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Agenda Item 09 Enclosure KPCT/10/155


PCT Board


Board Assurance Framework (BAF) 20102011

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Lead Director:

Helena Corder Director of Corporate Services

Presented By:

Helena Corder

Key Points to Note:

The BAF was presented to the Board in May for approval since then it has been loaded into the performance accelerator system. In July the NHS White Paper was published the BAF has been revised to reflect Board level risks in the light of content of the white paper.

Budget Implications: Risk Assessment:

Healthcare Benefits

None identified Level of risk for each objective has been determined but overall the risks identified are potential high risk areas which if the controls in place are ineffective have the potential to impact on the delivery of the PCT’s strategic plans. The Board is aware of its key risks and can monitor them and ensure appropriate controls and mitigating actions are undertaken to ensure effective commissioning and delivery of services.

Staffing Implications

Risk assessment and review is a core activity that is carried out as part of Board subcommittee work, updating and reporting on the performance accelerator system. SMT continues to review the BAF on a monthly basis.

Equality Impact:

Good risk management systems support equality impact assessment.

Environmental Impact:

Good risk management systems support environmental impact assessment.

H Corder

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Legal Implications


Sub Group/Committee:



H Corder

The Board NOTE the revised content of the framework for 2010-2011and COMMENT on any actions or changes that need to be made.

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