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Agenda Item 05 Enclosure KPCT/10/179 NHS KIRKLEES

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Kirklees Trust Board


Chief Executive/Clinical Chair’s Report

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Mike Potts Chief Executive


Mike Potts, Chief Executive David Anderson, Clinical Executive Chair



Key Points to Note:

This report updates the Trust Board on current pertinent issues.

Budget Implications:

The PCT will work at all times to ensure “Best Value” in the commissioning and delivery of services.

Risk Assessment:

The PCT will work at all times to minimise any risks inherent in the delivery or commissioning of healthcare.

Healthcare Benefits:

The PCT will work at all times to ensure the delivery or commissioning of clinically effective healthcare for the people of Kirklees and to promote health improvements and minimise health inequalities.

Staffing Implications:

The PCT is working in compliance with the NHS Human Resources Framework.

Legal Implications:

The PCT acts at all times to be compliant with existing legislation.

Sub Group/Committee:



The Trust Board are asked to RECEIVE and NOTE the content of this report.

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Chief Executive/Clinical Executive Committee Chair’s Report to the Board 27 October 2010

Clinical Executive Committee (CEC) Karen Worrall, Head of Localities, Children & Young People’s Services, is leaving Kirklees Council shortly and has, therefore, resigned from the membership of the CEC. Karen’s colleague, Andrew Pennington, Assistant Director, Commissioning and Safeguarding Assurance, will be replacing Karen to ensure that the Council’s Directorate for Children and Young People, continues to be represented. We would like to thank Karen for her valuable contribution to the CEC and wish her all the best for the future.

SHA Senior Leadership Changes Ros Roughton has left the SHA to become Dame Barbara Hakin’s deputy in helping to design and establish the new NHS commissioning function for the transition period. Ailsa Claire has been appointed as regional Director of Commissioning Development and Steven Michael as regional Director of Provider Development. Ailsa and Steven took up their posts at the end of September 2010. Steven retains accountable officer responsibilities for South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYPFT) and will work part of the week at the SHA and part at SWYPFT. Alex Farrell will lead on the key agendas at SWYPFT). Steve Wainwright is Deputy Chief Executive for NHS Barnsley with effect from 1 October 2010. Ailsa will, however, continue to oversee the Specialised Services. Further changes to leadership responsibilities to support transition are: Tim Gilpin will support Bill on all the “people” aspects of transition across the region and in the SHA itself. Karl Milner will take responsibility for communication and engagement throughout the transition period. Chris Welsh will expand his responsibilities to cover quality, safety and QIPP. David Thompson, in addition to his current responsibilities, will be the SHA’s Chief Nurse, with responsibility for professional leadership in the region. David takes over this role from Sue Proctor who left last month.


Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Bridget Fletcher has been appointed as Chief Executive of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. This appointment is effective as from 1 November following approval by the Foundation Trust Council of Governors at their next meeting on 26 October 2010. Bridget was previously the Director of Nursing for the Trust and during 2010, her portfolio was extended and between April and July, Bridget held the dual role of Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nurse.

Health and Social Care Awards 2010 We are delighted to report the following successes in the Health and Social Care Awards for 2010. At the regional awards ceremony held in Leeds on Thursday 7 October 2010, the following winners were announced: •

The Kirklees Long Term Conditions Partnership (NHS Kirklees, Kirklees Council and Kirklees Community Healthcare Services) won the Primary Care and Community Based Integration Award - This is around people with long term conditions (LTC) in Kirklees accessing round-the-clock support in their own home following the launch of a new LTC Generic Worker Service. This rapid response service has been made possible by enhancing the skills of existing home care workers. The generic workers can now offer safe, low-level health care and support when a person’s LTC worsens for a short time. This may mean making additional meals, helping with hygiene, encouraging fluid intake or simply offering company and support when a person would otherwise become frightened or anxious. Working in close partnership with GPs and practice teams, the service is already helping reduce demand for emergency care and hospital beds. But it is the improved independence and wellbeing of service users that the team is most proud of.

Annette Strickland - Frequent Caller Project won the Success in Partnership Working Award – Close working between Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS), PCTs, care homes and a range of other partners is transforming care for patients who were habitually using 999 in non-emergency situations. In a 6000 square mile patch, with more than five million people and 14 PCTs, it was clear from the outset that only the closest cross-working would deliver real benefits for patients and services. By agreeing a joint process for assessing frequent callers and case managing their care, the project team have achieved an 8% reduction in frequent 999 callers. One patient who made 43 calls to 999 in 1 month was assessed, found to be at risk of falls and referred to the Long Term Conditions team. The patient is now cared for in a safe environment and has not made any subsequent emergency calls.

May we take this opportunity to congratulate everyone involved in the above pieces of work. These people are indeed worthy winners and are excellent examples of the talent we have here in Kirklees, and throughout the Yorkshire and the Humber region. Very well done.


National Association of Primary Care (NACP) Awards The NAPC Awards are an annual event aimed at recognising excellence in various categories of primary care commissioning and provision. This year several PBC initiatives have been shortlisted: •

NAPC Vision Awards Category: “Improving Services for Patients” – Pain Self Management, Three Valleys Commissioning Consortia Category: “Long Term Conditions Management” – Kathryn Greaves, Nurse Practitioner, Liversedge Health Centre Category: “Making a Difference” – Kathryn Greaves, Nurse Practitioner, Liversedge Health Centre

Management in Practice Awards Category: “Best PBC Commissioning Service” – Liversedge Health Centre

The awards ceremony will take place at the NAPC conference dinner on 20 October 2010 in Birmingham. Those shortlisted will be supported by approximately 15 people from Kirklees, including GPs, nurses and PCT staff, who are attending the dinner. We wish all the nominees the best of luck.

Petition On 16 June 2010, the PCT received a request from Graham Jepson from Dr Butt and Ahmed at 93 Bradford Road, Fartown, Huddersfield, to give consideration and funding to provide an NHS dentist within their new premises at Croft Medical Centre, Cobcroft Road, Fartown. With the request they also provided a petition containing approximately 500 signatures. The Primary Care Commissioning Group gave consideration to this request and confirmed their view which is that the dental budget allocation is fully committed and if additional funding was available, following the Oral Health Strategy within NHS Kirklees, investment would be made in areas of high need and low provision such as the north of Kirklees. Within this area and at close proximity (central Huddersfield) there are 7 dental practices, 4 of which routinely offer access to new patients, so priority would not be given to a new dental practice in this area. A letter has been sent to Mr Jepson informing him of this decision.

Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Services


On 26 August 2010, the PCT received an urgent request from the National Specialised Commissioning Group, to make a Board resolution in respect of Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Services in England and respond back to our SCG Director in writing by 20 September 2010. As our Board was not due to meet formally other than on 1 September 2010 to discuss the “Right to Request”, the Chairman and Chief Executive took the decision to invoke section 5.2 Emergency Powers and urgent decisions, as set out in the PCT’s Standing Orders. This allows the Chief Executive and the Chairman, after having consulted with 2 Non Executive Directors, to make a decision which is then reported to the next formal Board meeting. The Safe and Sustainable review of paediatric cardiac surgical services in England was instigated in 2008 in response to long-standing concerns held by NHS clinicians, their professional associations, national parent groups and NHS commissioners around the sustainability of the current service configuration. Surgeons are spread too thinly across surgical centres (31 congenital cardiac surgeons spread over 11 surgical centres), leading to concerns around lack of 24/7 cover in smaller centres and the potential for sudden closure or suspension of smaller centres. The review is led by the National Specialised Commissioning Team (NSC Team) on behalf of the 10 Specialised Commissioning Groups (SCGs) in England and their constituent Primary Care Trusts. In July 2010, the Secretary of State for Health endorsed the recommendation made by the National Specialised Commissioning Group (December 2009) to establish a joint committee of PCTs with delegated powers for consultation and decision making. PCT Boards have been asked to resolve to accept this recommendation at their September 2010 meeting. The PCT has set out in its Standing Orders, section 5, Arrangements for the Exercise of PCT Functions by Delegation, the power to delegate its decision making authority to this Joint Committee. The resolutions that the Board are asked to ratify are: 1. The Primary Care Trust resolves to use its authority under Regulation 10 of the NHS (Functions of SHAs and PCTs and Administration Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2002 to share decision making powers on its consultation with every other PCT in England. 2. The Primary Care Trust is content with the establishment, terms of reference and the procedure of the JCPCT, as set out in paragraphs 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 above. The relevant documents are under separate cover from the Board papers and have already been circulated to Board members for information.

Developing Specialist Hospital Services for Mid Yorkshire – follow up to 2009 consultation Between August and October 2009, people across North Kirklees and the whole of the Wakefield district were consulted on plans to change the way some hospital services are provided. A leaflet has been produced and circulated across North Kirklees and the Wakefield district, which explains what is happening as a result of the consultation and to ask what the public think about the changes which need to be made to implement part of the plans. A copy of this leaflet may be accessed via the Chief Executive’s Office, 01484 464016. 6

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) The consultation period for the NHS Kirklees PNA closed on Friday 15 October 2010. The PCT are now receiving PNAs for bordering PCTs and these are being looked at for comment by the PNA Project Group.

The Health Informatics Service – Annual Report If anyone would like to access a copy of this report, please contact the Chief Executive’s Office on 01484 464016.

Mike Potts Chief Executive

David Anderson Chair, Clinical Executive Committee


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