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Strategic Development Committee Thursday 6 May 2010 09:30 – 12:30 Conference Room 1, Broad Lea House

Minutes Present: Peter Flynn Carol McKenna (chair)

Tony Gerrard Sam Williamson

Bryan Machin David Wood

In attendance: Joanne Crewe (representing Sheila Dilks) David Henwood (Estates for HVMH item) Nicky Hoyle (representing Judith Hooper) Philippa Russell (graduate trainee observing)


Introduction and apologies

Apologies were noted from Judith Hooper, Sheila Dilks, and Robert Flack who had been invited to attend for the HVMH item but was unavailable.


Minutes of 4 February meeting

Carol would check syntax on page three. Minutes were otherwise agreed to be a true and accurate record. Action:  CM/AM: Meet to work on wording of page three.


Matters arising

3.1 Transforming community services Carol advised that several discussions had taken place through the Board. The first TCS meeting was scheduled for 19 May 2010. Carol confirmed that Sheila would feed back to SDC periodically from the TCS Board. Action:  Sheila to bring TCS update to next SDC meeting.


Planned care

Carol advised that Sue Richardson was in the process of drawing up a more detailed programme plan. Carol would liaise with the team and update SDC on progress. Sam Williamson advised that she would meet with Tony and Steve week commencing 10 May 2010 to see where high impact changes would be. Action: 


SW: Planned Care programme plan to be brought to future meeting of Strategic Development Committee.


David Henwood provided a brief, general update on progress to date, highlighting the three development options that had been proposed. He advised that the estates annexe had been developed and finalised. A number of issues still needed to be resolved and would be points of discussion today. He reported action underway to support the appointment of a Preferred Supply Chain Partner (PSCP). This had been to advert, an open day had taken place, and interviews were scheduled for 20 May 2010. David checked through action points and advised who was dealing with each action and what progress had been made. He now needed the project board to proof read the document and agree a final draft. He recommended sending a draft copy to the SHA in advance of the proof read copy. The final version would go to June Trust Board and June SHA Capital Investment Board. Bryan was concerned at how KCHS funding and decisions regarding use of space could impact on KPCT in the future. He was unsure that KPCT would save £700,000 to fund this space and recommended discussion took place. He suggested a proposal should be put to CHFT and KCHS to sign up to an agreement to pay. Carol was concerned that CHFT should understand KCHS’ intentions due to the current climate within the organisations. The meeting discussed the importance of addressing consequences of rejecting proposals for HVMH should the PCT Board not support the submission of the OBC to the SHA. It was agreed that this should form an important part of the report as a future record of why decisions were made and to illustrate all scenarios to the SHA Capital Investment Board. David Henwood highlighted the current serious risks in infrastructure being dealt with on a daily basis at HVMH. The meeting agreed that this discussion should be taken to the private Board session at the end of May 2010. Action:  ALL: Add emphasis to the ‘do nothing’ scenario in the executive summary.  BM: Investigate whether the final financial plan includes any provision for HVMH maintenance/development in the base case.  DH: Advise Robert Flack of potential closures during any refurbishment transition so he can investigate options and respond.  BM: Advise Lesley Hill that she will be receiving benefits scoring proforma.  BOARD MEMBERS: Take this discussion to the private KPCT Board session at the end of May 2010. DAVID HENWOOD LEFT THE MEETING


World Class Commissioning Phase 2 – next steps

Carol introduced this item and distributed Mike Potts’ feedback from the WCC panel day held on 27 April 2010. The meeting discussed issues that had emerged from this panel day. Bryan led a discussion on the need for a deliverable QIPP programme plan embedded in the organisation. This would help with prioritising what our organisation did and would allow KPCT to match the programme plan with finances. He advised that there was no current joint health economy plan and that the recently formed Transformation Board would address this. Three key areas of focus had been identified by Transformation Board. These were Planned Care, Urgent Care, and Medicines Management. Peter Flynn advised that a letter from Jo Franklin, who had been to the Directors of Performance meeting, spoke of tightly integrating performance, finance and activity into one performance outcome regime. Sam drew attention to the BUPA Health Dialogue Commissioning Opportunity slide set. The meeting agreed that a programme plan summary from each area, no longer than one sheet of A4 paper, should be presented on the next SDC agenda. Sam indicated that where some programme areas could easily achieve this, other areas were much more difficult to quantify. It was agreed that a more consistent, systematic approach across all programme areas would help assure the Board of effective working. The importance of cross programme working was highlighted. It was also agreed that a more prescriptive approach would be used to ensure that feedback to SDC (and thus Board) was given priority. Action:  SW: Compose programme plan summary template and test with SDC members before sending to programme leads.  SW: Request submission of programme plan summaries from each programme lead for next SDC meeting in June 2010.


Any other business

WCC outcomes Peter Flynn advised that owners of work needed to be formally assigned to World Class Commissioning Outcomes. He was willing to begin working on this. Sam advised that there may well be multiple ownership from programme areas on each of the outcomes. The meeting agreed that this would be appropriate and that it would probably lead to an SMT discussion.


Date and time of next meeting

Thursday 10 June, 09:30-12:30, Conference Room 1, Broad Lea House

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