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04 CPR/14/10

Minutes of Communications & Public Relations Committee Held on 9 February 2010 CPR/01/10

Welcome & Introductions

Helena Corder (Chair) Imran Patel Sarah Lindley Zubair Mayet (for Kirsty Wayman) Carol Singleton (for Sue Smith) Kath Gleeson (for David Thompson) Val Ainley CPR/2/10

Quality Improvement Manager – Effectiveness LINks Representative Secretariat


Kirsty Wayman Lyz McKenna Sue Richardson Linda Wilkinson Hazel Wigmore Phil Longworth David Thompson Alison Hyde Claire Troughton


Director of Corporate Services Non Executive Director Head of Communications Patient & Public Involvement Co-ordinator

Head of Patient & Public Involvement Voluntary Action Kirklees Strategic Development Manager Portfolio Manager, Community Capacity Adult Services LINk Health Policy Officer, KMC/Public Health Chair, LINk Assistant Director of Communications & Public Relations Social Marketing Manager, Public Health

Minutes of Meeting of 9 February 2010

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record.


Matters Arising:

a) Payment for Involvement Policy – Update (CPR/72/09) This is an issue between the PCT and Adult and Community Services on paying for involvement. It has been proposed that Adults and Community will implement the policy from 15 March and this is likely to have an adverse impact on partnership working where the Council intends to pay the public to attend meetings. There is concern that the policy is only for Adults and Community Services and not across the whole of the Council.


Helena agreed to raise this issue with Mike Potts as the long term affordability of this at this time was a key issue. b) Revised Communication & Engagement Strategy (CPR/74/09) A revised copy was presented to the Committee asking for any comments. Imran referred to page 16 regarding Local Involvement and requested an amendment. Kath Gleeson commented on LINKs it was agreed that the PCT needed to improve communications with LINks and this was highlighted in the Action Plan on page 49. c) NHS Constitution Feedback Sent to SHA (CPR/76/09) For information. d) Freephone Numbers (CPR/72/09) Sarah reported that the an email had been received from the SHA stating that from 21 December 2010 practices must not enter, renew or extend connection for 0844 numbers as they will not be able to charge more than the geographical area charge for the call. Action:

Kath Gleeson to feed back to LINk

e) Equality & Diversity Training (CPR/80/09) Carol Singleton asked about the action referring to E & D Training for next year on behalf of Victor Thompson. It was confirmed this was for him to alert the training team that revised E & D training is required. Helena has also raised this issue with Sheila.


Risk Register/Issue Log

The group discussed various risks and key strategic risks were identified, Helena then entered them onto the register in the meeting. One of the main issues discussed was the possibility of the PCT receiving a Compliance Notice for failure to comply with all areas of the Equality and Diversity legislation and it was agreed that the risk was the PCT’s failure to demonstrate full compliance. Helena will add controls and users to the register and bring back to the next meeting. Helena agreed to forward a copy of the Risk Register to Imran prior to the next meeting. Action:

Helena to forward copy of Risk Register to Imran


“You Said We Did” Story Boards Progress

These were well received last year and supported the WCC assurance process. New story boards are to be created for 10/11. Helena reported that the intention was to recycle the holders from the old story boards.


A set of potential story board templates were tabled at the meeting for the group to review and recommend which ones should be selected. Zubair agreed to liaise with the relevant people and collate any further information to be added onto the successful story boards. Action:

Zubair to put together details of story board subjects to go to SMT

The topic of breast feeding was discussed and there was concern that although good work was going on this was an area of poor performance for the PCT. It was agreed to just put one story board together on breastfeeding. It was noted that there may be a need to group some subjects together and consider how this is to be done. Zubair agreed to prepare a list for Helena to take to SMT. There are good examples of partnership working and where the public have been engaged in. There is a need to show you said, we did and to show the impact this has had on outcomes for people. It was agreed that if there are any good story boards from last year then they should still be included this year but may need updating.


PPI Update Report – (Getting Involved Newsletter)

Zubair referred to the newsletter which communicates the work done over the last 5 months. ADHD – Draft service spec been done based on the feedback from the engagement work undertaken this – involved questionnaire, interviews, discussion groups and now set up service user groups one for parents / carers and one for young people Internal working group – Now called Equality & Engagement Advisory Group and continuing to develop the terms of the group and what resources are available to support HITs Patient Participation Group- A practice in Batley had requested how to set one up after receiving NHSK PPI toolkit. Future work- We are hoping to work with Dermatology and Cardiology also be involved in Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Zubair requested that the group to inform them if there is anything anyone would like to put in the next newsletter.


Helena asked if any feedback had been received regarding the newsletter and Zubair confirmed that they had received positive feedback. It is distributed to everyone on the PPI database, VAK and Kirklees council departments. This newsletter does not have any set distribution times and is sent out when there is enough information to produce one. In terms of cost it is sent mostly electronically to save postage.


Communications Update

Internet Sarah reported that figures are nearly the same as the last one in December with the most popular page being job vacancies. Each month there is a slight increase in visitors. Intranet The number of visits has increased since the last report due to the Intranet being redesigned and everyone across the organisation has been asked to go in and update their pages. The most popular page is staff news and classified adds. In January the most popular page was the HR page. This information is useful in order to add quick links on the home page Media Coverage A new contract has been entered into with Meltwater. They will retrieve relevant articles for us and send electronically which means that we will no longer be sending out the hard copy press clippings. We will send out relevant articles via e-mail when necessary. The Meltwater service will also enable the PCT to receive specific analytical data directly relevant to NHS Kirklees. Helena referred to the report and asked why Wakefield had so many more articles than Kirklees. Sarah to investigate and report back to the Committee. Action:

Sarah to report back to the next meeting


Equality & Diversity Update

Helena gave an overview of the report submitted by Kate. It is acknowledged that the PCT has limited capacity in specialist Equality and Diversity skills. Imran referred to the report section 2) which suggested the PCT was not compliant with the current legislation. Helena felt that the PCT would struggle to demonstrate compliance across all areas and specifically Equality Impact Assessment.


It was noted some Equality Impact Assessments had been undertaken and published. Imran requested that Kate forward him more information for him to take to the NEDS meeting. Action:

Kate to forward information to Imran


Any Other Business

There was no further business.


Date & Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 13 April 2010, 2.00 – 4.00 pm Conference Room Room, Broad Lea House, Bradley Park Note: Change of time from 12.00 – 2.00

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