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The Trust Board


PCT Performance Report as at 11th October 2010.

FOI Exemption Category


Lead Director:

Peter Flynn Director of Performance & Information

Report Author:

Natalie Ackroyd: Business Planning and Performance Reporting Manager

Key Points to Note:

This report highlights areas of under/over performance against the Key Performance Indicators that contribute to the PCT’s benchmarking data set for 2010/11.

Budget Implications:

Any proposed changes or actions required to improve performance will be assessed for any financial implications.

Risk Assessment:

Risk assessment of each area of performance is noted in the status reports and the Performance Accelerator system is now able to attach a formal risk assessment to each target.

Legal Implications:

None identified.

Health Benefits:

Meeting performance targets enables patients to access services appropriately.

Staffing Implications:

Staffing issues related to performance are noted in the detailed performance reports as appropriate.

Equality Impact:

None identified to date.

Environmental Impact:

None identified to date.

Sub Group/Committee:

Senior Management Team (SMT)


The Trust Board are asked to NOTE the PCT performance against key national and local priority performance indicators for 2010/11 and AGREE additional actions required to address areas of over/under performance.

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NHS Kirklees

Trust Board 27th October 2010 Performance Report against Key Performance Indicators for 2010/11


Purpose To inform the Trust Board of NHS Kirklees’ performance against key performance indicators within Existing Commitments (EC), National Priority Indicators (NPI) and ‘additional’ key performance indicators (OPI) that contribute towards the PCT’s 2010/11 annual benchmarking data set, together with the health indicators detailed in the Local Area Agreement for which NHS Kirklees is the lead partner.


Report Structure Appendix A sets out a summary position of NHS Kirklees performance against the key performance indicators and details the actual activity against plan ( ) and the lead manager’s determination of Year End RAG status ( ).


Performance Report The Performance Report is in two sections detailing:• •

Existing Commitments National Priority Areas (including ‘additional’ key performance indicators – OPIs and LAA performance indicators)

The traffic light status (RAG) has been included on the content pages to these sections to give an overview of each section. 4.

Performance Issues Highlighted The following table sets out performance measures which are either amber or red for actual performance or forecast performance. Additional indicators are included where they are considered significant issues, namely 18 weeks and MRSA:-

PI Ref EC04 EC09 NP101b NP103a NPI05b

NP110 NP111 NP113 (LAA) NP117a NP117b NP118 OP101 OP103 OP107 OP108

Performance Indicator Ambulance Category B calls meeting 19 minute standard Diabetic Retinopathy Screening 18-week RTT - Admitted Access to NHS Dentistry Proportion of patients with breast symptoms referred to a specialist who are seen within two weeks of referral Chlamydia Screening Commissioning of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) 4-week Smoking Quitters Prevalence of Breastfeeding Coverage of Breastfeeding Immunisation Rates MRSA Convenience & Choice: GP Referrals (PCT Booking) Emergency Bed Days Hospital Admissions for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions


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*The RAG status relates to year end RAG status based on Periodic Review (previously known as Annual Health Check) thresholds where known, if not known, then actual versus plan is used


Recommendations The Trust Board are asked to NOTE the NHS Kirklees performance against the key performance indicators and APPROVE the action being taken to address areas of under/over performance.

Report Owner: Peter Flynn, Director of Performance and Information Report Author: Natalie Ackroyd, Business Planning & Performance Reporting Manager