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Agenda Item 11 Enclosure KPCT/11/11




Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) for NHS Kirklees

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Key Points to Note:

Sheila Dilks – Director of Patient care and Professions

Lucianne Ricketts - Senior Medicines Management Advisor, Strategy & Operational Development

PCTs have a statutory duty to produce and publish a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment by 1st February 2011. The PNA will, in future when regulations are passed (anticipated Summer 2011), form the basis for determining applications from potential new pharmacies to join the PCTs’ pharmaceutical list. The PNA should also be used as a tool for future commissioning of services which can be provided by Pharmacies. It contains an assessment of local needs and the current provision of pharmaceutical services within Kirklees, and identifies any gaps in service provision that will need to be provided in specified future circumstances This PNA has been developed for NHS Kirklees under the auspices of the PNA Project Group and has undergone a formal public consultation which ran from 9th August to 15th October 2010. Following the close of the consultation, comments received have been reviewed by the PNA project group and the PNA has been amended in light of views forwarded. A consultation report has been produced and is attached for the Boards attention. The report outlines the consultation process, lists all comments forwarded during the consultation and describes how the PNA has been adapted in view of opinions received.

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The final PNA document is now ready for ratification by the PCT board guaranteeing the PCT meets the regulatory deadline of 1st February 2011 for publication of PNA’s. Budget Implications:

Failure to produce a robust document could leave the PCT open to multiple applications for pharmacies that we could not refuse legitimately, and also the likelihood that we may be commissioning services inappropriately and therefore making poor use of financial resources. Access to a mapping service will continue to be required in the immediate future as PCTs are obliged to update the PNA and maps contained within the PNA at least annually if service provision changes.

Risk Assessment:

The potential risks to the PCT in not developing the PNA in line with the Regulatory requirements are that the PCT:- Does not meet the timescales specified in the Regulations and fails to publish the PNA on (or before) 1 February 2011 - fails to adequately evidence the PNA and identify gaps and areas of over provision - does not have a robust process for determining new market entry to the pharmaceutical list. - may commission services that are not required due to a poorly produced and inadequate PNA - could be at financial risk due to Judicial reviews plus inappropriate commissioning of pharmaceutical services.

Legal Implications:

The PCT is subject to Judicial Review if development of the PNA has not undergone due process in line with the amended NHS (pharmaceutical services) Regulations 2005. The PNA has been developed in line with the regulatory guidance issued and is closely aligned with the Joint Strategic needs Assessment. PCTs are statutorily obliged to review the PNA on an annual basis, providing supplementary statements for minor service provision changes or a full review for significant changes to needs of the population. The PNA must be fundamentally reviewed every three years.

Health Benefits:

The PNA should secure better access to and improved quality of pharmaceutical services for the population of Kirklees

Staffing Implications:

PCTs are statutorily obliged to review the PNA on an annual basis and provided no significant changes have occurred, update with a supplementary statement indicating where service provision has altered. The DH has estimated this will involve 1 weeks work each for a senior manager and an administrative assistant.

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In addition the PNA must be fundamentally reviewed every 3 years. This exercise will require a significant amount of human resource estimated at 2 full months of a senior manager’s time and 1 month of an administrative assistant. Equality Impact:

A full impact assessment was undertaken during the development of the PNA and is enclosed as Appendix 5 of the full document.

Environmental Impact:

Not applicable

Sub Group/Committee:

The PNA Project Board (a sub group of the Pharmacy panel) has overseen the development of the PNA.


The committee is asked to Note the production of the PNA, Equality impact assessment and Consultation report. Ratify the documents. Acknowledge the statutory obligation and resources required to maintain and revise the NHS Kirklees 2011 PNA in the future.

H Corder

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