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Agenda Item 10 Enclosure KPCT/10/71


PCT Board


Strategic Development Committee Report to the Board on Delivery of the Strategic Plan

FOI Exemption Category


Lead Director:

Carol McKenna, Director of Commissioning and Strategic Development


Carol McKenna

Key Points to Note:

The attached report summarises the work undertaken by the Strategic Development Committee in overseeing the implementation of the PCT’s 5 Year Strategic Plan.

Budget Implications:

The Strategic Plan and the PCT’s medium term financial plan have been developed in parallel and investments prioritised in recent years across our priority programmes. The Board is aware of future financial challenges and these were reflected in the refreshed Strategic and Financial plans signed off by the Board in January 2010.

Risk Assessment:

Risks attached to particular programmes have been identified.

Legal Implications:

None identified.

Health Benefits:

The programmes set out in the 5 year Strategic Plan were informed by the JSNA and are those designed to have the greatest positive impact on the health of our population.

Staffing Implications:


Equality Impact:

Each individual programme is expected to assess the impact on equalities for its area.

Environmental Impact:

None identified

Sub Group/Committee:

Strategic Development Committee


The PCT Board is requested to consider the content of the attached report and comment on the issues raised.

H Corder

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