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June 2010 Agenda Item 18 Enclosure KPCT/132


NHS Kirklees Board


 Serious Case Review Executive Summary  Individual agency recommendations  Action plans

FOI Exemption Category

Lead Director:

Author: Key Points to Note:


Director of Patient Care and Professions Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board  Lessons learned about the way in which local professionals and organisations worked together  Identification of lessons learned and how they will be acted upon  How interagency working can be improved to better safeguard the welfare of children

Budget Implications:


Risk Assessment:

 Clear action plans developed and work underway to implement recommendations

Legal Implications: None Health Benefits:

Safeguarding and patient safety must be seen as a priority in order to improve health outcomes for population in Kirklees

Staffing Implications: Sub Group/Committee:

 Health Action plans will be monitored through internal Safeguarding Committees  KSCB will monitor overall agency responses


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June 2010

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