35

Finance Report Bryan Machin presented the Finance Report which updated the Board on NHS Kirklees’ forecast financial performance for 2010/11, including associated risks and to advise the Board on action being taken to manage those risks. Bryan advised that the amended control total of £8.1m, should be achieved. Primary care prescribing expenditure remains a risk. Carol reported that the SHA have been advised that NHS Kirklees will not have contracts signed off by the 31 March 2011 which was the requested deadline. Negotiations are continuing as follows: Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT) A new contract is being negotiated. Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (MYHT) Negotiating deed of variation with MYHT. Negotiations continuing with details still to be finalised. South West Yorkshire Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust (SWYPFT) Similar position to MYHT. Further meeting planned for early April.

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Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) A financial element is subject to mediation by the SHA. The rest of the contract is in progress, but still to be finalised. NHS Kirklees has made a Section 256 agreement with Kirklees Council which requires ratification by the Board. The agreement states how/where the money (£1.245m) should be allocated and the Council are requested to provide a voucher accounting for the expenditure in these areas. The Board RECOGNISED the forecast achievement of the control total and RATIFIED a Section 256 transfer of £1.245m to Kirklees Council. KPCT/11/36

Performance Report Peter Flynn advised of a number of items he had been requested to escalate to the Board following the FP&S meeting: Total Time in A&E Performance in quarter 2 is 94.9%. This is dominated by MYHT performance which continues to be volatile across the MY sites. MYHT have formally declared they will not achieve their target for the year and they are aware of the consequences. The PCT figure will require an upturn in performance from CHFT to turnaround and this is still in balance. Therefore, it is unlikely the PCT will achieve 95%. 18 Week RTT Admitted Pathway (monthly validated data) CHFT have been overachieving and conversations with them suggest their position is being moderated. MYHT figure is around 70% year to date. The aggregate position is 82.2%. A number of discussions at different levels within MYHT, suggests an inability to deliver the backlog. Therefore, as an organisation, the target for 18 weeks will not be achieved. Valerie Aguirregoicoa asked what actions are being taken to remedy this issue. This issue is to be discussed further in the private part of today’s meeting. Cancer – 2 month (62 days) wait Peter reported a slight breakdown within the month. Some of the January breaches were shared with MYHT and Leeds. It was understood that a number of consultants were on annual leave in January. MRSA Although the PCT will not achieve the target, Judith Hooper reported that the position had improved as at mid March, when MYHT reported 9 cases against 11 and CHFT, 4 against 5. Peter explained that the targets for next year would be different for MRSA and C.Diff. Page 7 of 19

The Board NOTED the NHS Kirklees performance against the key performance indicators and APPROVED the action being taken to address areas of under/over performance. KPCT/11/37

White Paper Transition Update Mike Potts updated the Board around transition in the following areas: Transforming Community Services (TCS) The process to consult staff on the TUPE transfer has commenced. KHS will become a social enterprise as from the first week in April 2011. However, until the organisation becomes independent from 1 October 2011, it is still under the umbrella of NHS Kirklees. There are no major risks or problems anticipated in delivering to this timeline. Robert Flack, Managing Director, is to be seconded in to lead and develop the Community Interest Company in April 2011. The TCS Board meets regularly and will advise the Board of any concerns. Public Health Judith gave a brief update. There is to be an interim Chief Executive of Public Health England who is to be responsible for some health protection duties and the PCT Public Health budget distribution. The closing date for the Department of Health consultations is 31 March 2011. Concern has been expressed around some elements of the Public Health papers, mainly around roles and structures. There is also some confusion regarding transfer of Public Health staff into Local Authorities around pensions, etc. Work is ongoing around Health Protection. The Public Health team are working closely together with colleagues in terms of NHS commissioning mandate and Local Authority responsibilities. A command paper is expected in July 2011.

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GP Commissioning Consortium 100% of practices had signed up to the configuration of two consortia, The North Kirklees Health Alliance and the Greater Huddersfield Commissioning Consortium. Mike reported that the Communications team will be putting together pen pictures of the GP Consortia Board members. The Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation for the consortia will be considered by the Board in April. Clusters The Executive teams have met to discuss management arrangements in the new cluster and how this will work. The Chairs and Chief Executives have met and the Chief Executives continue to have one-to-one meetings with their senior teams. There was a simulation event held on 10 March 2011, supported by McKinseys which modelled how the new commissioning system will work. This was a useful event which was well attended. Staffing and Resilience Further guidance around staff alignment is expected on 31 March 2011. Directors are engaging with staff regarding alignment. NHS Kirklees will remain the employer. PCTs have now been advised to work towards ÂŁ30 per head for running costs for GP consortia and clusters. Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) The shadow HWB will be set up in June 2011. Informal engagements will continue. It is likely that Mehboob Khan will chair the Board. NHS Commissioning Board More information is expected from David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive, in May 2011. It is expected that some functions may be delegated to GP consortia. The Board NOTED the content of the report. KPCT/10/38

Cluster Governance Arrangements – Discussion Paper This report provided the Board with information regarding the establishment of the Calderdale/Kirklees/Wakefield cluster; to adopt the appointed Chief Executive and Chair and nominate a Non-executive Director to the cluster. The Board was also asked to consider the local governance arrangements and consider the Page 9 of 19

adoption of a single set of standing orders based on the Wakefield District PCT version. Mike Potts presented a work in progress diagram showing the proposed cluster governance arrangements. Discussion took place around the suggested “Chief Operating Officer” role and Mike confirmed that this role would be in addition to the postholder’s other role, not a “stand alone” appointment in its own right.. Discussion took place around a name for the cluster. The Board’s preferred name was “Calderdale/Kirklees/Wakefield District Cluster Partnership”. It was suggested that the Cluster Board meetings would not be public meetings, but for transparency, it was agreed to look at ways of communicating information, eg to upload notes from the meeting promptly onto websites. Valerie Aguirregoicoa suggested it would be useful if a report was sent to the PCT Boards, which could then be accessed by members of the public. The Board CONSIDERED proposals set out in the report so that a paper on revised governance arrangements can be put to the PCTs’ Board meetings in April/May for approval. The Board APPROVED the cluster partnership as a sub committee of the Board. The Board APPROVED the appointment of Mike Potts as Chief Executive and Angela Monaghan as Chair of the Cluster. The Board NOMINATED Mehboob Khan as Non-executive Director to sit on the Cluster Partnership, with Rob Millington as Deputy. The Board APPROVED the Establishment Agreement. The Board APPROVED the adoption of a single set of standing orders based on the Wakefield District PCT version. KPCT/11/39

2011/12 Budgets Bryan Machin highlighted the following from the 2011/12 Financial Budget report:It is forecasted to deliver the 2010/11 control total of £8.1m and it is planned on the basis that this will be returned to the PCT in full in 2011/12. It is also forecasted to stay within the capital resource limit of £1,149k and manage within available cash resources. Recurrently, the position is looking tight, principally around delivery of QIPP next year and contractual issues, which will require more money putting in than has been assumed in this plan. Page 10 of 19

In summary, Bryan felt it important to reiterate to the GP Consortia the significance of QIPP. It was pointed out that there is a meeting in April with the Consortia to look at QIPP. The additional QIPP efficiencies required to close the gap in the financial plan have reduced to £8m from the £15m previously being worked towards. The financial impact of non-payment for emergency re-admission within 30 days for the same condition has not been assessed. Contracts with acute providers are not yet signed. However, negotiations are at an advanced stage and it is expected that the cost of these contracts will be above the level provided for within the financial plan. At this time, it is expected that the pressure will be in the region of £3m. The main reason for this is that the local impact of national tariff prices is showing a net reduction of 0.5% rather than the national headline figure of 1.5% which equates to around £2.5m of the overall pressure. A number of changes have been made to fund this additional pressure which would leave a remaining pressure of £1m which can be covered by reducing the in year contingency from £5.5m to £4.5m which would allow the opening budgets to be fully funded, but would increase the in year risk arising from any over trades. At the moment, recurrent money is available, therefore, the risk of hitting control total is slight. There is a slight risk that 2% will be taken away. Rob Millington asked about the financial challenge around MYHT’s Foundation Trust status. Bryan explained this was a major area of concern, but work is going on at the moment on a workable plan. Bryan stressed again that the QIPP agenda is critical. The Board APPROVED the revenue and capital budgets for 2011/12. KPCT/11/40

Four Year Operating/Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015 Single Integrated Planning Process Peter Flynn presented a paper which outlined the background to planning requirements as set by the Department of Health and the SHA, giving a summary of the contents of the proposed four year plan. The plan triangulates activity, workforce and finance information alongside the PCT’s QIPP programme and is based on the PCT’s existing strategic plan.

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Peter explained that the SHA had requested a draft version by mid January 2011. The SHA commented back and the plan was resubmitted mid March 2011. Feedback on the final submission is awaited. There will be further opportunity to update numbers and it is a requirement that this operating plan is split into GP consortia. The Chair said this was a good piece of work given the timescales and expressed thanks to all concerned in its production. The Board APPROVED this revised plan. KPCT/11/41

Approval of Single Equality Scheme & The NHS Equality Delivery System In April 2011, a new public sector equality duty will come into force. This will extend existing promotional duties for race, sex and disability to include age, sexual orientation, religion and belief, gender reassignment and pregnancy and maternity. Helena Corder presented this report which incorporated changes, following consultation, to the previous draft Single Equality Scheme which came to the Board. Over the past five years or so, there has been pressure to introduce a formal Equality and Diversity monitoring system. The Equality Delivery System (EDS) is a quality assurance tool designed to help us meet our new statutory duties and embed equality and diversity into our core business. Helena explained that there was a large action plan for the organisation to deliver and unfortunately, Kate Bell, Equality and Diversity Manager for NHS Kirklees, is soon to leave the organisation, therefore, thought should be given as to how this plan will be delivered. The Board APPROVED the scheme and NOTED the information on the Equality Delivery System.


A Strategy and Overarching Care Pathway for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Carol McKenna presented the Strategy to the Board. The Board is aware of issues in this area and welcomed this document and how it would support the commissioning of appropriate services. Valerie Aguirregoicoa pointed out that although the report mentioned the mental health of fathers, it did not actually mention what services were offered. Valerie also said the equality impact assessment did not reflect the content of the document. Carol agreed to feed this back. Page 12 of 19


Kirklees PCT CQC Quality and Risk Profile QRP The Care Quality Commission (CQC) now produces Quality Risk Profiles (QRPs) for all provider organisations. The report published in March 2011, demonstrates high quality standard in NHS Kirklees. The information in the QRP is organised by the 16 essential outcomes of quality and safety and includes the following components: Context Information This includes background information about a provider or location. Information about outcomes This includes risk estimates for the essential standards of quality and safety and the data items that underpin the estimates. Contextual risk estimates These are risk estimates that reflect the type of health services provided, the make-up of the provider’s local population and the organisational context of the provider. NHS Kirklees is rated green in three of the five domains and neutral in the remaining two. Only three areas are showing below expected performance: availability of handwashing materials (which appears as part of the staff survey) violence against staff (position has improved on the more recent staff survey, even though this has been calculated differently) appropriate confidentiality audit procedures in line with the requirements of the National Programme for IT. It was agreed that the Board only required a summary report, with a link to the full report, as the document was not easy to follow, The Board NOTED the report and the high standard delivered by the organisation across all the outcomes.


2010/11 Annual Report: Safeguarding Children & Young People & Vulnerable Adults Karen Hemsworth presented the 2010/11 Annual Safeguarding Report outlining the work of the safeguarding team over the past year and providing the Board with assurances that NHS Kirklees is discharging its statutory functions. The report highlighted key achievements in 2010 and identified areas of further development.

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Karen informed the Board that whilst the report includes information about safeguarding training, looked after children and the child death review process, separate reports to the Board covered these areas in more detail. Karen informed the Board that safeguarding activity across Kirklees providers was monitored by the established Safeguarding Committee and Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board and that the Governance Committee received quarterly safeguarding progress reports and updates. This report had been to the Governance Committee in March 2010. Any relevant issues were subsequently escalated to the established Quality Boards. Links with the Yorkshire and Humber SHA were outlined and the Board were informed of regional work underway to develop clear safeguarding service standards for inclusion in service specifications and contracts. Assurances were provided that in the main, safeguarding leads for both children and adults were now in place. The report outlined recruitment and employment issues and Karen confirmed that current roles and core competencies across the Kirklees health economy continue to reflect safeguarding responsibilities in all job descriptions. As part of Transforming Community Services, the Board were informed that the named nurses have transferred to the community provider, KCHS, as from 1 February 2011, but that they continue to fulfil their statutory role. A Memorandum of Understanding had been developed and agreed to ensure their support to Independent Contractors is maintained. Uptake of training was discussed and the Board were informed that all the main health providers in Kirklees have clear training strategies in place. Mike Potts asked who leads on safeguarding in Mid Yorkshire and Karen explained the current structures and lines of accountability and went on to inform the Board of Wakefield’s recent OFSTED and CQC inspection, which included inspections of safeguarding services at Dewsbury hospital. A number of recommendations were made, including the need to increase named nurse capacity and to develop a more robust model of supervision for community midwifes and Mid Yorkshire have developed a clear action plan to address these issues within the next three months. Karen explained that there are different structures in place around safeguarding adults from children. There is now Department of Health guidance around certain commissioning and provider requirements. It is acknowledged that there is still work to be done to drive this agenda forward. Page 14 of 19

Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board and Kirklees Safeguarding Adult Board function well with good representation from partner agencies and there are a number of effective workstreams taking specific pieces of work forward. A lot of work has been done this year with Independent Contractors to raise the profile of safeguarding. A number of successful Practice Protected Time events for GP practices, dental practices and pharmacists have taken place and a safeguarding pack for GP practices containing safeguarding information has been produced and distributed to all practices across Kirklees with 100% acknowledgement . Work is currently underway to replicate this for dental practices. Karen outlined section 11 of the Children Act 2004 responsibilities. Agencies are required to complete a Section 11 audit in order to establish if they are achieving desired outcomes and meeting their statutory responsibilities. This self assessment is submitted to Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board, who have a responsibility to monitor whether agencies are discharging their statutory functions. A challenge event took place which subsequently added extra value to this process. Assurances were provided to the Board that NHS Kirklees and other health providers across the Kirklees health economy were achieving this. The safeguarding team continue to work collectively with partners to ensure any learning coming out of the Serious Case Reviews (SCR) is embedded within practice.

A recent HMIP inspection of the Youth Offending Team (YOT) has identified a number of areas of good practice and areas for further improvement. A team of five inspectors spent a week at the two different YOT offices in October 2010. The full report is available from Karen. NHS Kirklees now has a well established Child Death Review Panel. 42 child deaths were reported to the panel over the last year. A more detailed annual report was published in 2010. Dr Jane Ford is now the named doctor for child protection and will be representing the Greater Huddersfield Commissioning Consortia at the Safeguarding Board and is currently in negotiations with North Kirklees Health Alliance, with a view to being their representative also. Judith Hooper enquired about safeguarding training for staff within general practice. Karen explained that the recently circulated safeguarding pack contained a safeguarding policy outlining the responsibilities of practices and that this included information about Page 15 of 19

training requirements for staff within general practice. Karen pointed out that there are a number of opportunities for colleagues within general practice to access training, either by e-learning, PPT events, individual training sessions within practices (which has been offered), KSCB training, or via external providers. Karen clarified that the current statutory guidance clearly defines what level of training all staff groups should undertake and that GPs should be trained to level 3. The Board was also informed that discussions are ongoing with regard to including safeguarding training as part of the GP appraisal process. Practices will also be required to provide evidence as part of their CQC registration. The report concluded by reminding the Board that during these times of major changes within health and social care, it is important that safeguarding remains at the forefront of those responsible for commissioning and providing services in order to protect those who are most vulnerable and ensure our services are the best they can be. The Board NOTED the Safeguarding Annual Report. KPCT/11/45

National NHS Staff Survey 2010 The 2010 Staff Survey ran between October and December 2010 in a climate of major change. The survey included a sample of KCHS staff but was sent to all NHS Kirklees staff. Sue Ellis advised that the Investors in People Group continue to take forward action plans following the publication of the survey. Helena Corder pointed out that in most of the areas targeted this year for action, eg appraisals, improvements have been seen. Valerie Aguirregoicoa was concerned that bullying and harassment continues to be an issue in one particular area. Discussion took place around who would be looking at equality and diversity following Kate Bell’s resignation. Mike said this would be flagged up through the West Yorkshire Resilience Directors’ meetings. The Board RECEIVED the report for information.


Board Assurance Framework (BAF) 2010-11 – Final Report Helena Corder presented the final report of the BAF. The key issues to note were: The change in the PCT’s financial position during the year for 2010/11 and achievement of the control total. The improvement in staff appraisal as reported in the staff survey. Page 16 of 19

The PCT’s response to the changes in health policy and the risks identified in the BAF in relation to change and capacity to deliver. The issues in relation to MYHT in terms of performance and more recently the ability to achieve Foundation Trust status. The progress made on TCS and formal approval from the SHA for the social enterprise. The positive impact of the Chief Executive staff briefing sessions on internal communications. The Board was asked to note the approach taken to achievement of the Information Governance Toolkit standards. Helena pointed out that although NHS Kirklees are a national exemplar in one area, we could still remain at level 1. The Board NOTED and ENDORSED the approach taken to achievement of the Information Governance Toolkit standards. KPCT/11/47

Ad Hoc Scrutiny Panel Report – Ambulance Response Times Carol McKenna presented this report for the Board’s information and explained that NHS Kirklees had fed into the Scrutiny Panel and commented on the recommendations. These are being fed into YAS through the action plan and business levels. Mike Potts said that in producing this report, the Scrutiny Panel now have a much better understanding of how YAS works and appears to be reassured by some of the work currently being undertaken. The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the report.


Minutes of the Governance Committee The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the minutes of the Governance Committee meeting held on 8 December 2010 and 19 January 2011.


Minutes of the Yorkshire and the Humber Specialised Commissioning Group The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the minutes of the Yorkshire and The Humber Specialised Commissioning Group held on 28 January 2011. Low Secure Risk Share – Tony Gerrard asked if this scheme impacted on NHS Kirklees. Mike Potts confirmed NHS Kirklees are not part of the low secure risk share scheme.

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Minutes of the Audit Committee The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the minutes of the Audit Committee held on 10 November 2010.


Minutes of the Communications and Public Relations Committee The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the minutes of the Communications and Public Relations Committee held on 20 January 2011.


Minutes of the Finance and Performance and Strategy Committee The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the minutes of the Finance and Performance Committee held on 19 January 2011.


Minutes of the Kirklees Community Healthcare Service Board The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the minutes of the Kirklees Community Healthcare Service Board held on 26 November 2010 and 28 January 2011. Tracy to take some of issues picked up to the Quality Board.


Minutes of the Clinical Executive Committee The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the minutes of the Clinical Executive Committee held on 30 November 2010 and 25 January 2011.


Minutes of the Kirklees Commissioning College The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the minutes of the Kirklees Commissioning College held on 12 January and 9 February 2011. It was agreed at the last meeting that no further meetings would be held. The time will be used to bring the two consortia together to work on issues such as QIPP, etc.


Action Notes from the Kirklees Partnership Executive The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the Action Notes from the Kirklees Partnership Executive held on 24 January 2011.

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Minutes of the Yorkshire & Humber PCT Collaborative – West Yorkshire Sub Regional Commissioning Forum (WYCOM) The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the WYCOM minutes (Parts 1 and 2) held on 5 January 2011.


Minutes of the HR Shared Service Governance Board held on 20 September 2010 The Board RECEIVED and NOTED the contents of the HR Shared Service Governance Board held on 20 September 2010.


Any Other Business There were no items of any other urgent business.


Date and time of the next meeting It was AGREED that the next meeting of the NHS Kirklees Trust Board is scheduled to take place between 9.15 am and 1.00 pm on Wednesday 25 May 2011 in the Boardroom at Broad Lea House. However, it has been decided that part of the Board Development Session on Wednesday 27 April 2011 in the Boardroom at Broad Lea House, will now be a formal Board meeting. Details of timings are to be confirmed.

This concluded the content of the Board meeting held in public and the Chairman declared the meeting CLOSED at approximately 1.00 pm.

Chairman’s Signature: ……………………………………………. Date: ………………….

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