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Agenda Item 08 Enclosure KPCT/10/122



Board, June 30th 2010 Transforming Community Services, progress report.

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Lead Director:

Sheila Dilks Director of Patients and Professions


Jim Barwick, Assistant Director, Strategic Development

Key Points to Note:

Budget Implications: Risk Assessment:

The paper sets out the progress of the Transforming Community Services (TCS) programme. Key points to note are:  Setting the vision for community services.  Work of the transactional groups.  Programme activities and timescales. None identified. Detailed financial implications for TCS to be presented to future Board meetings.    

Health Benefits

Environmental impact

Not meeting the political imperative to separate provider services from commissioning organisations. Culture and behaviour of organisations preventing the best organisational form being developed. Willingness of providers to integrate. Changes in national policy framework following change of government.

Patients can access care where they need it.

New community services are responsive to the needs of patients in particular localities and help to reduce health inequalities

Redesigned service models will deliver greater service integration across health and social care, promote self care and improve efficiency and value for money. None anticipated however environmental impacts will be considered as part of the TCS programme.

Equality Impact Assessment

The implementation of the TCS programme will be Equality Impact Assessed at each stage.

Staffing Implications

There is a requirement of the TCS programme to have a Senior Responsible Officer, Programme manger and administrative support. Depending on organisational form there will be staffing implication for KCHS staff. Full consultation will be required and TUPE regulations will apply. Staff side representatives are included in the TCS programme board.

Sub Group/Committee:


The TCS programme is accountable to the NHS Kirklees Board. It will also report to the Partnership executive and provide updates for stakeholders. The Board is asked to: 1. NOTE the progress to date.