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Minutes of the Finance Performance & Strategy Committee Wednesday 20th April 2011, 2.00pm Ibbotson Room, Broad Lea House, Huddersfield Present: Dr David Anderson Helena Corder Sheila Dilks Peter Flynn Tony Gerrard Bryan Machin Samantha Merridale Rob Millington Sarah Muckle

Chair Clinical Executive Committee Director of Corporate Services Executive Director of Patient Care and Professions Director of Performance and Information Non-executive Director Executive Director of Finance (Chair) Head of Programme Management; Non-executive Director Senior Public Health Manager

In attendance: Pat Andrewartha Kath Hildreth

Business Reporting/Planning Manager Personal Assistant (minute taker)

FPSC/39/11 Apologies for absence Steve Brennan, Assistant Director of Finance Dr Judith Hooper, Executive Director of Public Health Carol McKenna, Executive Director of Commissioning and Strategic Development Mike Potts, Chief Executive, Steve Brennan, Deputy Director of Finance Alex Wilson, Assistant Director of Finance FPSC/40/11 Minutes of the last meeting held on 16 February 2011 The minutes of the last Finance and Performance Committee meeting held on 23rd March 2011 were agreed as a true and accurate record, once the following amendments were made: Tony Gerrard, Non Executive Director (Chair) FPSC/41/11 Matters arising from the last meeting and Action Checklist Rob pointed out that that there had not been much progress on the quarterly Terms of Reference and that the matter needs to be discussed at the next formal Board. FPSC/42/11 Finance Report The 10/11 account is to be submitted to SHA by tomorrow and there are still some unresolved issues. The main concerns are re-admissions. The cost of obstetrics has not been worked out yet. Mid Yorkshire are more dependent on us for support. FPSC/43/11 Performance Report Peter presented an overall summary of the report which was published on 12th April 2011. The committee noted the PCT performance fared well against National indicators; in particular 18 week wait was up by 1.9% above Page 1 of 2

the current milestone of 95%. The committee agreed that there needs to be more focus on the statistics of attendance at A&E. Emergency Bed days Pat Andrewartha discussed emergency bed days and explained that these were statistics that showed when beds were available for emergency and not planned admissions. There are many factors in place to reduce the persistent attendance at A&E by patients who could be better served by going to the GP. It was stated that it is very difficult to re-educate people to do this and a better structure should be found and that GP. It is planned to work alongside GP Practices to achieve this aim. FPSC/44/11 Minutes of the Business and Financial Planning Group These were not available for discussion but will be sent out with these notes. 31 QIPP project plans for 11-12 Sam discussed QIPP project plan which covers a 12 month period. The workbook and spreadsheets were approved and signed off to be presented to SHA. Planned care and elective care have been included in the plan and SHA understand what we are trying to achieve. It was noted that there is a big gap between patch workforce and reporting updates. On 4 th May, Chairs and Chief Executives at SHA are to go through the plans and Mike Potts will attend. A summary is available. And the outcomes of the success at SHA will be discussed at the next meeting in May. FPSC/45/11 Risk Register for discussion This item was deferred to the next meeting

FPSC/46/11 Any other business There were thanks to Sam for all her hard work and it was announced that Steve Brennan would be covering the QIPP work. Bryan thanked the group for their support and input to this and previous meetings and said that the next meeting will bring in a new start due to the changes that are happening. FPSC/47/11 Date and time of next meeting It was agreed that the next meeting of the Finance, Performance and Strategy Committee would take place on Wednesday 18th May 2011 at 2.00pm in the Ibbotson Room, Broad Lea House.

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